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  • Summary: In PHOGS! you play as a duo of dogs on a captivating, puzzle-filled adventure. Linked by a stretchy belly, you’ll need to bark, bite and bounce your way through obstacles set across the themed worlds of Food, Sleep and Play, in co-op or single-player.
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  1. Dec 28, 2020
    Phogs! is a fun co-op game in which two players each control one end of a dog-like creature with two heads and a snakey body. While simple to control, Phogs! manages to stay fun through the end with a wide array of gimmicks. Great camerawork and a fresh setting for each area also contribute to keeping things exciting. With a well-balanced difficulty curve, Phogs! is a great game for gamers of all ages.
  2. Dec 7, 2020
    The zaniness of PHOGS!'s character controller combined with its elegant and diverse puzzle design is a recipe for a fun. The game ensures that every second is a new opportunity for friendship-fueled hilarity.
  3. Dec 3, 2020
    The reward cosmetics in Phogs is fairly limited and much like the game, it’s a simple structure that doesn’t ask too much of its players. However, that criticism could even be levelled many classic games that we hold dear now. There’s a definite woof of Mario in the air when the Phogs wag their way out of the game’s central hubs, jump down a long slopey worm and fall into these themed challenges, and it seems like Bit Loom games have taken plenty of lessons from that genre classic while still remaining relevant.
  4. Jan 8, 2021
    PHOGS! lets you play as two mutantly attached dogs throughout a goofy, cartoonish and awkward world full of puzzles and platforms. Simple yet clever puzzles make PHOGS! family-friendly and available for all ages. This game does not destroy friendships but embraces them with fun gameplay and relaxing atmosphere. Stretch and bite your way through obstacles set across the themed worlds of Food, Sleep and Play, in local/online co-op or single-player.
  5. Jan 4, 2021
    Games that allow parents and their children to play together - particularly those that are fun for both – are difficult to find. And although Phogs has a couple of issues that can make the game frustrating, it is one that has some simple controls that allow gamers of any age to play. The bright colourful cartoon style visuals will also please younger gamers. The puzzles are generally on the easier side, but there are some that do provide for a bit of a challenge, making the game more suitable to those experienced gamers. With the holiday season upon us, there will likely be ample opportunity to game as a family, and PHOGS! fits the bill nicely.
  6. Dec 9, 2020
    A pleasant mix of gentle puzzling and body horror, PHOGS! is a very good boy.
  7. 70
    Featuring a charming aesthetic and imaginative puzzle designs, it is unfortunate that the core element of PHOGS! feels rather frustrating at points. Though the co-op angle of playing a conjoined character is quite unique, that lack of free movement can prove quite limiting. It works fine as a solo game, but co-op is where it truly shines and that requires good communication with your Player Two. If you’re willing to give it that time and patience, this is still a wholesome experience that comes recommended.
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  1. Dec 12, 2020
    One of the best games of the year
    If you ever wanted to know what it must be like to be catdog, phogs comes pretty close to allowing
    One of the best games of the year
    If you ever wanted to know what it must be like to be catdog, phogs comes pretty close to allowing you to do just that, this is a physica based 7 hour long 3d platformer where you play a 2 headed dog, red a blue.. and this game can be played solo or local coop, however after playing through the tutorial in coop, id advise against it as I cen see this being much for frustrating, especially since it seems that one player controls commands of both players, so it can be quite annoying when you bite onto something and then them biting makes you unbite, not sure if this is a bug or mor related to the fact I was playing wit ha ps5 controller and my girlfriend was playing with a ps4 controller, but phogs is one of the most fun games ive played all year and Is a sleeper hit.. it deserves for you to go out and play right now… this game consist of 3 main hub worlds, and each hub world containing 6 levels and 1 boss level,.. every world having their own gimmicks and feel to stop phogs from feeling to repetitive, youll be going through these levels, solving its pizzls, collecting golden dog bones to unlock cosmetics, and helping the inhabbitents of each hub world.. first there is whats probably my least favorite world, the sweets and snacks world…this is the most puzzle focused and most exhausting world of the whole game, a lot of moving objects through the level so that you can feed a snake and travel to the next section… theres also a dream world which is more so a babys first version of the snacks world, but rather than a lot of monuverings food about the levels, youll be playing with light, making platforms and walls appear and disappear, some really cool moments through these levels, and then finally there is in my opinion the best section of the game, the section worth buying this game for alone.. that’s right, I feel like you could buy this game, just play through the beach orld levels and leave happy and satisfied, and you can do jut that as PHOGS! Lets you play this game in any order youd like.. the variety and charm within this world is Mario galaxy level.. it never stops being fun and I wish so bad the rest of the games hubs were this varied and fun, phogs could’ve been close to masterpiece status if that were the case, here youll be playing through arcage games, playing mini golf, playing tennis with the worlds boss… The beach world is Nintendo level good and it what ultimately makes phogs am ust have game…
    While there clearly isa section of levels tha steals the show for me, there is so much fun and even frustration to be had with PHOGS!, one of the greatest surprises of the year.
    I give PHOGS!
    an 8/10