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  • Summary: VU is re-releasing this collection of Quest titles for current PC operating systems.
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  1. Nov 12, 2014
    The Police Quest series is an extremely underrated part of the classic Sierra canon of adventure games and many modern games such as "LA Noir"The Police Quest series is an extremely underrated part of the classic Sierra canon of adventure games and many modern games such as "LA Noir" owe a lot to these titles. The games center on the character of Sonny Bonds, a police officer in the fictional city of Lytton. Created by former police officer Jim Walls, these titles require the player to strictly follow police protocol in order to complete the game.

    The first game was built on the text input-based AGI game engine developed for King's Quest and told the story of Sonny's rise in from beat cop to narcotics detective as he takes down the infamous "Death Angel". The game follows a linear plot but is built around a top-down open world map which allows you to drive between game locations. However, the version included in this collection is the point and click remake built on top of the SCI1 engine.

    Police Quest II was built on the SCI engine which was also text input based but did feature some point and click functionality. This entry replaced the top-down driving simulation with an over-the-shoulder view which to some degree made the world feel more restrictive. Still, the game benefits from a variety of realistic locations and the same attention to real-world detail as its predecessor.

    Police Quest III was built on the SCI1 engine which eliminated the need for text entry. This title returned to the top-down driving view but the point-and-click interface proved frustratingly non-intuitive for navigating around Lytton. Still, Police Quest III features a remarkably emotionally-driven storyline centering on Bonds' relationship with his wife Marie (a character from the original two games).

    Open Season is the first game not to be developed by Jim Walls, with former LAPD Chief Daryl F. Gates taking the helm of the project. Although graphically impressive for its time (it was build on the SC2 game engine which relied on photographic scans for its visuals) the game lost the realistic procedural element of its predecessors, instead relying on graphic violence and sensationalism to move the story forward. The game also ditches the character of Sonny Bonds in favor a new protagonist which squanders the emotional resonance built up over the first three entries. I therefore consider this to be a sequel in name only.

    All and all this is a solid collection and if you are a fan of classic graphical adventures from the 80s and 90s I would highly recommend playing the first three entries in the series but you can go ahead and skip the fourth.