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  • Summary: Pool Panic is an unconventional billiards game with something new around every corner. It's the world's least realistic pool simulator!


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  1. CD-Action
    Dec 4, 2018
    A crazy, innovative and funny variation on pool, where the tables are full of life and the balls try to avoid being hit. The only aspect I have to reprove is the game’s repetitiveness – the scenery changes but basic mechanics always stay the same. [10/2018, p.74]
  2. Aug 13, 2018
    Well, obviously Pool Panic won’t please every player, for its visual style is… different, to say the least. But the others will enjoy its numerous challenges and its sense of humour.
  3. Aug 1, 2018
    With puzzles that hit more often than they miss and an art style that had me eagerly anticipating how they’d render each new setting and creature, Pool Panic is a brilliantly strange experience that’s worth playing just to be able to say that one waded into its madness and came back whole. If only it offered a slightly clearer structure and a little bit of guidance, it would be more than just a fascinating experiment in seeing how far the concept of playing pool can be mangled while still retaining its basic appeal.
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  1. Jul 19, 2018
    Pool Panic
    Just like your girlfriend – cute and annoying
    Pool panic is a super arcadey pool game where you play as a cue ball The game
    Pool Panic
    Just like your girlfriend – cute and annoying
    Pool panic is a super arcadey pool game where you play as a cue ball
    The game features a giant open world hub with over 100 levels for you to conquer
    Each of these levels are of course different and pose a different challenge though the task remains the same throughout.. You can freely aim and move around the table… your goal is to knock every ball on the table in the various holes and then sink the 8 ball and move on... sounds simple enough... but it isn’t simple…
    These pool tables are alive, not only that the pool balls are alive as well, all having their own personalities and twist to them and I appreciate this so much… this is such a cute and colorful game with a charming cast of characters
    The thing is though that this game is just not fun… none of it..
    this is less of a pool game and more of a chase a bunch of balls around a table , hope you can line up a shot in time while they’re resting before they get up and run around again… the game starts decently fun at the start and then slowly introduces new characters with new stipulations.. These beginning moments of the game are the best... but the deeper you get you quickly start to realize that the developers equate annoying to challenge
    their only ideas seem to come down to how can we annoy the player in this situation, let’s have raccoon balls up un trees that only come down after you hit a grill, they only stick around for a couple of seconds, will instantly run back after you hit them and if you miss you chance in that brief window you have to do it all over again, all while moving insanely slow with aiming that feels stiff
    Let’s fill a table with characters that hope out of the way when you aim at them.. Its moments like these that ruin the charm of the game…
    I appreciate the gimmicks, but every level doesn’t need a new gimmick... it just doesn’t...
    especially when they gimmick just starts boiling down to making the player chase balls around
    I want to set up trick shots, I want to use skill.. Not play cat and mouse
    I give Pool Panic
    a 4/10