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  • Summary: Leave the familiar world behind and step into the fantastic unknown with Portal Knights. Play with your friends in this action-packed crafting adventure across whimsical 3D sandbox worlds. Craft your adventure. Forge your hero. Become the ultimate Portal Knight.


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  1. May 30, 2017
    While its cutesy aesthetic won't work for all, Portal Knights is a game that capitalises brilliantly on both its RPG and sandbox elements, elevating the merits of both. With seasonal events planned to keep players' attentions and an endless canvas to explore once you've completed the Story mode, this is a worthy challenger to Minecraft's throne.
  2. May 19, 2017
    Minecraft meets an action-RPG: a bunch of nice ideas not very well implemented. Very nice graphics.
  3. Mar 8, 2016
    The best thing I can say about Portal Knights is that it is an effective off-shoot of the juggernaut that is Minecraft and Microsoft’s hit title could actually learn a thing or two from Keen Games’ effort here.
  4. May 22, 2017
    Cooperative and family-friendly sandbox adventure with a few roleplay elements without strategic depth, but with an entertaining build mode.
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  1. May 23, 2017
    Portal Knights
    Quest Based Minecraft
    Portal Knights is a recourse gathering game like Minecraft where you play are your own created
    Portal Knights
    Quest Based Minecraft
    Portal Knights is a recourse gathering game like Minecraft where you play are your own created character and favorite class, working on getting through the final portal in this world…
    There are 40 levels total here and the idea is the same..
    Every portal takes you to a new level and every levels has different recourses…
    And you can travel to any of these levels you’ve already been to at any time to go back for a recourse they have when you need it later on and thankfully there is a list of recourses on a map when you select it..
    it would be even better if there was a list of items when you scroll over it, but the recourse list is still nice
    Defeat enemies, collect shards, and craft better items so you can handle yourself in harder locations
    Each portal requires you to craft 6 blocks of a matching color and during the first 10 levels this is no problem at all..
    Blue blocks take 2 shards each… every 12 enemies you kill you’ll be able to get through a portal and into the next world…
    you can mark one of these worlds as your homeland and you can change your homeland at any time... you can fast travel here
    your homeland is most likely where you’ll keep all of your crafting items and grow crops to craft better armor and consumables are pretty useless in this game…
    The enemies are no joke..
    Will definitely put up and a decent challenge…
    Combat is fairly simple though...
    You can lock into enemies if you’d like so you’re able to doge during combat, otherwise it’s as simple as hit and don’t get hit…
    There’s a decent bit of enemy variety here… flying enemies that will definitely have you turning the auto lock off, and then the ground base enemies have different elemental attacks, speeds, size, power…
    Every enemy for the most part is guaranteed to give you a little trouble the first time you run into them
    Across these lands are also quest givers that will give you xp and items in return for other items
    Though there are some quests that can only be completed by certain classes which is annoying…
    it sucks that you’re forced to choose your class type from the start and not just mold your character any way you’d like…
    These leaves a lot of items to be practically useless much like consumable…
    As once you’re able to regenerate health with better gear…
    The amount of health regained by food or potions is a joke and not worth the few precious inventory slots your character has…
    I don’t mind the backpack space too much, as you’re able to craft chests to store items for later…
    But your quick select inventory slots are way too few for how many important items you’d need at any moment in the game…
    its extremely annoying to have to constantly go into my backpack and pull out some dirt or torches when I fall down a hole or enter a dark dungeon…
    But yes there are dungeons here to find and explore with treasures blueprints and xp inside…
    And every 10 levels there are boss battles here which are mostly just dodge attacks, exploit enemy spawns for health drops, and do your thing slashing..
    Thankfully items don’t break here which is one thing this game does better than Minecraft
    your weapons will get dull, but you can craft sharpeners that sharpen all of your tools at once… so no forced grinding there, which I’m grateful for cause again the whole small inventory thing…
    And your armor doesn’t get damaged either..
    But this game isn’t completely void of unnecessary forced grinding;
    The first 25% of the game is enjoyable and addicting... it’s the other 75% that gets boring and starts to drag things down...
    blue portals aren’t the only portals, every boss introduces a new portal color and as you progress you need more and more shards of a color type to create its block which on paper I’m cool with…
    Levels 11 through 20 I need 18 shards… then I need 24 shards, and for the final stretch 30.. No big deal...
    except it is because the game stops guaranteeing an enemy is going to drop a shard...
    so not only do you have to hunt down these at minimum 18-30 enemies,, now you have to rely on luck to give you a shard…
    and again these enemies are no walk in the park.. You’re going to die a lot…
    which in itself is incentive to grind... the player will want to actively seek out more materials for better items and upgrade their crafting stations… which is why it’s unnecessary and annoying to add this other layer of grind which is luck based shard drops…
    but thankfully my annoyance with this game ends there…
    It’s a decently fun game despite how grindy it can feel at times…
    There’s also the option to play online with friends if you’d like.. No option to play with randoms though for griefing reasons…
    Portal Knights is a fun recourse gathering game worth checking out if you’re into these sorts of games
    I give Portal Knights
    a 7.5/10
  2. Dec 5, 2017
    This game has potential to be amazing,, but frankly, drastically lacks the content to make its so. Such a great idea could be better utilizedThis game has potential to be amazing,, but frankly, drastically lacks the content to make its so. Such a great idea could be better utilized with far more equipment, another class or 2, online modes with various game types, loads more customize options, a MUCH higher level cap, at least double the worlds/bosses/world types, more meaningful quests/siequests... just when you get addicted to this game, youve run through 1/3 of it already. A shame, and truly one the biggest disappointments iv'e ever had in my life with a game being too short. Expand