Mixed or average reviews - based on 25 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 25
  2. Negative: 3 out of 25
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  1. I always appreciate it when a game treats its players as if they were intelligent adults, and Post Mortem does that in spades.
  2. This atmospheric whodunit differs from others thanks to its moody film noir-style tone.
  3. The unexpected twists and findings will help you really get into this title and see it as a worthy challenge, ideal for long winter nights... Beautifully conceived and just as well executed.
  4. Tells a compelling story in an interesting way, and offers some novel twists on the occult murder theme. Not quite up to the old Gabriel Knight series, but one of the best adventures currently available.
  5. One of the few adventures I’ve played where the story is more interesting than the puzzles. What I just said could be considered a left-handed compliment, since it could simply mean the puzzles are awful, but the puzzles in the game are fine – if not exactly frequent.
  6. Cheat Code Central
    Most of the graphics capture that dark, dingy, European ambience almost as successfully as the Olive Garden.
  7. 80
    The story is solid, the puzzles well integrated into the plot, and the pace is quick moving enough so that you can finish the game in about the same amount of time as you can finish a good suspense novel.
  8. Recommended to die-hard adventure enthusiasts, Post Mortem would be better served by a bit more polish and dialogue work.
  9. 79
    While its lacking on puzzles and this will leave you with a feeling of dissatisfaction, it is nonetheless a worthwhile adventure game that will hold us over while we wait for THE adventure game.
  10. A creepy, challenging, intelligent and atmospheric thriller.
  11. Microids did a great job putting together a well-written and scripted mystery to solve, and those of you who love the “whodunit” shows, books, and movies will probably have a good time with this one … despite a few flaws.
  12. If you don’t fiddle with the default graphic settings you’ll be working a lot to find the right items, navigate the game world, and discover clues. Searching a blood-soaked hotel room is tough enough without having to stumble through the dark.
  13. The story is interesting, the setting darkly compelling, and it's easy to get drawn into and carried along by the investigation.
  14. netjak
    The learning curve is low and the atmosphere engrossing enough for this game to be the perfect introduction to the adventure games genre.
  15. The mysteriously dangerous supernatural atmosphere effectively absorbs you into the story and keeps you riveted until the end.
  16. It's the occasional appearance of something different--the alternate solutions, the flashback through another's eyes--that makes most of Post Mortem seem dull and typical in comparison.
  17. It has problems keeping track of continuity... The attempts at adding some freedom and multiple approaches weren't quite pulled off, but points for effort.
  18. 60
    The slow pace works to the game's advantage by building tension over time. Add in the good production values and Post Mortem is a respectable entry in the genre.
  19. Computer Gaming World
    The aggravating and lame discussions are enough to make you lose your head. [June 2003, p.90]
  20. Much like Dr. Frankenstein's creation, this game possesses too many flaws that are hard to ignore and that prevent from appreciating the enigma it offers.
  21. Offers a mixed bag of ingenious puzzles, open-ended gameplay, and horrible production values. Graphically, the game fails miserably representing a short game with mediocre play.
  22. What really takes me away from the serious nature of Post Mortem are the shoddy character animations. The characters fidget and jerk in repetitive, awkward ways. It really gets distracting and pulls you out of the narrative. Less movement would be have been far more effective.
  23. PC Gamer
    A directionless excercise in solving incomprehensible puzzles. [May 2003, p.70]
  24. Everything just falls all to pieces in the execution, specifically every element of character interaction (which is 80% of the game). It's frustrating to the point of bafflement at times, to want to care so much about the story, but feel so stifled by the atrocious dialogue and unfriendly interaction system.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 33 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 33
  2. Negative: 3 out of 33
  1. Feb 24, 2014
    If you are into detective stories and occult, this adventure game is really a good one. It requires a brain and expects quite a lot from theIf you are into detective stories and occult, this adventure game is really a good one. It requires a brain and expects quite a lot from the player. It's nice not to be considered an idiot by a game for a change. It has a good atmosphere too. Very, very nice and creepy. The story telling is quite rich and requires to pay attention. On the other hand, the user interface could have been better. Character interaction is also a weakness of this game and it isn't entirely bug free either. Many nice puzzles, one of them excessively frustrating though. Overall, for the money spent I had a hell lot of fun. And I felt like just having finished reading a novel afterwards. Good stuff. Full Review »
  2. Jun 5, 2014
    Honestly, I did not even know this game existed until a couple of weeks ago (thanks Good Old Games, you have done it again), and I cannotHonestly, I did not even know this game existed until a couple of weeks ago (thanks Good Old Games, you have done it again), and I cannot believe I hadn't. As a disclaimer, this game is the first in a series that includes the Still Life games as well, but is not related in plot, and related very little in everything else, so it really doesn't matter if you play this game before or after playing the Still Life games. With that out of the way, let me say that Post Mortem is incredibly unique in its gameplay, containing a branching conversation system that leads to a multitude of different storylines and several different endings, puzzles that, although might find them frustrating, are at least challenging to the mind and not just one's patience or the tendons in their hands. However, the best part of the game for me was the atmosphere, which is where it shines over almost every other example of games from this genre. At times, I almost felt like I was playing a psychological horror game, instead of a detective mystery, and not just because of the cult and supernatural elements. In the end, the only drawback in this game is one man: Jacque Helloin. Not only is this character completely unrealistic, even for a Frenchman, the voice actor they got for his character is one of the worst I have ever heard in my life. This makes a sizable portion of the game almost unbearable, but it was well worth it overall thanks to everything else being so excellent. Full Review »
  3. Sephiroth
    Jun 19, 2003
    Great game.