Mixed or average reviews - based on 27 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 27
  2. Negative: 11 out of 27
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  1. I can take points away from the game for many things, but none of these things really detract from the fun that you can have with this game. The game is about one thing, and one thing only - fun. And it delivers.
  2. Though it’s sure to have Senate subcommittees soiling their Depends and declaring the end of Western civilization, jaded gamers will no doubt dig the surprisingly amusing vocal and visual gags that spice up what would otherwise be a moderately paced, story-driven shoot-em-up.
  3. A key component of Postal 2 is the ability to have fun with the premise. You can pick up a cat and attach its orifice (I'll let you figure out which one) to the end of your gun as a silencer...
  4. PC Gamer
    A nonstop tour de force of insulting insanity. And even though I should be disgusted by the potty humor and derogatory caricatures, I had a blast playing through it. [June 2003, p.74]
  5. Game Informer
    There's a refreshing non-linearity to Postal 2. [June 2003, p.116]
  6. If you have a twisted sense of humor, if you hate cats and enjoy South Park, Beavis and Butthead, Jackass or any of those other guilty pleasures then you will certainly find plenty to smile about while exploring Paradise.
  7. The most hyper-violent game I’ve seen since "Soldier of Fortune." Intentionally ironic and satirical, Postal 2 picks up where its predecessor left off – as a game that, while highly controversial, is shitloads of fun.
  8. 70
    It just cries out for multiplayer, particularly when you can lay down a snaking path of gasoline for half a block and light it up; what a way to trap and kill your local or online friends! Alas, it's not there.
  9. There are parts of it that are fun and parts that are boring, and truthfully until they come out with a multiplayer it does not have a lot of replay value, once the initial shock of the vulgarity wears off.
  10. Has lots of appeal and it'll surely become very popular as soon as the press gets to it - but it isn't polished enough to hold long-lasting interest.
  11. netjak
    It's a quick fun romp that is more pleasure than pain. But, the utter lack of tact make it more of a play on marketing rather than a quality FPS.
  12. 60
    No sane person could dispute the sicko nature of Postal 2, but it's clearly presented in an utterly goofy, slapstick manner and prefaced with warnings for the easily confused.
  13. 55
    Flawed from the start, being crude for the sake of being crude makes it lame, but playing it makes it a pain.
  14. Cheat Code Central
    You'll play Postal 2 for the novelty, but its junk food gaming at best. Bad for your body and mind and only used for the short high you'll experience while you notice your boredom level increasing after hour number 2.
  15. The combination of 2003 graphics with 1995 mission design hurts Postal 2 in the long term. Something else that absolutely kills the game is the insane amount of loading that goes on.
  16. Once the gross novelty wears off, you'll discover that there's not a lot of game underneath, and even Hannibal Lecter would get bored after this many victims.
  17. It’s best looked at as an extreme guilty pleasure. There’s plenty of obscene humor and over the top violence to be had, but not much else.
  18. Strings together a bunch of violent novelties without ever constructing a compelling game for them to support.
  19. If the controversial content isn't enough to turn off players, the game's annoying technical problems will. The length and frequency of load times between levels is the biggest problem.
  20. With a little elbow grease and perhaps a dash of maturity, Postal 2 could've been a harrowing psychological tale of one man's collapsing psyche. Sort of like the movie "Falling Down" realized in an interactive 3D environment.
  21. Postal's concept isn't the only thing that's crude: Load times seem like eternities, and the poorly programmed townsfolk just don't fight fair. Shocking. Unforgivable. Infuriating, even.
  22. Computer Games Magazine
    Once you've exhausted your ability to be offended, what's left is a sloppily made and at-best mediocre game. [July 2003, p.70]
  23. The game features some of the most abysmal combat we’ve seen in an FPS for some time, with baffling inconsistencies to the damage your shots inflict and some laughably flawed AI.
  24. The basic toilet humour running through the piece can't hide the short-lived gameplay, and leads to an extremely unfulfilling and tiresome experience that any sane person would be hard-pressed to push on with.
  25. games(TM)
    Postal hasn't aged well at all; not a good thing when it didn't look or sound too good, or play that well six years ago. [Dec 2003, p.127]
  26. Computer Gaming World
    Until someone boxes up syphilis and tries to sell it at retail, Postal 2 is the worst product ever foisted upon consumers. [July 2003, p.90]
  27. GMR Magazine
    Including a coin-op arcade game called "Fag Hunter" in the game world is not only not funny, it's disgusting and hateful. [July 2003, p.73]
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 639 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Negative: 53 out of 639
  1. Jul 10, 2015
    Leave any reservations at the door before playing Postal 2 and you're in for a good time. Cut people to pieces, light them on fire thenLeave any reservations at the door before playing Postal 2 and you're in for a good time. Cut people to pieces, light them on fire then urinate on them to exinguish the flames or stick a cat on the end of a shotgun and fire away. Or don't do any of this and just be a nice, normal citizen.

    In this game you're The Dude, going around doing things like collecting milk and a paycheck, but something always manages to go horribly wrong and you're forced to murder everyone in your near vicinity. It's like a poor man's Grand Theft Auto, without the driving, constant cinematics and only mimimal social commentary.

    Damn good fun for anyone who doesn't have a stick up their butt and the expansion packs and recent DLC are all great also.
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  2. Jun 7, 2013
    I really don't see why this game gets so much hate, On just bare bones this is a average "free roam" shooter, but its more then just the bareI really don't see why this game gets so much hate, On just bare bones this is a average "free roam" shooter, but its more then just the bare bones. Postal 2 contains some of the most offensive, but funny, humor. It is original and has loads of fun. There is countless times when I stick a cat on the end of my Shotgun, dressed as a Police Officer of course, and I just spray the hell outta Civies. Running With Scissors brought a masterpiece into the gaming world with over the top gore, Dark funny Humor, and giving us the option to do literally whatever the hell we want. Kicks Ass in my opinion Full Review »
  3. DavidAllan
    Dec 27, 2008
    Postal 2...

    What can I say...the game kicks ass... Yes, it is very controversial...but that is what makes it so damn fun...I mean you
    Postal 2...

    What can I say...the game kicks ass...

    Yes, it is very controversial...but that is what makes it so damn fun...I mean you can literally do anything...and well those who say it is sluggish or slow in gameplay obviously played it for what may have been like 10 minutes and didnt like all the badass cliche jokes that are in the game...hence they cut it off and came here to make a terrible review on what they experienced...

    I can say that if you know sumone insane dont let them play the game unless it helps to prevent them from doing anything bad in real life...

    Now those that say this is like GTA...are right yet is like GTA in its free roaming way...but GTA isnt as fun or gory or all out let you do anything game...

    This game will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire ride...and well yes there is Multiplayer now...and it too is not seems that the ingame server browser miscalculates the ping sorta like steam's server browser that you can use before entering a yea...for example it may say that you get like 117 ping on a server but when you join you can really have like half of yea...

    The MP also is just as controversial as the SP is so watch out and you have to allow foul language from others to not offend you that much because it is there and will be used...

    The graphix people say are not that good but for the Unreal engine they are actually all pretty tight and nice to yea...

    Now go and blast away your boss and set the army on fire and well if they run towards you and set you on fire...just pee on your self...but be careful not to piss on your self for too long or you may swallow sum...
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