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  • Summary: Insane, absurd and intense avoid-'em up game about a cat!
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  1. Aug 17, 2018
    Overall, PUSS! is a game that appeals to those looking for a real hardcore challenge in an uncommon genre. The presentation sold me at first, but as I gradually toiled away at the many difficult challenges, my interest eventually waned. It’s not a game I’d recommend to anyone other than those primarily interested in a high difficulty. Even then, it’s a game that relies on sheer memorization and muscle memory rather than any skill and inventiveness. For a game so heavily inspired by the often calm and melancholic vaporwave, it’s surprisingly tense and aggressive.
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  1. Nov 24, 2019
    Usually I only write reviews for games that I've finished, but I simply cannot finish PUSS!. The game has a heavy Vaporwave influence, itsUsually I only write reviews for games that I've finished, but I simply cannot finish PUSS!. The game has a heavy Vaporwave influence, its visuals and music are trippy and dream-like, and are probably my favourite part about the game. I love the cryptic and at times scary undertones to the story that are hidden beneath the surface of a silly Vaporwave game about cats. The atmosphere shifts each level, the music and visuals have a huge variety, and all of the different levels were surprisingly memorable. But alas I came to a brick wall which stopped me from wanting to play the game anymore. The premise of PUSS! is simple; you click and drag a little cat cursor through levels full of obstacles and dangers, kind of like classic maze games of the early internet era. Despite its simplicity there are actually heaps of levels which utilise clever level design and mechanics which actually make for some pretty significant variety throughout the game for the most part. These levels are split across five worlds, and each world has ten levels and boss, which all must be defeated in succession with limited lives - if you lose you have to restart. Now I play a lot of games, and I would like to think that I am at the very least, not bad at them. But PUSS! made me feel otherwise. I was not able to complete a single world in my few hours of playing, it was gruelling. I suppose for some this is either the best of worst part about the game. The absurd difficulty makes for some really intense moments and some gratifying victories, but I usually just found myself getting really angry with the game. Playing six levels flawlessly only to play one exceptionally difficult level which drains you of over half your lives is a toxic feeling, and after a while completely turned me off the game. A difficulty setting isn't really possible with a game like this, but the option to have more lives would have been nice. I'm not saying that the game can't have its own demographic, that's fine - but it would've helped people like me get more out of the experience. Having to replay the same levels so many times really takes away from the enjoyment of the game because of how simple the mechanics are, and how straightforward each level is. It becomes incredibly tedious after a while. PUSS! is a simple game, but its simplicity leads to tediousness due to the insane difficulty which will have you spending way more time on the same levels over and over than you'd like to. If you like difficult games, give it a go. If not? Then I'd recommend leaving it alone. Try watching someone else play it if you're interested but don't think you'd enjoy playing it, the visuals and music alone make it a worthwhile experience. Expand