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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 21
  2. Negative: 4 out of 21
  1. Sep 12, 2016
    With a well written (albeit not exactly original) story and a nicely crafted gameplay experience featuring plenty of content, ReCore is the game to get for those looking for an involving action adventure title. Sadly, the experience is a bit lessened by the generally low challenge level, which makes Corebots mechanics almost superfluous, slightly repetitive combat, disappointing boss battles and a variety of technical issues.
  2. Sep 13, 2016
    The action is fun and the exploration kept me interested. I just wish the pacing towards the end was better. While it mimicked the parts I love about classic adventure titles, it also copied the poor padding practices as well.
  3. Sep 12, 2016
    Its world, while interesting to explore for a good while, is ultimately too big with too little happening in it to be a totally serviceable housing for the strong combat and platforming gameplay within. It feels like a great, arcadey action platformer spread across too big a canvas, and it asks you to draw back over the same lines a few too many times.
  4. Sep 24, 2016
    Recore is a refreshing mix of platformer and shooter at heart, but also an action adventure that suffers from too much slack.
  5. CD-Action
    Dec 12, 2016
    The biggest obstacle on ReCore’s path to greatness is the uneven pacing of the campaign. First couple of hours, when the game gradually unveils its secrets, are almost perfect, but then it becomes unnecessarily hard and the story gets watered down too much. [12/2016, p.44]
  6. Sep 27, 2016
    You can feel all the effort, care and originality they put into the ReCore game. We don’t see many platformers like this and most things in the game work just fine. But a couple of bad design decisions and technical issues ruin that good feeling unfortunately.
  7. ReCore is unexpectedly big and its modest amount of content turns this huge world into an empty one. It has solid action gameplay but after some time, it turns into an annoying grindfest. The company could have made a better game if they hadn't focused on Mighty No 9.
  8. Sep 16, 2016
    ReCore is an interesting robotic Frankenstein of various game parts. They don’t always work well together, but when they do the collective whole is a rather wonderful creation. However as not all parts were created equal expect some frustration and the occasional fumble.
  9. Game World Navigator Magazine
    Oct 21, 2016
    As you run along the main questline, building robocompanions and navigating platforms, it feels like Inafune had finally made a top-quality game. But then you hit a literal roadblock: to open a door and advance the story, you have to turn back and collect cores that are hidden all over the world or awarded for completion of dungeons that up until now were optional. That’s when ReCore’s shortcomings, like lifeless world and repetitive combat with respawning enemies, become really annoying. [Issue#213, p.62]
  10. Dec 1, 2016
    For all of its missteps, it's hard to get too angry at ReCore. The platforming and combat are so good that it's hard not wishing a better game surrounded them. For those with a fair amount of patience, it's worth playing just to see the strongest aspects. For everyone else, it's best to just shake your head, move on, and wonder what could have been.
  11. Sep 21, 2016
    ReCore is an interesting game with a solid combat system, but affected by a boring open-world structure and a lot of technical issues.
  12. Sep 12, 2016
    Like a robot that's been cobbled together from spare parts, ReCore has a complicated identity. It's often a platformer and a third-person shooter, but it sometimes feels like a shoot 'em up or a character action game, and it's all underpinned by RPG systems...Because of this muddled personality, it never fully delivers on anything, leaving us with an enjoyable experience, albeit one with a few issues at its core.
  13. Sep 12, 2016
    ReCore is a style of game we haven't seen in a while. Part Mega Man Legends, part Metroid Prime, ReCore puts exploration and platforming at the forefront. With your trusty corebot pals, you'll double jump and dash through an open world and some damned fiendish dungeons. While ReCore trips up a bit with some odd combat and gating mechanics, it's still worth your time if you remember how platforming was in the old days.
  14. Oct 23, 2016
    ReCore is a poster child for wasted potential. At its heart is a good (though not great) game, marred by long load times, technical problems (including frame rates dips and the occasional crash), and bad pacing. The infuriating and frivolous road blocks may have doubled the length of the 20-hour game, but they also halved my fun.
  15. Sep 23, 2016
    By the game’s end, I found I didn’t care about any of the characters. Instead, I was fed up, hunting down the rest of the prismatic cores in order to reach the end. The game had done a full 180. It’s a major disappointment, given the promise ReCore shows at its beginning, when it’s just Joule and Mack.
  16. Sep 23, 2016
    Somehow, I started a new game over my save file, so I lost all my progress. Naturally, I was distraught. Then I went for a walk and got over it.
  17. Sep 12, 2016
    ReCore features adorable robot companions and snappy platforming, but a chore of an end-game, bugs, and terrible load times make it a hard sell.
  18. Sep 14, 2016
    ReCore buries a great action platformer beneath layers and layers of open world busywork.
  19. Nov 1, 2016
    Starts with so much promise, but eventually becomes an experience as barren as the desert it's set in. [Issue#256, p.61]
  20. Sep 18, 2016
    In a market where fresh faces are constantly churning out promising new content, seeing a game as sloppy, unpolished and archaic as ReCore being produced by such experienced minds is downright heartbreaking. The game shows promise in its early hours, but after seeing the whole thing, I can’t recommend ReCore in good conscience.
  21. Sep 14, 2016
    The combat, platforming, crafting and customization, even the parts of the story that work were clearly built with care and seem like they'll amount to a really engaging game with a lovable cast of characters and an intriguing world, but the game's rampant problems are just impossible to look past. This game deserved to be so much more.
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  1. Sep 12, 2016
    Too much content is missing. The plot is thin; the upgrades aren't meaningful; and the developers clearly ran out of steam (or, who knows, maybe budget) and put out what they'd gotten done in a certain amount of time.
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  1. Sep 14, 2016
    Ignore the 'professional' review sites.
    Once again we have clear evidence how out of touch these sad little 'journalists' are incredibly out
    Ignore the 'professional' review sites.
    Once again we have clear evidence how out of touch these sad little 'journalists' are incredibly out of touch with what makes a good game.

    This is wonderfully polished for a non major studio. It looks gorgeous - the story is pleasant and amusing. Platforming, movement and combat is fun and the core game mechanics are great.

    This game takes you back to some of the glory days of gaming as it successfully mixes multiple genres into an incredibly satisfying package that rewards exploration and collection.

    I can't stop smiling while i play this.
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  2. Sep 19, 2016
    Jak 3 and Metroid Prime got together for a spot of tea, and this beautiful gem came out. Although the release of this game was rushed a bit,Jak 3 and Metroid Prime got together for a spot of tea, and this beautiful gem came out. Although the release of this game was rushed a bit, resulting in some unfortunate technical issues (what else is new), the old-school style gameplay more than makes up for these bugs. This is the sort of game that reminds me of why I got into gaming, and gives me hope that there are still developers out there that remember the glory of the PS2/GC era.
    If $40 is too much money for you (it is worth that price), make sure to watch this game and pick it up later for less. Don't let yourself miss this one.
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  3. Sep 18, 2016
    A charming game with lots of personality. If you liked games like Remember Me or Mirror's Edge, then you'll like this one. Interesting storyA charming game with lots of personality. If you liked games like Remember Me or Mirror's Edge, then you'll like this one. Interesting story and alien world setting. The gameplay is a mix of third person shooter with some light open-world exploration and RPG leveling and crafting. The movement system features jet boots, which allows for interesting movement and traversal. Overall I found the gameplay to be OK, but it gets a bit repetitive with the limited attack options. The PC version of the game is functional but is clearly a console port. There's almost no graphical options and there are some bugs with binding actions to certain keys. The game is also only available on the Windows 10 store. Full Review »