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  • Summary: RIP Trilogy contains RIP, RIP2: Strike Back, and RIP3: The Last Hero.
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  1. May 10, 2015
    The RIP games are literally online flash games, bad ones at that. There's a reason they charge $4.99 for ALL THREE of them; because they'reThe RIP games are literally online flash games, bad ones at that. There's a reason they charge $4.99 for ALL THREE of them; because they're worth nothing more. I would wager to say that these games aren't even worth the $4.99 for all three of them. From the menus to the enemies to your turret, the graphics are atrocious, and I'm about 99% certain you could recreate all the art in this game in MS Paint. The objective of the game is to spin your turret in circles and shoot incoming enemies, that walk at you in a straight line and never deviate from the norm. The enemies are very uncreative as well.

    The game has so many problems it would take forever to talk about each one, so for the first time ever I'm going to just briefly list the major problems in bullet form:
    •The art is atrocious
    •The writing consists of terrible grammar, the dialogue seemingly written by a 10-year old
    •The story is also written by a 10-year old
    •The humor is terrible: it attempts to make smart-ass remarks but fails on every level
    •The gameplay is incredibly dull: spin in circles, shoot enemies
    •Only about five different power-ups at max
    •About five different guns as well
    •Music is horrible
    •The sound effects are even worse: clearly used free stock sound effects which barely match up with the action: very awkward and disjunct feeling
    •Sound effects mess up a lot as well: with fast guns you only hear a gun shot like every 10 shots
    •Only two environment objects: rocks and barrels
    •Some levels consist of enemies spawning nearly on top of your turret, giving you no time to kill them (since your weapon isn't strong enough) before they can deal serious damage which can only be replenished by luck of the draw with a power-up drop
    •Many levels spawn ranged enemies in groups, in which they all shoot immediately with dead accuracy so it's impossible to avoid getting damaged, since you're bullets can't reach the enemy group before they've all shot
    •Some levels I'm 99% convinced aren't meant to be possible to beat: one of them spawns hoards of high-defense enemies and gives you a slow shotgun that takes forever to reload, even if you land every shot you still don't have enough firepower to keep the enemies back
    •And then the level after this could be one that has barely any enemies and gives you the best gun in the game: incredibly unbalanced and no progression of difficulty, it jumps around and leads me to believe the levels were just randomly thrown together with no care

    Overall, the RIP trilogy is a terrible collection of flash games, and should never be paid for. All of those problems listed above are not even the full extent of the cons in this game. And when comparing all of those to the pros? RIP Trilogy has absolutely nothing to show for. Do not recommend, do not pay for this, don't waste your time. If you like solo turret defense games, go play the Momentum Missile Mayhem series (later ones are better) on any flash game website.