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  1. Mar 7, 2016
    Rise of the Tomb Raider is truly a phenomenal game from top to bottom and it has some of the best visuals around. But graphics alone do not make a game great and Rise does not rely on them.
  2. 100
    The best part is how playable it is on a gaming laptop. Rise of the Tomb Raider was tremendous on the Xbox One...It’s even better now that you can take it with you on your next cross-country flight.
  3. Mar 7, 2016
    It's rare that a game does so much so well, and with only a few missteps, Rise of the Tomb Raider is destined to be one of the most recommendable PC games this year.
  4. CD-Action
    Mar 30, 2016
    Hands down the finest version of the best Tomb Raider game. [03/2016, p.68]
  5. Feb 1, 2016
    If puzzles, adventure, mystery, exploration, a race against time with an evil rival company sound exciting, and your PC can handle it, Rise of the Tomb Raider is a can’t miss experience.
  6. Feb 11, 2016
    On PC, Rise of the Tomb Raider is the same fantastic action adventure we played on Xbox One some months ago. if you have a high-end machine, this new version offers an even more immersive experience thanks to numerous graphical improvements.
  7. Jan 27, 2016
    An excellent conversion that runs smoothly on almost every PC. Improves the Xbox One version on the graphical side, without losing any content on the original versions of the game.
  8. Feb 1, 2016
    Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC is not only stunning a but a true interactive experience!
  9. Jan 27, 2016
    Rise of the Tomb Raider's PC version is as good as the game itself. Lara's latest adventure is still amazing, and PC users can now enjoy it with better visuals and more control options.
  10. Jan 27, 2016
    Rise of the Tomb Raider has awesome graphics, fast & fun gameplay mechanics and retains the essence of the first titles in the series. A great job by Crystal Dynamics.
  11. Apr 15, 2016
    The thing that really stands out about Rise of the Tomb Raider is that you care about the characters at all.
  12. PC PowerPlay
    Mar 24, 2016
    A sequel that surpasses the original in every way aside from stable framerate. [Issue#248, p.60]
  13. Feb 6, 2016
    Rise of the Tomb Raider successfully reiterates the success of its predecessor by updating and upgrading quite a few different things, like combat, crafting, or RPG mechanics, while improving the environmental design and the general flow of the campaign. There are very few downsides, and no matter if you were a longtime fan or not, you can have plenty of intense fun with Lara’s latest adventures.
  14. Feb 5, 2016
    Rise of the Tomb Raider is a well-made and enjoyable action/adventure and definitely one of the top games of the year. On the other hand, it takes no real risks and does little to innovate, something that needs to be reconsidered on the next sequel.
  15. Feb 4, 2016
    Rise of the Tomb Raider is simply a fantastic game. Lara’s latest adventure is bigger and better in nearly every way. The settings and environments are bigger, the tombs are more varied, the combat is exciting and can be approached in many different ways.
  16. Jan 29, 2016
    The Xbox One version is no slouch, but if you’ve got the kit to run it, this is the ultimate edition you’ve been waiting for.
  17. Bottom line, if you’ve already played Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox rest assured that you need not buy it again for PC. But if you’ve yet to dive in and choose to play on PC, take some satisfaction in that you’ll be getting the best version of the game currently available.
  18. Jan 28, 2016
    Rise of the Tomb Raider’s PC debut is nothing short of phenomenal, and provided you have the PC to back it up, it can look and run substantially better than its Xbox One counterpart.
  19. Jan 27, 2016
    Minor porting issues aside, Rise of the Tomb Raider is also an amazing game on PC.
  20. Jan 27, 2016
    Here is a sprawling, compelling game made with impressive confidence – masterfully paced and expanding on its predecessor without for a moment losing track of its appeal. It’s a game that has kept its integrity intact while navigating the weird waters of mass market appeal, and one that retains a real undertanding of fundamentally enjoyable mechanics. Rise of The Tomb Raider is exceptionally easy to recommend.
  21. Jan 27, 2016
    Rise of the Tomb Raider is visually stunning and pretty solid in its gameplay mechanics: a great sequel for the Crystal Dynamics reboot.
  22. Jan 27, 2016
    Regardless of if you’ve played the first game or not, Rise of the Tomb Raider is a journey you should embark on. Few games offer thrills in such a well-crafted, honed package. There’s simply not a single moment when the game doesn’t feel like it’s not giving its all. Rise of the Tomb Raider truly makes you feel like Lara Croft: a bow-wielding, mountain scaling, bear-slaughtering, cave diving mad lady with more curiosity than can be healthy. And that feeling is just wonderful.
  23. Jan 27, 2016
    Rise of the Tomb Raider is a great adventure game. More exploration, platform zones and stealth mechanics than shooter moments, great plot and full of content to discover.
  24. Jan 27, 2016
    Already one of the best games of 2015, Rise of the Tomb Raider is even better on PC.
  25. Jan 27, 2016
    It’s the best game to bear the Tomb Raider name, and the best action-adventure title I’ve played in ages.
  26. Jan 27, 2016
    Rise of the Tomb Raider was one of the best games of 2015 and nothing has been lost in the months since its release. On PC it can look even more spectacular, so just buy it, yeah.
  27. Feb 19, 2016
    As a said earlier, I loved the Tomb Raider reboot a couple of years back and must admit I had been looking forward to doing some more treasure hunting as everyone's favourite English heroine. Rise of the Tomb Raider hasn't let me down. Although there aren't too many differences in the gameplay, the story has been written so well that it makes the game feel fresh despite the similarities.
  28. Feb 2, 2016
    Rise of the Tomb Raider on the PC looks and plays fantastically. Lots of various graphical options allow for comfortable gameplay even on weaker machines. Nixxes Software deserves some serious praise but let's not forget that real thanks should be aimed at Crystal Dynamics. The PC port wouldn't be so good if not for the excellent Xbox version.
  29. Jan 28, 2016
    Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC is no disappointment. The many visual options make this version more beautiful than ever, although the game can run on low configs. We would have loved to enjoy some downloadable content though.
  30. Jan 28, 2016
    Rise of the Tomb Raider is already quite a fine game on consoles, but on pc it’s even more beautiful to look at. The guys at Crystal Dynamics are definitely good at ports, and this is another fine demonstration of their ability, an extensive and fun action-adventure game that pc users will definitely appreciate.
  31. Jan 27, 2016
    You probably already know about how Rise of the Tomb Raider is a very good action adventure, and a noteworthy sequel to Crystal Dynamics reboot. Maybe it lacks boldness, and the storytelling looses momentum halfway through, but it's still one hell of a ride. Even more so on PC, where the graphic engine can show all of its considerable power.
  32. After its semi-successful launch on Xbox One, Lara Croft once again comes to conquer and claim our computers. Its optimization is probably one of a kind and is a great example of a successful PC version of an already released console game.
  33. Jan 27, 2016
    A little too streamlined in places, but Rise of the Tomb Raider does a lot to improve upon its predecessor.
  34. Jan 29, 2016
    This is a high level port: Visually improved and more reactive controls make sure that Lara’s latest adventure finds a new home on PC.
  35. Apr 6, 2016
    Lara Croft's latest adventure represents some of the best platforming in 3D you can get. A paradoxical mix of brutal reality and crazy Indiana Jones action.
  36. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Mar 22, 2016
    Successful adventure combines the charm of the original Tomb Raider games with the captivating dynamic of action blockbusters. You will need a powerful computer, AI does not amaze you, but otherwise there is nothing to complain about. You can´t find better alternative on PC. [Issue # 261]
  37. Mar 1, 2016
    A difficult game to review. It’s a predictable experience, but it’s one which does improve on its predecessor, no matter how small the improvement. It’s a safe evolution then, and one that fans of the last game will be able to go in confidently, knowing they’ll like it. One day the fairy dust will wear off, but for now, Rise of the Tomb Raider is a glittering spectacle of what cinematic third-person adventure games can be.
  38. 80
    Assuming you have the hardware to back it up, Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC is hands down the version to own.
  39. Jan 27, 2016
    The old style Tomb Raider is never coming back, but this is a more satisfying compromise than the reboot and an impressive technical feat.
  40. Jan 27, 2016
    A solid, lengthy, entertaining romp across both tombs and not-tombs, with a quality PC port. If you want more Tomb Raider 2013, this offers improvements on most of that game's mechanics and is unlikely to disappoint.
  41. Jan 27, 2016
    Rise of the Tomb Raider will not be as memorable as the first reboot because it's doing quite the same things without taking risks, but it's still a really great game. The PC version is very good and Crystal Dynamics did a good job.
  42. Feb 26, 2016
    Imagine the 2013 reboot of Tomb Raider in a different setting using a modified engine and sans useless multiplayer, because the rest is pretty much the same.
  43. Feb 17, 2016
    Though Rise of the Tomb Raider wastes little time in getting Lara into the thick of a brand new adventure, it’s still burdened by much of its predecessor’s baggage.
  44. Feb 9, 2016
    With an aggravating protagonist and a messy structure, Rise of the Tomb Raider does not manage to bring Lara back to her full glory. Nevertheless, this game improves a lot in comparison to the prequel, and provides with uncountable moments of thrill and awe, particularly when in terms of puzzles and architecture.
  45. Feb 16, 2016
    It's no Tomb Raider, but with the new expedition mode, maybe it doesn't really need to be.
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  1. Rise is a strong and confident step forward for the new series, but I’m still unconvinced it’s heading in a direction that I particularly like. This new Lara Croft is in danger of becoming a character constantly in the act of becoming something with no clear idea of how to portray that thing once she arrives.
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  1. Jan 28, 2016
    Looking good so far ! Everything is perfect . Good port and excellent graphics. Story is ok close as first one. Feels like Lara is trulyLooking good so far ! Everything is perfect . Good port and excellent graphics. Story is ok close as first one. Feels like Lara is truly allive and like watching a movie. Full Review »
  2. Jan 29, 2016
    Game is very good - interesting, beautiful graphics. 1/10 because of:
    1. denuvo - craziest lags and freezes, although it can be cause no one
    Game is very good - interesting, beautiful graphics. 1/10 because of:
    1. denuvo - craziest lags and freezes, although it can be cause no one can in to optimization of PC-ports.
    2. price just after release is 10% smaller than pre-sale price - wtf?.

    Square Enix wants to look like WB Games? Dumbest wish in the world.
    Full Review »
  3. Feb 9, 2016
    Ok, so Lara is a murdering, antiquity vandalising, endangered species killing, manipulative, sociopathic thief with an inhuman ability toOk, so Lara is a murdering, antiquity vandalising, endangered species killing, manipulative, sociopathic thief with an inhuman ability to survive frequent plunges into near freezing cold water. She single handedly causes more damage than the combined efforts of a small invasion force without once loosing control of her perfectly rendered hair. Aside from that, this is brilliant fun! Full Review »