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  • Summary: Thanks to the rising popularity of the PhoneDroid—a device which features augmented reality (A.R.)—the age of advanced technology has finally reached Tanegashima. On that island, Central Tanegashima High's "Robot Research Club" is about to have their club disbanded.
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  1. Apr 12, 2021
    With impeccable detail and character work, this twisty tale manages to combine heartfelt down-to-earth character relationships and truly fascinating science fiction conspiracies without dropping the ball on either count.
  2. 90
    With such a convoluted, complex narrative going for it, Robotics;Notes is the kind of game that you'll end up musing over for quite some time. It's a little more grounded in the human experience than Steins;Gate, but the eclectic mix of genres, themes and motifs that the narrative scattershots its way through means that it needed to have that groundedness to keep players connected to it. So successful is it in its writing and presentation that Robotics;Notes will be remembered as one of the truly great visual novels. It's perhaps not as philosophical or dense as Steins;Gate, but it is more emotive and evocative.
  3. Oct 6, 2020
    It might be down-to-earth, and it may feel a lot simpler than the types of stories that the other SciADV entries are trying to tell, but perhaps it's that very contrast that makes the story feel all the more genuine, and land as well as it does. It can be cheesy at times, and you might have to suspend your disbelief, but Robotics;Notes is a story about overcoming your own personal failings, and to succeed even where others would expect you to fail. I didn't know I wanted something so wholesome from SciADV, but now that I have it I can't find myself seeing the series the same way without it. Warts and all, Robotics;Notes is a VN that you don't want to miss.
  4. Oct 6, 2020
    It’s difficult to live in the shadow of a giant like Steins;Gate. In fact, any comparisons between Robotics;Notes ELITE and that classic of the genre do this game a disservice. Is Robotics;Notes as exciting and emotional as Steins;Gate? No, no it’s not. The ending in particular pales in comparison to the emotional, adrenaline fueled ending of that game. But nonetheless, the strength of the character and the intrigue in the plot make this visual novel worth your time.
  5. Oct 6, 2020
    Robotics;Notes Elite is a great story and visual novel. It wraps everything in a very neat and slick package with little systems to keep the players brain from wandering, like the phones and encyclopaedia. This title moves visual novels as a medium forward with its CG and interactive scenes. If visual novels are of interest it would be a disservice to miss this Sci-Fi themed gem.
Score distribution:
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  1. Oct 18, 2020
    Another fantastic entry to the science adventure series. Probably the most wholesome out of the series but still a hell of a ride.
  2. Oct 31, 2020
    Another masterpiece from SciADV, if you like Steins;Gate you'll definitely love this one too, but I recommend playing Chaos;Head before too
  3. Dec 1, 2020
    An excellent entry in the Science Adventure series second only to Steins;Gate (and that's only because S;G is pretty damn near flawless).
  4. Jul 1, 2021
    This visual novel boasts one of the strongest main casts I've ever come across in any form of media.