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  • Summary: Create and customize your own fighter and battle against other players online in this free to play online game.
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  1. Nov 28, 2013
    Rumble fighter is a very crazy fighting game. I spent over 200 hours into this game and i can tell you the game is the best. The charactersRumble fighter is a very crazy fighting game. I spent over 200 hours into this game and i can tell you the game is the best. The characters are very sexy and stylish, the woman are so sexy i jacked off to them. very good game. 10/10 Expand
  2. Nov 28, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Rumble fighters is a game where you pound,pound and pound again. in this game you use weapons like 4 foot to defeat your enemy the graphics look like infected and all the characters look like there are from Terreria. Expand
  3. Nov 27, 2013
    Rumble Fighter is a unique 3D beat-em-up MMO that plays a lot like the ‘Super Smash Brothers’ series on the Nintendo consoles, but online withRumble Fighter is a unique 3D beat-em-up MMO that plays a lot like the ‘Super Smash Brothers’ series on the Nintendo consoles, but online with MMO elements. Players can brawl it out and beat each other senseless in this fun fighting game. The game has various game modes to keep players hooked, and the fact is that the game is genuinely different than all of the other MMOs out there. I mean, come on, a cartoony fighting MMO like ‘Super Smash Brothers’, how could that not sound fun? The game’s four playable classes or ‘characters’ are:

    Striker -Strikers are the basic martial arts specialist. They have strong melee attacks and are an overall balanced class. Strikers are the ideal characters for beginners.
    Soul Fighter- Soul Fighters have the power to call upon other souls to assist them during battle. They excel in strength, speed and jump but have weak defense. They are experts at hit-and-run tactics and are recommended for more experienced players.
    Elementalist Elementalists have strong psychic powers which makes their skills incredibly powerful, but they are vulnerable in melee combat. They have the ability to summon various elemental spirits in the middle of battle to assist them as well.
    Alchemist Alchemists are skilled in the arts of elemental transmutation. They have powerful defensive capabilities and a strong offense but they lack speed.
    Shaman A class with both melee and mage-like skills. They are powered by nature’s energy and have well balanced strength, defense and speed.
  4. Dec 6, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. As a Rumble Fighter Veteran (2010)

    I would like to review this vicious beast from the inside out, as for its, GARBAGE
    first of all back then before, this game woulda got a 88, 2010 would be 67, and here from now would be
    26, the only reason the other reviewers say this game is good, is cause they all are possibly newbies who love the beginner system, as such gave up on the game before, back before, you actually had to try to get your first scroll, and wouldn't that be fun because, your with your friendly newbies!
    But now, all the newbies turned evil, and now dress up in tiger suits, with pieces to come!
    But hilariously, they are all terrible and whine when they lost, and call you "ez" when they win
    (or In this case, laugh or do a stupid macro) Now lets talk about the glitches, first of all, this game is haunted with terrible lag (Peer to Peer) and there is a lot of glitches to come, as to know that this game came out in 2007, and it stood there with bad graphics, will they upgrade? No, will they fix the glitches, bugs, and sudden connection drops? No.
    Rumble Fighter keeps a lot of bad glitches but I'm not gonna talk about all it, now there is also a huge amount of scams, hackers, and "pros", and in which are all just 15-20 Year olds, playing a game that's generally for kids (People substitute cusses, watch out moms, your kid just got a great place to start getting his cuss words from!) But kids are another thing, they arent the better side of RF, almost nothing is, you can't actually play it for more than 2 Hours because it gets dull fighting on the same map for about 10 times, logic is still a problem for RF and it will always be a problem.

    RF also has a lot of cheesy stuff....

    This goes for: Maps, Scrolls, Exos, Clothing, Logic, Bosses.(Broken, OP, and Just helps newbies to learn spam, instead of actually getting better)

    RF also dosen't have a Trading System. (People have been asking it for years!)

    RF also has a very bad community, useless megas, and such

    If only RF could stay the way it was all the way in the past, and never made extremely idiotic ideas. RF coulda got a nice 75 or 80, but nah, its extremely broken, and "Dosen't play like SSB, it has only 3 Main Game modes, Battle, Rumble, or Adventure"

    This game has a lot of potential, but for now, lets just call it a dead friend who can't do things right anyway, sorry if I mad any fanboys mad but, thats what it is.

    P.S RF isn't unique, I seen Fighter way more unique than this