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  1. Positive: 29 out of 47
  2. Negative: 0 out of 47
  1. Sep 22, 2021
    Sable's lonely, heartfelt journey of self-discovery will sit with me for a lifetime.
  2. Oct 5, 2021
    Sable plays like a young person's diary, full of hope and apologies, staying grounded while reaching for stars. It trades in its combat for climbing puzzles instead, and isn't afraid to let you bunny hop across a mustard-yellow desert or stand perfectly still—with the encouraging words of people recounting their own wonder years.
  3. Sep 23, 2021
    Sable is a little rough around the edges, then, yet these shortcomings are far outweighed by its numerous strengths. This is a relaxing adventure that's both familiar and quite unlike anything else. It gives you the freedom to approach things at your own pace--in your own way--while managing to dispel any notions of aimlessness. Even if you don't have a particular objective in mind, you're guaranteed to discover new sights and sounds by hopping on your hoverbike and simply exploring. It's the antithesis to most open-world design, where the onus is on getting you to the next point of interest as soon as possible, and so it stands out even if you remove its beautiful art style from the equation. Sable is methodical, introspective, comforting, and fully deserving of your time.
  4. Sep 22, 2021
    Striking, peaceful, and wholly focused on exploring at your own pace, Sable is a joy to play. The optimization could use some serious work, but this is an extremely compelling game that offers a better open-world experience than many AAA developers have crafted.
  5. Sep 22, 2021
    Sable is high on the list of game of the year contenders in one jam packed with them. It’s a gorgeous, immersive coming of age story that happens organically and at your own pace - you can see as much or as little of the game as you like. While it certainly has its share of issues, Midden is just a place you have to visit.
  6. Sep 22, 2021
    Playing Sable very well may be as close as one can get to a meditative experience while playing a game. Few games feel as good to simply exist within as Sable. The game’s gorgeous visuals, warm and comforting music, and intuitive game design all come together to create a unique experience about trying to find one’s place in the world through an expression of an individual’s freedom.
  7. Sep 22, 2021
    For those yearning to explore, Sable offers the chance to do it at your own speed, with your own goals, and without the need to exert violence or experience shocking twists. Sable is confident the world is interesting enough and is completely right in that regard.
  8. Sep 22, 2021
    The occasional bug and missing stamina upgrades are really the only negatives I can lodge at Sable. I can think of very few games that have presented such a beautiful harmony of its attributes. Everything supports everything else. The story implores you to go out into the world, to see all that there is to see. The gameplay ensures that the focus is always on the vistas that lay before you, and it's all stylised beautifully. The game creates a view of which I cannot tire. This is truly one of the most well-conceived and executed games that I have seen in a very long time. It's one of those games that truly is using everything to its maximum potential.
  9. Sep 22, 2021
    The occasional bug and missing stamina upgrades are really the only negatives I can lodge at Sable. I can think of very few games that have presented such a beautiful harmony of its attributes. Everything supports everything else. The story implores you to go out into the world, to see all that there is to see. The gameplay ensures that the focus is always on the vistas that lay before you, and it's all stylised beautifully. The game creates a view of which I cannot tire. This is truly one of the most well-conceived and executed games that I have seen in a very long time. It's one of those games that truly is using everything to its maximum potential.
  10. Dec 16, 2021
    Between the bold and ever-contrasting color palette, the ambient music by indie rock band Japanese Breakfast, and the pure joy of climbing cliffs, ruins and dunes to your heart's content, Sable offers an immersive dive into the lives and traditions of its small, nomadic world. Beyond its artistic merits, the game is supremely fun to play. It's a title that adventure gamers and art lovers alike will happily explore for hours on end, and despite the occasional bug, it's a very well-made game. Sable is well worth adding to any adventure gamer's library, and I eagerly await Shedworks' next big title.
  11. Sep 22, 2021
    Sable ends in the same way it starts, at home with family. The narrative payoff is not actually about your final choice, and that may rub more goal-oriented players the wrong way. However, I found the conclusion a fitting end to a side quest-filled exploration game. For those who love to explore, I can’t recommend Sable enough. Every element – beautiful graphics, compelling traversal, and player-driven plot – works together to ensure I simply lose myself in the world.
  12. Nov 16, 2021
    Anyone willing to bury their head in the sand for the many technical problems will find Sable a stunning and relaxed open world game. Since the emphasis is purely on exploring a desert, the laid-back vibe is never interrupted by combat, crafting, or other unnecessary pursuits.
  13. Nov 6, 2021
    This is a barren world, but rendered exquisitely, drawing careful inspiration from French cartoonist Jean “Moebius” Giraud in its blend of space and intricacy. Exploring its crannies delivers a slow-burn joy. Developed by a small team from north London (Shedworks, because the two founders began work in a garden shed), Sable is an unusual expression of the so-called “open world” – the dominant video game genre today. Most lead you in certain directions, ensuring you approach landmarks from the best angles, matching every plot beat with a suitable musical flourish. Here, by contrast, you are totally free to explore wherever, whenever, however you wish. There are whispered points of interest, but there is no wearying to-do list, and as such your journey and destination are uniquely, wonderfully personal.
  14. Sep 28, 2021
    Sable features a wonderful open world presented in a gorgeous art style that gives you complete freedom in working out who you are.
  15. 80
    Sable is not just an iteration on open-world design, but a true spiritual successor to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
  16. Sep 28, 2021
    The problems, although minor for the most part, were encountered with such regularity that they can’t be overlooked. Hopefully, Raw Fury will fix these hiccups quickly because, without those flaws, Sable truly is a beautiful and minimalist journey through an open world that is a joy to explore.
  17. 80
    Making an interactive facsimile of Moebius’ style is a daunting task. While it isn’t always a slam dunk, Sable provides handsome eye candy, encouraging you to climb mountains for the view alone. The anticipated score from Japanese Breakfast is even more versatile, stringing the wasteland with theremin, accordions, shoegaze and desert psych. It’s a shame that the initial glider sounds like loose change in a dryer, so I encourage players strictly seeking to vibe to trade up for better parts as soon as they can.
  18. Sep 24, 2021
    Quotation forthcoming.
  19. Sep 22, 2021
    Sable is a dual-soul game that we all really enjoyed overall. Unfortunately it is not perfect and it pays a little for the inability to better implement some game mechanics, which may even work, but which almost clash with the rest of the experience.
  20. Sep 22, 2021
    Sable is downright beautiful in its execution and storytelling, and captures an innate desire for exploration like few other open-world games.
  21. Sep 22, 2021
    Sable borrows a popular and tried and tested approach to open-world game design and gives it a truly unique feel indicative of the works of the French artist Moebius. The lack of combat may turn some off from playing the game—however, for those looking for a casual game where exploration and light puzzle-solving comes first, it's hard not to recommend Sable.
  22. Sep 22, 2021
    A sweetly told tale of youth, travel, and self-discovery that's not afraid to wear its inspirations on its sleeve. In turbulent, inward-looking times, Sable is a true comfort.
  23. Sep 22, 2021
    Sable is a beautiful story about self-discovery. It’s themes of solitude and what it means to be independent strongly resonated with me. The game is bolstered by a one-of-a-kind art style and an excellently crafted original soundtrack. If you can handle a slow burn and push some UI issues aside, Sable is an overwhelmingly pleasant experience.
  24. Sep 22, 2021
    With its beautiful design, surprisingly deep lore, and comforting soundtrack, Sable provides a joyful and inspiring escape that would be a shame to miss out on.
  25. Sep 28, 2021
    Sable is a fascinating coming of age videogame with an incredible art direction inspired by the works of the late Jean Giraud.
  26. Sep 23, 2021
    The stylish exploration adventure full of beautiful areas manages to delight even without combat. However, the gaming experience is currently impaired by bugs.
  27. Sep 23, 2021
    Sable offers a very unique concept, so if you’re happy to get lost in its world of discovery, you will enjoy it.
  28. CD-Action
    Jan 19, 2022
    Sable never rushes you. You take in the setting and simply enjoy the essence of the game – the journey entwined with a tale about maturing and change. If you don’t like to hurry at breakneck speed and prefer to look under every rock, there’s a chance Shedworks’ game will charm you. You’ll just need to turn a blind eye to some technical flaws, get on your flying motorbike and set off towards the horizon. [12/2021, p.54]
  29. Sep 23, 2021
    Sable is a fascinating and unique journey that lets the player discover the world of Midden and face a poetic but pretty empty open world.
  30. Sep 27, 2021
    I think that whether you enjoy Sable will very much depend on your mood and expectations. Some gamers will appreciate it for the chill, Zen-like, conflict-and-combat-free, emotionally resonant story that it absolutely is. Other gamers may grow impatient with its lack of real incident, and weary of the pace and absence of challenge. I tend to land in the latter camp. Sable is a beautiful game, but it needs to rev up the dramatic engine or raise the stakes for the player to keep fidgety gamers like me engaged.
  31. Oct 18, 2021
    There’s something to be said of Sable’s casual, meditative charm and truly enchanting presentation. Unfortunately, however, it can occasionally feel empty and remains fraught with technical errors and performance issues. Hopefully, there'll be a bug-fixing patch on the horizon. Otherwise, Sable's fresh, intriguing world and solid mechanics could be overshadowed by its assortment of glitches.
  32. Edge Magazine
    Oct 7, 2021
    If at times Sable has a certain adolescent clumsiness about it, elsewhere it feels mature beyond its years. [Issue#364, p.106]
  33. Sep 29, 2021
    If you are into experimental games, you will find countless things in the desert of Midden that deserve to be found and will burn into your memory. However, if you have some difficulties with rather quiet and minimalistic stories and wish for an intense and huge adventure like Breath of the Wild, you might be disappointed. Sable is a small-scale project with a lot of heart that only works if you are actually willing to surrender to emptiness and peace. But trust us, it’s definitely worth your time.
  34. Sep 22, 2021
    If the idea of a game that offers you a true sense of freedom appeals to you, you’ll undoubtedly get a kick out of Sable. Its expertly-crafted narrative alone will inspire you to keep going, but repetitive quests and an often barren world may dampen your spirits a little. Still, there’s a lot to enjoy here, and if its art style resonates with you, you’ll find it easy to lose hour after hour in Sable‘s unique world.
  35. Sep 22, 2021
    A visual tribute to Mœbius, Sable seduces first of all with its captivating features and colors. He is also granted an exploration rich in great freedom and some gripping mysteries. But the sawtooth technique is terribly lacking on the trip. And the universe lacks a certain consistency, struggling to engage us completely during its long stroll.
  36. Sep 22, 2021
    Sable is a beautiful, minimalist voyage that’s hindered by bugs and bland puzzles.
  37. Sep 22, 2021
    Sable is a truly wondrous and serene experience at times, but lift the mask and you find it's also one that has its flaws and inconveniences. If you can see past its weaknesses, this is a journey of pure and innocent discovery that's well worth taking.
  38. Sep 22, 2021
    When it comes to sound design and visual style, Sable blew me away. I couldn’t help but smile and prepare to get lost in a beautiful world. Unfortunately, that feeling doesn’t take long to fade away. There’s definitely enough to keep you engaged and interested, but I just yearned to get more out of this game, especially as it has compelling elements within the groundwork.
  39. Sep 24, 2021
    The obvious flaws of Sable eliminate the possibility of presenting all these ideas in a coherent and engaging adventure from start to finish. The open structure of the narrative and gameplay, however, allow to calibrate the overall experience on the user's desire to immerse themselves in a story that is as fascinating as it is imperfect.
  40. Sep 23, 2021
    Because the atmosphere encompasses so much of Sable’s appeal, the technical issues can be absolutely ruinous.
  41. Sep 22, 2021
    Sable’s premise is novel, if not entirely new. Its minimalistic gameplay, at times, helps sell a more personable experience. Regrettably, the minimalism cuts both ways as Sable’s barren world betrays the game’s emphasis on exploration.
  42. Sep 22, 2021
    There’s plenty to like about Sable but ultimately, this isn’t for everyone. Due to performance issues, weak endings, lack of direction and a failure to explain key elements, several flaws hold it back. However, by offering strong narrative freedom, enjoyable exploration without combat, and a unique visual approach, Sable still felt quite refreshing in some regards. Ultimately, it’s an entertaining debut by Shedwork and if you can look past those flaws, it comes recommended.
  43. Sep 22, 2021
    They say every journey starts with a single step, but in the case of Sable, the journey starts with the arduous task of assembling a motorbike. Sable is a game that looks gorgeous and occasionally does gorgeous things, but too often it's a drab and lifeless affair. It’s a game that knows exactly how it makes you want to feel, but it doesn’t quite have the gameplay to pull it off, and that means it’s constantly fighting with itself.
  44. Sep 22, 2021
    Its messages certainly resonated with me but its gameplay lacked the variety to truly keep me hooked for lengthier sessions. If you're looking for a chill experience and can overlook any performance issues that aren't quite resolved by the time you pick it up, then Sable will deliver. I just can't help shake the feeling of missed potential here.
  45. Sep 22, 2021
    There’s nothing wrong with a game about doing simple things, and enjoying a relaxing journey in between, but in Sable, we could never relax.
  46. Nov 3, 2021
    Sable is a visually interesting game with a unique concept and setting, but uninspired gameplay, sparse characterization and a staggering number of technical issues prevent it from realizing most of its lofty goals.
  47. Oct 11, 2021
    Sable should be applauded for its strong aesthetic choices and ambitious restructure of open-world priorities, but it fails to fully deliver on its premise and is ultimately undone by a lack of polish or engaging mechanics.
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  1. Sep 23, 2021
    Pick a direction and wander off to get the most out of this mesmerising game of exploration. [Eurogamer Recommended]
  2. Sep 28, 2021
    Sable imagines identity and growth as playful, joyous, and nearly impossible to fail. It promises you that changing your mind is okay. You wanted to be an Innkeeper, and now you don’t. It encourages you to become something else then, without rejecting or hating the person you’re leaving behind.
  3. None of the irritating things are huge, and in a few patches time Sable will probably be in much better shape. But right now, there are a lot of small irritants to get under your skin all at once. It is, I'd venture to say, a perfect Game Pass game. I simultaneously loved the beauty and strangeness of Sable's world, but was tormented by having to exist in it.
  4. Sep 23, 2021
    This experimentation, from place to place and zone to zone, is what Sable is about at its core: doing things and obtaining proof that you have taken their experience in; that you have contemplated them. In a world where games signal their value to you through in-game advertisements and a bombardment of prompts to keep playing, this laconic approach stands out starkly. But any game whose direct mission is to think about the world, and to think about it deeply, should probably have a special place in our heart.
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  2. Negative: 19 out of 85
  1. Sep 27, 2021
    Sable's next-level visuals almost immediately give way to underwhelming one-note gameplay and stuttering performance issues that make itSable's next-level visuals almost immediately give way to underwhelming one-note gameplay and stuttering performance issues that make it impossible to appreciate any of the visuals. Sadly, this isn't something that one or two patches can fix. The world is a bit too empty. The gameplay is a bit too nonexistent. The fact that a strong computer can't smoothly move the camera anywhere without eye-gouging stuttering is only the tip of Sable's iceberg of problems. Raw Fury made something cool to look at for a few minutes, but not at all fun or interesting to play for any length of time. Full Review »
  2. Sep 29, 2021
    The only way to give Sable a good review is to review the game I'd like to imagine I'm playing rather than the one directly in front of me.The only way to give Sable a good review is to review the game I'd like to imagine I'm playing rather than the one directly in front of me. Sable boasts one single aesthetic gimmick and absolutely nothing else of note whatsoever. It's almost impressive in that regard - I really thought I would enjoy spending time in Sable's world, even if there wasn't much to do. As it turns out, there is nothing to do in Sable's jaw-droppingly linear, empty world. And the process of traveling (the most fundamental and time-consuming part of the game), whether climbing things or riding around on a bike, is a laborious, stuttering, uninteresting chore. Sable ultimately becomes an object lesson in the importance of not just making an effects filter and calling it a day. Full Review »
  3. Oct 3, 2021
    Beautiful and Empty game... A lot of bugs, it's better Read Moebius and Play Zelda.