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  1. Positive: 14 out of 33
  2. Negative: 0 out of 33
  1. May 24, 2022
    Salt and Sacrifice is bloody, brutal, and beyond enjoyable.
  2. May 9, 2022
    Salt and Sacrifice isn’t just a great game, but a great sequel. It’s the result of building upon the things that worked so well in the first game, tweaking the things that might not have worked so well, and cleverly taking the occasional mechanical risk here and there in order to ensure that Salt and Sacrifice truly felt like its own game instead of just “Salt and Sanctuary 2.” It’s fun, frantic, and frustrating in all the right ways, and I’m incredibly happy with what Ska Studios has given us. Salt and Sanctuary was able to build such a large community around it and stick around for such a long time because of how high-quality it was at the time of its release. I’m sure that Salt and Sacrifice will manage to surpass those heights.
  3. May 9, 2022
    Occasional minor frustrations with the controls aside, it’s hard to find fault with Salt and Sacrifice’s challenging combat and level design. The original was one of the best 2D Soulslikes, and this follow-up has a more appealing style and plays even better, with more varied mechanics and deeper choices. While recent FromSoftware games have encouraged more assertive approaches to enemy encounters, Salt and Sacrifice has an old-school vibe that demands patience, determination, a willingness to grind and the ability to find satisfaction in doing so. Fans of the original won’t be disappointed, and more recent Souls converts will find a new addiction as well.
  4. May 9, 2022
    It cannot be understated how compelling this game feels. It takes all the best things from its inspirations and blends them together in a way that works. It’s a game with the combat of a Soulslike, the gameplay loop of a Monster Hunter, and the exploration of a Metroidvania, all set against a beautiful backdrop - conflicting flavours that come together to form a delicious experience. It’s greater than the sum of its parts, and it’s a game I won’t be putting down for a very long time.
  5. May 9, 2022
    Salt and Sacrifice may not be the best Metroidvania ever made, but as a 2D distillation of the Soulslike formula, this is pure gaming alchemy.
  6. May 25, 2022
    Salt and Sacrifice is like Salt and Sanctuary, just less ugly – at the same time, it's definitely more than just '2-D Dark Souls.' Indeed, this game blends the Souls, Hollow Knight and Monster Hunter in nearly perfect proportions.
  7. May 10, 2022
    Despite some flaws here and there, much like its predecessor Salt and Sacrifice is a solid soulslike that will keep fans of the genre diving into it, one “obliterated” after the next. Everyone else should be wary of its often unforgiving enemies, though.
  8. May 18, 2022
    Salt and Sacrifice doesn’t explain itself by words, which can make it hard to get to grips with, but when you let that go and just discover by play, the game gently drags you in and refuses to let go.
  9. May 13, 2022
    Despite its design shortcomings (like the absence of a mapping system or the consumable-based criteria for online multiplayer), Salt & Sacrifice comes along as a great sequel. The “soulslike” character progression and combat blends in with the “metroidvania” level design, and the added Monster Hunter nuance presented in the Mage hunting keeps the game going, feeling both familiar and fresh at the same time.
  10. May 9, 2022
    I’m not fond of collecting berries for my healing flask and I feel it can get unfair when mages team up on me. However, getting stronger and coming back with enough might that not even multiple mages could stop me made Salt and Sacrifice’s 2D Soulsborne exploration and mage fights an intoxicating quest to wield the very power I was hunting.
  11. May 9, 2022
    As it stands, Salt and Sacrifice continues to nail down all of the moving parts and elements that go into creating an impressive Souls-like game. For most players –especially those just discovering the genre for the first time– this is an easy recommendation. But for the rest of us, it’s not quite enough anymore.
  12. May 9, 2022
    Salt and Sacrifice is a labor of love, one that will scratch any Souls veteran's itch for more mysterious worlds to explore, even if it doesn't succeed at everything.
  13. May 13, 2022
    Salt and Sacrifice has a lot going for it, but some bad design choices hold it back. I'd recommend watching some gameplay footage - especially of its bosses - before buying.
  14. May 12, 2022
    Salt and Sacrifice doesn't innovate as much as it could have done, but is an interesting entry in the 2D soulslike niche.
  15. Edge Magazine
    May 19, 2022
    Salt and Sacrifice shrewdly builds upon its forerunner's groundwork - offering enough depth to enthral the most ardent admirers of the Soulslike genre, while its robust 2D platformer fundamentals make it much more approachable than many of its peers. [Issue#372, p.108]
  16. May 17, 2022
    I want to like Salt and Sacrifice, and in some stretches, I do. I enjoyed exploring the world, concepts of hunting and crafting, and the moody atmosphere, which kept me continuing for dozens of hours. But its clunky progression systems and many maddening enemy encounters quickly make the fun times easy to forget.
  17. May 16, 2022
    Ska Studios has created an ambitious sequel that takes various elements from both Monster Hunter and the Metroidvania genre and combines them into one sprawling 2D Souls-like. For the most part, this curious amalgamation succeeds, offering snappy combat, a labyrinthian world to explore, and tense boss battles against a vast array of challenging foes. Unfortunately, it also elicits plenty of moments of frustration, whether it's because the absence of a map and fast-travel system adds additional tedium to its grind, or because the combat system is overly punishing in a way that feels unfair and unbalanced. Salt and Sacrifice still offers an enjoyable distillation of familiar elements, but too many issues hold it back from achieving greatness.
  18. May 13, 2022
    Salt and Sacrifice mixes in a lot of standard RPG ideas with its interesting art style to deliver a worthy, if overly familiar experience to fans of challenging 2D action games.
  19. May 11, 2022
    Salt and Sacrifice is enjoyable in short bursts. It retains certain core concepts from the original, including a fairly controversial one: the lack of a map. This is further compounded by repetitive Mage Hunts that become tedious after a while.
  20. May 11, 2022
    Quotation forthcoming.
  21. May 10, 2022
    Salt and Sacrifice is an ambitious sequel that attempts to integrate Monster Hunter mechanics into an already crowded Metroidvania/Soulslike formula. It's not a great mix, but the strength of its core combat, customization, and refreshing co-op still make it worth at least a look.
  22. May 10, 2022
    Overall, Salt and Sacrifice still nails the core elements that make a 2D reimagining of Dark Souls a compelling idea thanks to its fundamental understanding of how character and level progression should flow and its expansive combat system. By adding in an extra layer of Metroidvania-style exploration and a unique approach to boss encounters with its Mage Hunt mechanic, Salt and Sacrifice sees Ska Studios carve out a space for itself as more than the studio that is good at making 2D Dark Souls games.
  23. May 9, 2022
    Salt and Sacrifice is a rough gem, which successfully hybridized different videogame genres, creating a captivating setting and fun gameplay, both alone and with other players.
  24. May 9, 2022
    Salt and Sacrifice is still a very worthwhile sequel to the original. While some of the elements don’t work as well as others, the game’s combat and build variety offer players a great sandbox to play around in.
  25. May 15, 2022
    Salt and Sacrifice is a bad combination of Souls like, Metroidvania and Monster Hunter, making it feel chaotic.
  26. May 16, 2022
    Rough, sometimes intriguing, sometimes frustrating: Salt and Sacrifice does its job, but it doesn't always go smoothly. The Mage hunting sequences are clever, but the pieces of the puzzle sometimes simply don't fit together.
  27. May 9, 2022
    Salt and Sacrifice makes a number of changes to its general design and structure that are absolutely not worth the cost, and while the game is still enjoyable, it ultimately feels like a step backwards from the charming 2016 original.
  28. May 19, 2022
    Soulslikes are appealing because of the sense of accomplishment they evoke, offering tremendously difficult battles that — with practice — can be overcome. Every death feels fair, and the design philosophy is fine-tuned in such a way that feels intentional and deliberate. Salt and Sacrifice, on the other hand, achieves difficulty with clunky design, which completely misses the point of what makes a good challenge worth the time. Instead, the sacrifice of wasted time here is more than enough to make you salty.
  29. 60
    Another impressive attempt at a 2D Soulsborne but a less entertaining game than Salt And Sanctuary, with some frustrating combat that doesn’t always feel entirely fair.
  30. 60
    Salt and Sacrifice is a Souls-like that would've made a killing a decade ago. Failing to learn from its contemporaries, it struggles to feel enjoyable in today's saturated market.
  31. May 9, 2022
    Salt & Sacrifice has the potential to be a great game, but it badly needs balancing fixes to allow it to live up to its potential, especially in regard to its battle system. A few tweaks to the stamina meter, the dodge roll & blocking mechanics, and the enemy attack patterns would do wonders for the game, as would a way to skip the chasing sequences and jump straight to the Mage bosses. As it stands, Salt & Sacrifice is a game full of frustrating moments that bog down the rest of the experience.
  32. May 9, 2022
    Salt and Sacrifice is a game that blends several genres, but ultimately fails to make the best of any of them. It won't satisfy fans of the first game and probably not even those looking for something different.
  33. May 19, 2022
    Taking each piece of Salt and Sacrifice on its own, the game really should be an incredible ride. Taking the Souls-like gameplay loop, injecting Metroidvania style progression and item use, and stirring in some Monster Hunter elements should make for a delicious, challenging experience. Instead, the game unfortunately boils down to a repetitive, grind-inducing slog through samey areas and against predictable bosses. Ska Studios deserve praise for their attention to detail, striking visual achievement, and the game’s lofty ambitions, but that simply is not enough to stand up against some of the other titans of the genre.
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  1. For all its quirks, Ska Studios have themselves a solid entry here. I don’t think there were many problems I encountered that couldn’t be patched out, and I had a lot of fun with the game in spite of some annoyances. If Salt And Sanctuary was Ska Studios sheepishly imitating a more successful formula, then Salt And Sacrifice is them confidently finding their stride. For a game about tearing out hearts, it’s clearly had a lot of heart put into it and Monster Hunter fans in particular shouldn’t pass this one up. Just don’t expect perfection.
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  2. Negative: 39 out of 70
  1. May 20, 2022
    How can you ruin a sequel so badly.
    Every single new idea and mechanic makes the game so much worse.
  2. May 12, 2022
    Big downgrade from the first one... chasing mage is boring.. combat is sketchy, not nervous like the first one.. the skill tree open only onBig downgrade from the first one... chasing mage is boring.. combat is sketchy, not nervous like the first one.. the skill tree open only on the half of the screen and it's really annoying to work on it? You need to go back to camp to level up and you need to jump around in the camp to go to the level up statue... You need to farm to get health potion back.. the loot is boring..

    Really disappointing, i enjoy so much the first one and i really wish a good sequel.
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  3. May 15, 2022
    Nearly every aspect of this game is tedious and frustrating. It almost feels like a troll from the developers where they designed it toNearly every aspect of this game is tedious and frustrating. It almost feels like a troll from the developers where they designed it to maximize annoying the player. The animation buffer is rage inducing. There are moments when I have pressed right trigger over 10 times to roll with no response due to animation lock followed by a hit combo. Who thought a good game mechanic would be to chase bosses around the whole map in a lazy representation of monster hunter? Please keep them far away from further game design decisions. I loved and Salt and Sanctuary and was really looking forward to this. It is a huge disappointment and I will never trust a product from this company. Fail. Full Review »