Generally favorable reviews - based on 24 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 24
  2. Negative: 0 out of 24
  1. 90
    It's the best in the series so far and a harbinger of great things to come. Honest.
  2. Here is the Sam & Max episode you've been waiting for. Absolute, complete fun, and an effort that Telltale should be very proud of.
  3. This is simply amazing writing with some of the best satirical political commentary without even mentioning specifics about either Democrats or Republicans along with longer and tougher gameplay.
  4. PC Gamer
    Consider my wishes answered: Sam and Max: Abe Lincoln Must Die! is the best installment yet. [May 2007, p.69]
  5. 85
    Abe Lincoln Must Die pulls Sam & Max right back up from the slight stumble that was episode three and prepares them for what will hopefully be two more great installments before the end of Season One.
  6. If you’ve played the first three episodes, then by all means play Episode 4. It’s one of the better episodes in the series and will hopefully build some momentum for the series as it enters its final two episodes.
  7. Abe Lincoln Must Die is easily the best entry yet. It's full of zany characters, fun puzzles, and one of the most original game plots you will ever see. Regardless of whether you're a veteran or new to the series, Sam & Max Episode 4 is a must play for anybody who likes to have a good time playing games.
  8. Telltale took fans' reactions and made a longer, funnier and overall more exciting fourth episode.
  9. While the previous episode felt considerably shorter than most, this new one gets things back on track with more one-liners and some great political humor -- especially as Max becomes president of the United States.
  10. Along with the gameplay, the series' normally hit-or-miss sense of humor is improving. Even though some of the political gags are a little stale, the Dr. Strangelove-style black comedy vibe won us over, as did Max's free-form, megalomania-tinged debates against a towering robo-Lincoln.
  11. 80
    From a standpoint of humor and intelligent writing, Abe Lincoln Must Die! is our favorite Sam and Max episode to date. Yes, the recycled gags and locations and characters are getting more and more tiresome each time we see them, but the new content here is much closer to the Sam and Max we've been hoping to see than anything the series has delivered so far.
  12. 80
    Episode 4's brand of observational satire is new territory for the series, and the game's anthropomorphic stars are very much at home with it.
  13. Another clever offering in this wacky off-beat series. I'm looking forward to seeing how far Telltale Games can push the absurd plotlines by the time the season ends with episode six.
  14. While still not perfect, if you overlook the slow start and the cheap puzzle we mentioned, Abe Lincoln Must Die! marks out an extremely welcome return to form for the series.
  15. 80
    Sam & Max follows a formula, sure, but sitcom predictability is proving to be this series' secret strength -- it's rare to see a game conjure up such strong narrative continuity and familiarity in such short a time span. In Telltale's hands, recycled assets take on the aspect of recurring joys.
  16. I do have to admit that this episode appeared more focused, better paced, and almost felt like it had a bit more of a challenge/content level than the previous episodes.
  17. The short lifespan of individual episodes is a drawback once again. But, even with all the glaring omissions related to mostly unchallenging puzzles and a generally repetitive setting, Telltale Games is successfully keeping up the pace and continually offers splendid dialogue and trademark wisecracks from the two main characters.
  18. PC Zone UK
    It feels like someone at Telltale noticed the baloon was deflating, and brought out a comically oversized pump. [May 2007, p.71]
  19. A very fun game for the buck. It’s a nice addition to the season arc, and likely my favorite of the four.
  20. It's still not quite good enough to recommend purchasing individual episodes, but the season package is starting to look pretty tempting. Make sure your system is well above the minimum requirements for maximum pleasure.
  21. Finally, a video game has come along with the courage to eliminate one of the greatest threats against society today: "Honest" Abe Lincoln.
  22. PC Gamer UK
    Largely the same as ever. Good if that works for you, bad if not. [May 2007, p.83]
  23. Abe Lincoln Must Die is by no means a 'bad' episode, but it feels like the series is stuck in something of a rut already. I just hope it's not too late for the talented people at the studio to get it firmly back on track for the last two episodes and end this bold episodic experiment in style.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 42 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 7 out of 42
  1. Jun 19, 2018
    Stiiil Gooood and getting better!! . .
  2. Dec 28, 2014
    Compared to previous episodes (especially the 103) the difficulty level is again what you typically expect from this type of games. MostCompared to previous episodes (especially the 103) the difficulty level is again what you typically expect from this type of games. Most puzzles have multiple steps you need to figure out before solving them. So expect spending more time figuring stuff out or taking few quick peeks to walkthrough (if you're impatient like me). Length is also bit longer than previous two episodes (mostly because higher difficulty). Otherwise no big surprises. Full Review »
  3. Sep 3, 2010
    "Best point and click ever... and the funniest too" Thats what i say. This game is very good, so much fun although sometimes is a little"Best point and click ever... and the funniest too" Thats what i say. This game is very good, so much fun although sometimes is a little difficult to find out what you need to do. This game isn't the type of point and click game that you go around and click everything to see if you find a way out to continue (in some games you are penalized for doing this [that's very ridiculous, huh...]), instead, you need to think a little. YES really need. Full Review »