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  • Summary: Croteam's Serious Sam 3: BFE is a glorious throwback to the golden age of first-person shooters where men were men, cover was for amateurs and pulling the trigger made things go boom.


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Melee Attacks - Serious Sam 3: BFE Gameplay Trailer
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 27 out of 53
  2. Negative: 0 out of 53
  1. Dec 19, 2011
    When all is said and done, Serious Sam 3 is just plain refreshing. It's nice to have a game that relies so much on flat-out enemy decimation, and which does it so well, so beautifully, and while providing at least the opportunity to share the experience with friends online.
  2. PC Master (Greece)
    Mar 1, 2012
    A worthy descendant of the original Serious Sam titles, it's a FPS that deviates from the standards of today's games: its difficulty level is high, it challenges your reflexes, it's utterly addictive and it's honest, as it delivers on what it promises. [February 2012]
  3. Dec 20, 2011
    Punishing some rambunctious horde of carrion eaters was never that entertaining. Serious Sam 3 moves to battle in all his glory, even though he stumbles over a couple of unfinished details and overkill difficulty.
  4. Nov 28, 2011
    Serious Sam 3: BFE is designed primarily for fans and hardcore gamers, with its classic arcade gameplay. The Croteam title deserves to be remembered as one of the best examples of its kind, being tightly tied to the past.
  5. CD-Action
    Dec 27, 2011
    Serious Sam 3 convinced me that somewhere along the way FPS genre lost something but on the other hand the game's old school vibe might become tiring if you overdose it. [January 2012, p.54]
  6. Jan 18, 2012
    After a less than awe-inspiring beginning Serious Sam 3 slowly gathers speed and delivers in its second half the fast-paced fun of shooting things the predecessors introduced. But even in its best moments the game never brings anything new to the table and the few innovations there are like the melee combat are poorly implemented. Furthermore Serious Sam 3 lacks the frivolity of the former games, often taking itself, ironically, too serious.
  7. Nov 30, 2011
    Quotation forthcoming.

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