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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 32
  2. Negative: 1 out of 32
  1. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Jul 22, 2020
    Someday You‘ll Return offers a deeply intimate, coherent storyline experience resonating in every player according to their own personal experiences, fears, pains and remorse. [Issue#302]
  2. CD-Action
    Jun 25, 2020
    It starts as a somewhat boring, unpolished scary game but soon turns into a fascinating, engrossing equivalent of a TV show. And I couldn’t wait to see the next episodes. [07/2020, p.60]
  3. Jun 5, 2020
    Someday You'll Return is an immersive game with stunning visuals, excellent storytelling and rich gameplay. And what I like most: the developers didn't try to reinvent the wheel. But instead took all the best parts from the genre and actually created something new. I’d go so far as to call it one of the best horror games from the last year.
  4. May 5, 2020
    Someday You'll Return is an immensely rewarding game with excellent visuals, world design, and storytelling. Poor signposting and trial-and-error can lead to frustration, but the experience is very much worth it regardless.
  5. Jul 6, 2020
    Delightfully creepy and packed with content, Someday You’ll Return will keep you on the edge of your seat with its exploration of a dark forest and darker forces and leave you pondering what it all means when it’s finally over.
  6. May 13, 2020
    For fans of games with deep stories, you'll get the most out of Someday You'll Return. It's definitely a type of story that requires a lot of thought to piece together after you see it all. The game has multiple endings, so there is a reason to play through it again. There are also many collectibles to find (one collectible type has 100 pieces to find!). Fans of Silent Hill and horror games in general will probably like this game, but keep in mind that it is a very different type of horror game from Silent Hill and Resident Evil - it only takes inspiration from them and is very much its own game and far from a clone. The game builds an overall interesting world and gives a memorable experience that we don't often see in many horror games nowadays.
  7. May 5, 2020
    This narrative adventure with high doses of terror serves the player a large number of mechanics, a variety of settings, situations, an engaging story and countless secrets.
  8. May 4, 2020
    Someday You'll Return is a brilliant story-driven adventure that revolves around the troubled relationship of family members. Also, the game introduces an innovative and complex inventory system and some splendid puzzles.
  9. May 25, 2020
    Someday You’ll Return is an incredible game with some slips that tarnish the experience. These problems don't ruin the game, of course, but they prevent it from being a must-play. Anyway, it manages to be a recommendable title and, above all, a different one: a breath of fresh air in the first-person horror genre.
  10. May 8, 2020
    Someday You'll Return is a psychological horror game about a father searching for his daughter in the woods. Various mechanics such as manual climbing, puzzle solving, crafting, and herbalism all keep gameplay fresh and engaging. Herbalism isn't used as much as it could've been, which is a shame since it's pretty neat. Through it all, you'll start to question your own sanity.
  11. May 5, 2020
    Someday You’ll Return is a horror adventure that takes full advantage of its environments to immerse the players in a supernatural narrative. However, direction ends up being an issue as one missed item will require aimless backtracking that removes you from any tense elements. Instead, you are quickly reminded that you are still playing a game. Nevertheless, if you’re up for some interesting Czech lore with a strong cast of characters, then this is one game that you’ll easily enjoy.
  12. Jul 22, 2020
    It’s in those quiet moments when it ventures furthest away from Silent Hill‘s template that Someday You’ll Return becomes a beautiful, unsettling delight. Unfortunately, the game forgets its strengths towards the end, and as a result, the ending sags and is much less urgent and interesting than the middle.
  13. May 20, 2020
    This atmospheric adventure game is nothing special gameplay-wise but outweighs its weaknesses by good narrative choices and clever puzzles. Get lost in the woods. You’ll enjoy it.
  14. May 15, 2020
    A Pretty good horror adventure that wraps players with an engaging narrative and some clever gameplay solutions.
  15. May 11, 2020
    Someday You’ll Return has a very solid foundation, somehow weakened by unnecessary stealth sequences and some parts that are longer than they should have, That aside, it’s a great adventure, with a good story and interesting ideas that keeps you engaged throughout it.
  16. May 28, 2020
    Did I enjoy Someday You’ll Return and is it worth the money? Yes, understatement of the year. It has a few problems, but that doesn’t stop it from being a pretty great and enjoyable game. I actually streamed Someday You’ll Return for some friends as I played it, and had them hooked from the first jump scare. It’s not quite as scary as it is thrilling, though it does have some terrifying moments here and there that get your adrenaline flowing. After you see the monster for the first time, the tone of the story shifts from the suspense of being hunted by the unknown, to the suspense of finding your loved one, and in turn, finally finding yourself.
  17. Jun 9, 2020
    There's an undeniable beauty and some unique ideas in Someday You'll Return, however, the overall experience fails to serve those good ideas and build on them in a proper way.
  18. May 22, 2020
    An interesting and well written story, told through an adventure game created by just two people. Even though it becomes tiresome and repetitive at moments, it has a certain charm and multiple gameplay elements to keep you going until the end.
  19. May 6, 2020
    Someday You’ll Return has some incredible atmosphere, but ultimately fails to scare due to some poor, forced stealth sections and tiresome crafting mechanics.
  20. 60
    Someday You'll Return threatens to become a horror favourite before getting completely lost in the woods.
  21. May 5, 2020
    As a horror game Someday You'll Return falls short of the greats. It's not going to take the market by storm like Five Nights At Freddy's, or start a long-running legacy like Silent Hill. But it's still good for a lot of tense, harrowing moments, and a few sequences of pure terror, and the story it tells is absolutely one worth hearing. The game has plenty of pitfalls and you will likely encounter some boredom. But for everything about the game that falls flat, there's more than enough to admire, respect, and fear about Someday You'll Return.
  22. May 18, 2020
    There is an interesting story in Someday You’ll Return and a potion-crafting system that works suitably well, but players must endure an overlong adventure through a confusing forest with questionable puzzles, bad stealth, and too many clunky mechanics.
  23. May 15, 2020
    If you enjoy mildly creep games that allow you to do things at your own pace, give you plenty of collectibles to track down and story that’s a slow burn, then I would say this game is for you. As for me, I didn’t not enjoy my time with Someday You’ll Return, and though the title might say that someday I will return, I know in my heart that I won’t.
  24. May 11, 2020
    Someday You'll Return is neither on par with top quality horror games, nor can compete with other indie titles in the past few years.
  25. May 21, 2020
    Someday You’ll Return is an ambitious failure. It tries to cram together too many disparate game systems while failing to handle narrative and character in a way that could’ve made this game work. I wanted to like it; I went into it with great enthusiasm and quit it with an equally intense frustration.
  26. Sep 12, 2020
    Someday You'll Return has a great idea, beautiful Czech nature and a moderately exciting storyline, but just drowns in a boring and ridiculous gameplay.
  27. 50
    This title has an intriguing story, gorgeous scenery, and great ambience, but is hindered by buggy sound design, awkward animations, and frustrating and confusing gameplay.
  28. May 11, 2020
    Someday You’ll Return is an occasionally pretty game with a splash of interesting ideas and visuals that are unfortunately let down by shoddy performance, abysmal storytelling and an overall lack of care placed into its presentation.
  29. May 8, 2020
    Someday You’ll Return feels like an amalgamation of every loosely-defined action/adventure horror title on Steam. The developers may well have tried to put their own spin on things—the game’s authentically marked, genuinely gorgeous hiking trails and thrilling, psychological, at times gory, grotesque later sections do stand out—but it’s hard to recommend this over any of the dozens of similar titles available on any other platform. Plus, with an asking price of thirty dollars, it’s best to steer clear of this one for now.
  30. May 7, 2020
    There are definitely times when Someday You’ll Return‘s Czechoslovakian charm shines through. But reaching those islands of excellence means pushing through a game that grows more meandering and repetitive with each chapter. Throw in a protagonist who’s anything but sympathetic and you’ve got a trip that’ll thoroughly test your patience.
  31. May 5, 2020
    Someday You’ll Return’s central mystery is an intriguing one so it’s a shame that the plodding stealth sections, superficial crafting elements, and incessant backtracking muddy its allure. Someday You’ll Return is just barely worth the effort the first time, let alone a game you might actually consider coming back to.
  32. May 8, 2020
    Someday You'll Return looked promising and starts quite well. But quickly, due to some weird choices in terms of interactions, awful acting and a lot of bugs, it just turns into a disappointing and frustrating experience to which you'll never want to return.
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  1. May 12, 2020
    There's plenty to admire in this smart and adventurous horror, though you'll have to endure some missteps to get there.
User Score

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User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 40 out of 55
  2. Negative: 6 out of 55
  1. May 8, 2020
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. Someday You'll Return is story adventure in first person, realistic forests with unnatural and horror features, puzzles and other activities.

    Story 5/5

    Gameplay 4/5

    Replay value 4/5

    Graphics 4/5

    Music and sounds 4.5/5

    Hardware requirements?
    Mid and High Gaming.

    How difficult?
    Normal. Hard.

    How many hours?

    Similar games to SYR?
    Gameplay: What Becomes of Edith Finch, Gone Home, Return of the Obra Dinn, J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars, Metro 2033
    Grafically: Bioshock: Infinite



    Name of game “Someday You'll Return” comes from what Daniel said once, never to return here. Why - we find that out close to the end and slowly get to know why and what place Stela ran off to and why our character is such a nerve-strain. It is maybe quite usual story, relationship between father and daughter?

    World is opening up in parts while previous ones are closing up. There are parts where is stealth, running, climbing, swimming. Puzzles are solved with help of found notes. Reality intersects with supernatural. When we end up in danger, we are defenseless to some extent.

    Crafting of more complicated items is made by blueprint and every item which can be dismantled and combined is labelled with icon. Game linearity makes progression easier but takes away possibility of acquiring all not found collectibles that are plenty in this game.

    Outside of main storyline, we can read about history of places which we visit, and that will clear up even what we experienced. Exceptional atmosphere is underlined by great music together with newly introduced locations. Beautiful nature is not the only thing that history of forest is hiding.

    Game is not without its issues, the prominent one and maybe negligible is fluctuation of video smoothness. Environment is stunning at maxed out details but we will prefer quick video responsiveness in many moments. That is why it is good to expect lagging.

    Story is extensive and it is possible we will not know what and where to, but all we need to know is hidden somewhere, or it just needs to be understood. I was delighted that psychological horror can fulfil my curious questions at the end and pass my expectations.
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  2. May 17, 2020
    Great indie story made by a 2 person studio. The game has a great atmosphere and interesting puzzles.
  3. May 16, 2020
    Это вот то как надо делать хоррор-бродилки!!! Здесь есть всё что давненько не было сотнях подобных! Диалоги, звуки, музыка на высоте! (НуЭто вот то как надо делать хоррор-бродилки!!! Здесь есть всё что давненько не было сотнях подобных! Диалоги, звуки, музыка на высоте! (Ну кроме криков бабских) Графоний - четкий почти без изъянов - природа, подземелья, бункер. Визуальная составляющая убеждает.
    Единственные минусы это: Много мелочей для разгадок которые валяются где-то в лесу с неудобной навигацией! Но в остальном игра любителям бродилок типа "vanishing of ethan carter" - зайдет! 8-10
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