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  • Summary: Sonic Mania is an all-new adventure with Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles full of unique bosses, rolling 2D landscapes, and fun classic gameplay.
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Sonic Mania - Official Pre-Order Release Date Trailer
Score distribution:
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  1. Sep 5, 2017
    Sonic Mania boasts a level of polish, care, and attention to detail the franchise hasn’t seen since Sonic and Knuckles. The developers clearly love Sonic and Mania glows as a result. And while it still comes tethered to Denuvo DRM, the game at least is not affected by this.
  2. Aug 14, 2017
    Exciting level design, a stellar soundtrack, and cool expansions on the original formula work in one accord to deliver the Sonic game fans have been waiting for.
  3. Sep 1, 2017
    A breakneck platformer that uses classic Sonic as a foundation for something fresh and exciting.
  4. Game World Navigator Magazine
    Oct 16, 2017
    Developers took their favorite episodes from the first five Sonics, took them apart and made a remix with some special additions: several new elements came from Sonic games that were never released, others – from cut content, and some were made from scratch. So they ended up with a game that’s bursting with secrets and gameplay mechanics. [Issue#223, p.61]
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 65 out of 80
  2. Negative: 7 out of 80
  1. Aug 29, 2017
    Sonic Mania should be praised not only for how awesome this game is but the context this project came out to existence. Sonic Mania is aSonic Mania should be praised not only for how awesome this game is but the context this project came out to existence. Sonic Mania is a product of love, a collaboration of long time sonic fans and SEGA. From Tyson Hesse animation to Tee Lopes soundtrack passing by Hyper Potion music for the trailers we can feel the passion this game tries to convey. Pagodawest, Headcanon and Christian whitehead did an amazing job of balancing the gameplay and gathering the memorable stages, bosses, gimmicks that we all loved in the 16 bit sonic era and put their own signature names on it.

    Sonic Mania is not only a celebration for Sonic fans but also to SEGA fans. This game is filled with Easter eggs and homages to what made SEGA beloved. Sonic Mania should be celebrated by all gamers not only because it's a very good game but also because it opens a new chapter in the gaming industry that companies like Valve used to practice and companies like Nintendo should be more lenient about (AM2R).
  2. May 28, 2018
    The best sonic game ever and the new dlc is coming out with new brand stuff, modify all things.
  3. Mar 28, 2020
    Best Sonic game ever. Takes everything good about the original games. The level design, the music, etc. And makes it all so much better. AndBest Sonic game ever. Takes everything good about the original games. The level design, the music, etc. And makes it all so much better. And with the addition of new zones, ray and mighty returning, and a swanky new soundtrack, this game is just the absolute best. Expand
  4. Aug 30, 2017
    I'll start off by saying that I will not be factoring in the DRM thing as quite frankly I don't believe the game itself deserves to be blamedI'll start off by saying that I will not be factoring in the DRM thing as quite frankly I don't believe the game itself deserves to be blamed on review score for a poor decision by Sega. And may likely be patched out later.

    Sonic Mania for the most part feels natural and like something I'm familiar with while giving me a lot of new. The variety of levels and the stage gimmicks really help to flesh out each stage and keep things fresh for the most part. The boss battles are a joy and require more than just wait and attack as some have creative patterns and ways to defeat them. i won't spoil any but some really throw you for a loop.

    It's great to see that all three characters are treated equally in terms of super forms and that plot device of tails being too young thus he needs super emeralds is also thankfully removed. This game hits a lot of the high points i wanted ever since playing Sonic 3 & knuckles and even does a lot of the good things the Sonic Advance series did which I also enjoy. As i write this I have just gotten all the gold medals from the blue spheres. I'm grateful they brought back this as a bonus rather than the overused half-pipe.

    The branching paths and alternate routes thankfully manage to be as good and well designed for the most part like Sonic 3 & Knuckles while avoiding the frustrations of Sonic CD despite being as large as it making for a great mixture. The fact Knuckles once again gets his own routes and sections helps with variety and replay value.

    Now lets move onto some constructive criticism and input for ideas. Sonic Time Twisted - A wonderful and well made Sonic Fangame by Overbound Studios that I highly recommend to anyone who is a classic Sonic Fan. This game did some things I wish Mania would do. For example the ability to run off a ledge or jump off a spring and press the jump button causing yourself to curl into a ball was a mechanic that felt like a natural evolution of the gameplay in Time twisted. And its absence in Mania I feel is something that should be considered for future sequels. Not only this but Overbound added in 3 unique elemental shields such as the Ice Shield, The wind Shield and the Rock Shield all of which did unique things and added variety. I feel it was a missed opportunity for the Mania team not to include brand new shields to mix things up but maybe in the future? Last thing is I feel Mania could really benefit with altering the Drop Dash. It's a great idea but I feel it could be better by making it so you only have to press the jump button and hold it once in order to activate it. It would feel more natural this way and it would even allow sonic to use it while allowing the Insta shield to remain a double jump tap ability. I appreciate it as an unlockable but with this simple tweak both could be viable at the same time. and for that matter give Tails and Knuckles a new ability when holding the jump button while keeping their fly and glide moves to a double jump tap. This would really flesh out their move-set a tad with more options without sacrificing anything or deviating too much from the simplistic controls. And one last thing of note is the lack of an optional online co-op or competitive mode. I understand the desire to go old school with local which is important however You must always offer both options to give the best of both worlds.

    Aside from these little things and points of preference I really don't have much to complain about. Like Time Twisted I feel Mania is a worthy successor to Sonic 3 & Knuckles and is the most fun I've had in 2D sonic since the Advance series. The unlockables are plentiful with some funny ones in the mix. The soundtrack is pretty solid and I give props for making a Super Sonic Theme that has plenty to listen to before looping. Gameplay feels tight and responsive. Stage design and level gimmicks are well utilized.

    Christian Whitehead, Headcannon and all the other devs have a solid foundation here and I hope to continue to evolve it. There is plenty of room for improvement and innovation. whether they look at what other fans have done or use their own ideas.

    I could name off things I'd love like a bonus Stage Creator thing with online sharing to give the game endless possibilities and level designs to keep it alive beyond it's campaign and have more unlocks like the ability to have tails transform along with Sonic as I love how Sonic Classic Heroes mod had All three transform together But in the end what's here is solid and I can see myself returning to play several times just as I do with Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic Time Twisted. And I can't wait to see what comes in the future. My minor issues aside all of them keep this game from reaching the pinnacle of a 10 with some minor points and others major points but regardless I still think it's solid enough to be a nine. Highly Recommended no matter what platform you want it on. :) 9/10 Grammar Mistakes edited. Previously 1 of 3 found helpful.
  5. Nov 25, 2019
    O grande vilão Dr. Eggman (Robotnik) deseja dominar o mundo, ameaçando Green Hill roubando as Esmeraldas do Caos. Transformando todos osO grande vilão Dr. Eggman (Robotnik) deseja dominar o mundo, ameaçando Green Hill roubando as Esmeraldas do Caos. Transformando todos os animais do mundo em robôs e criando máquinas mortais capazes de derrotar Sonic, Tails e Knuckles. Nosso objetivo é pegar todas as esmeraldas e derrotar o Dr. Eggman para restabelecer a ordem e salvar os animais. O jogo apenas fornece um motivo inicial para você continuar andando, melhor dizendo, correndo.

    Brilhando na sua simplicidade, onde relativamente não existe uma fórmula para jogar. Conclua os níveis pegando o máximo possível de anéis, esmeraldas ou até mesmo em menor tempo possível. Você joga conforme o seu estilo, simplesmente aproveite o passeio. Veja aos poucos todas as suas preocupações existentes no mundo sumindo, jogando para um único objetivo: Salvar o mundo de Sonic.

    Sua aventura começa com um dos 3 personagens. Sonic (supervelocidade e ágil), Tails (voar) ou Knuckles (consegue subir em superfícies verticais para depois planar, causando dano nos inimigos).

    A cada 100 anéis coletados ganhamos uma vida. Recebendo dano você perde todos os anéis, precisando correr para recuperar o máximo possível antes deles sumirem. Você morre se encostar novamente no inimigo ou na armadilha com 0 anéis.
    Acumulando 50mil pontos ganhamos uma vida extra, cada robô destruído você ganha +100 na sua pontuação.

    Bônus Spheres, o Dark Souls em formato de Sonic:
    Desafiador, exigindo reflexos afiados, a cada minuto o Sonic aumenta sua velocidade dentro da fase. Pegue as bolinhas azuis e evitar as vermelhas. Formando um quadrado, todas as bolinhas se transformaram em anéis. Coletando X bolinhas azuis para ganhar uma moeda de prata. Caso você colete X bolinhas e Y anéis, você ganha uma moeda de ouro. As moedas servem para liberar novo conteúdo para o jogo e habilidades para o Sonic.

    Corra contra o UFO para pegar Esmeralda do Caos:
    Para vencer a corrida pegue as bolinhas azuis para subir o nível de MACH, possibilitando correr mais rápido e alcançar o UFO. Mas cuidado com o tempo, é necessário pegar os anéis dentro da fase para ganhar TIME. Você perde caso o tempo termine ou caia no abismo. Para tentar pegar novamente a esmeralda é necessário achar outro anel gigante na fase.

    Monitores, onde vivem, o que fazem?
    Vamos encontrar monitores que darão desvantagem, vantagens e habilidades que modificar a jogabilidade do personagem, possibilitando ter acesso a partes ocultas da fase.
    Mas cuidado! Você ainda pode morrer caso seja esmagado, caia em abismos ou afogado (Sonic consegue mergulhar, mas não prende a respiração por muito tempo, é necessário encontrar bolhas de oxigênio para continuar mergulhando).

    Inimigos e Boss:
    Com criatividade e engenhosidade, Dr. Eggman cria inimigos e chefes surpreendentes para impedir o nosso progresso de salvar o mundo. No final de cada fase você vai encontrar um chefe. Todos são bem ambientados e com nível de dificuldade gradativo conforme o avanço do jogo. Você percebe que deu dano no chefe, quando ele ficar piscando em branco. Cada chefe é diferente e possui a sua maneira de ataque e contra-ataque.

    Novas fases que merecem aplausos, desenvolvidas exclusivamente:
    Studiopolis Zone: Uma divertida estação de TV pirata gerenciada pelo Robotnik, com referência a programas de TV, filmes, desenhos e até mesmo jogos de bingo. Aplausos para SEGA com a divertida Boss Fight onde Robotinik apresenta um programa de previsão do tempo.
    Press Garden Zone:A fase mais bonita, um jardim japonês no inverno. O jardim tá sendo devastado pelo Robotinik, transformando pica-paus em rôbos que derrubam bombas implantadas nas árvores.
    Mirage Saloon Zone: Deixou um gostinho de quero mais, o ritmo do jogo é quebrado para uma fase área. Ambientada no Velho Oeste, encontramos bares e cartazes de bandidos.

    O jogo é dividido em 12 zonas com 2 atos cada, totalizando 24 fases. O maior Sonic 2D criado.

    Gráfico simples mas não perde o charme 2D dos jogos antigos. Encontramos filtros que simulam a qualidade de imagem das TVs antigas e outras opções de qualidade.

    Durante as gameplays, o jogo fechou sozinho uma vez no modo Time Atack na Zona Green Hill ato 2.

    Com o sentimento de pura nostalgia, onde a única preocupação era salvar o planeta de Sonic e derrotar o Dr.Eggman. Encontrei aqui novamente o meu Eu, ligando todos os dias o MasterSystem e com ele um jogo gravado direto na memória do videogame.
    Sonic Mania não tem uma história complexa, mas com certeza Eu tenho uma grande história com esse ouriço azul. Foi como reencontrar um grande e velho amigo de infância, cujo esse morava perto de mim mas por causa do destino tivemos que nos separar, perdemos o contato e nunca mais nos vimos. Até que nos reencontramos 10 anos depois, colocando a conversa dos anos atrasados em dia como se a nossa amizade nunca tivesse sido alterada pelo tempo e distância.
  6. Apr 19, 2020
    A very good Sonic. What's particular about it is that it manages to give the taste of nostalgia with the graphics, the sounds, the spirit andA very good Sonic. What's particular about it is that it manages to give the taste of nostalgia with the graphics, the sounds, the spirit and the superb level design of an old-school Sonic, and still renews the formula by adding new mechanics to both the levels themselves and the bosses. And for the hardcore gamers there are plenty of secrets ans Steam achievements to fight for. Expand
  7. Apr 8, 2019
    eu não gosto de sonic mas não pelos graficos mas não gosto deste tipo de jogo acho muito parado

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