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  1. Oct 16, 2017
    I struggled to find negative things to say about this game. From start to finish, South Park: The Fractured But Whole had me in stitches. It’s the perfect of blend of smart and silly. It is magnificent and absurdly ridiculous in a way that only South Park can pull off. It’s the best possible excuse to laugh about everything and everyone you know you’re not supposed to.
  2. South Park: The Fractured But Whole is the best superhero game I have ever played. And, it is still an amazing RPG. I had a lot fun playing this game.
  3. Oct 16, 2017
    The Fractured but Whole is a welcome sequel, maintaining the standard of quality set by the previous game and, in a broader sense, all of Parker and Stone’s work. Every aspect is overloaded with both smart and immature jokes, the combat is an improvement, the game is bigger and longer, and the sneaky moments of sincerity make you recall the charm of childhood in surprising ways – just like the show.
  4. Oct 17, 2017
    A slick RPG with superb tactical combat, a detailed world to explore, and a gleefully crude sense of humour.
  5. Nov 21, 2017
    UbiSoft managed to bring the same authentic South Park humor and atmosphere as Obsidian did with the previous game.
  6. Nov 15, 2017
    A surprisingly complex RPG that combines an exciting story with wicked humor.
  7. Oct 23, 2017
    Its humor might be a bit more “streamlined” and toned down compared to the utterly extravagant instances we experienced in The Stick of Truth, but The Fractured But Whole remains an excellent South Park game that is sure to delight fans of the series.
  8. Oct 19, 2017
    South Park: The Fractured but Whole is a well designed game with a bunch of new additions and a new combat system that will make every South Park fan love every minute of it. If you enjoyed The Stick of Truth, don't miss out The Fractured but Whole.
  9. Oct 16, 2017
    The essential point, if you’re a South Park fan then you need this game. Nowhere else does a game like this one makes you, the player, the star in an episode of the popular South Park TV show.
  10. Oct 16, 2017
    Navigation and repetition of some of its simple puzzle mechanics drag a little, but it’s otherwise an excellent South Park game that’s also a strong RPG.
  11. Oct 16, 2017
    Style over substance, but fans are going to love it.
  12. Jan 2, 2018
    Typical sick humor, clever satire, and underneath all the great RPG with great combat design – this is the new South Park game. Not very good logic puzzles are the only unsuccessful thing in this great game.
  13. PC PowerPlay
    Dec 1, 2017
    Full of funny moments and some great new mechanics but doesn't quite feel like it lives up to its own potential. [Issue#268, p.56]
  14. Oct 30, 2017
    While South Park: The Fractured But Whole improves on Stick of Truth in a lot of ways, the whole experience feels somehow less grand. Although the game is slightly longer, probably lasting most players 20-30 hours, it doesn't push the boundaries nearly as far as Stick of Truth, and the poor pacing towards the end of the game definitely detracts from the overall experience. That said, there are a huge number of highly memorable moments peppered throughout the game, and it's an experience South Park fans won't want to miss.
  15. Oct 30, 2017
    South Park: The Fractured But Whole is an excellent sequel and the funniest game this year, but it’s simply not as good as The Stick Of Truth. Even ignoring how unique the first game was at the time, the storyline was more epic, the locations more varied, the jokes jaw-dislocatingly good in that game. This one is great, always funny and usually pretty disturbing in that South Park way, but the superhero storyline kind of peaks with Professor Chaos and that’s not even halfway through the game. Fortunately at least the combat is far better and never less than entertaining, and fights can get really inventive and very tactical. If The Stick Of Truth was an all-time classic episode of South Park, The Fractured But Whole is merely a very good one. Still, this is the one with Tweek x Craig, which is always excellent news. Hopefully Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Ubisoft will get it right again in 2020 with South Park: This Time They’re Playing Star Wars.
  16. Oct 16, 2017
    TV show stalwarts should breathe easily and those on the fence about the game’s penchant for outrageous humour to definitely give it a go for the sake of its fantastic gameplay. However, if South Park has never been to your taste, The Fractured But Whole makes no attempt to change that.
  17. Oct 16, 2017
    It's consistently amusing and provocative without the edginess the series used to be known for. Both the game's combat and explorative strengths effectively bridge the many comical plot developments, which range from mildly amusing to downright hilarious. It's an accomplishment that this game will wholly entertain devoted fans while delivering a heap of jokes that won't fly over the heads of casual viewers.
  18. Game World Navigator Magazine
    Dec 30, 2017
    The story about missing cats and drug dealers comes short in terms of both magnitude and humor when compared to The Stick of Truth. Even the jokes are very hit-and-miss, often suffering from short setups and predictable payoffs. [Issue#225, p.48]
  19. Nov 16, 2017
    South Park: The Fractured But Whole preserves its last game atmosphere and fun. Although it failed delivering a trippy story and characters as the old one with none of the memorable moments and characters as its predecessor. On that, Ubisoft shoved in a microtransactions system which seems to squeeze money by removing part of the game. Recommended for South Park's fans only.
  20. Nov 17, 2017
    Die-hard fans of South Park will get their bang for the buck in The Fractured But Whole, with familiar characters and sometimes funny jokes. But, compared to The Stick of Truth, this game is a definite step back.
  21. Oct 16, 2017
    Bugs aside, The Fractured But Whole is another successful translation of South Park to video games. Conceptually I still think Stick of Truth was stronger—it managed to mock fantasy video games as much as the fantasy genre itself. Fractured But Whole is undoubtedly a better experience though, with deeper combat, the same engaging exploration, and a more cogent story.
  22. Oct 26, 2017
    The new South Park game doesn't give you any real challenge. Sometimes it's funny, but overall, it's just boring.
  23. Oct 26, 2017
    The Fractured But Whole is more of the same. It's occasionally hilarious, but often misses. Not even an updated combat system and interesting new skills can disguise that fact that it is just The Stick of Truth in a different and less-interesting costume.
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  1. Oct 16, 2017
    There's $60 of content here, undoubtedly, but I'd happily pay Ubisoft for a slimmed-down non-interactive version with the unfunny game portions trimmed out. I loved how well Obsidian nailed the balancing act of "make it funny and make it interesting to play" last time. Ubisoft deserves credit for trying something new but not for how badly they stumbled.
  2. Oct 16, 2017
    South Park: The Fractured But Whole is an RPG with tangible qualities and enjoyable passages, but without the bite or imagination you'd expect of the name.
  3. With the combat system and the way it’s actually trying to make a point with its exploration of social issues, The Fractured But Whole does improve on its predecessor in some ways, but it quickly starts to coast, relying too much on familiarity to get by. It’s still South Park, so we get to summon a drug-fueled Kyle’s dad to conduct a Heavy Metal bombing raid, and if you go into the back room of a church, yes, priests will try to have sex with you — it can be horrible and hilarious, just not as often as it needs to be to fill 15 hours.
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  1. Oct 18, 2017
    Typical UbiCancer. Vote with your wallet people.

    $100 price tag for full game Day 1 DLC Pre-order bonus Mandatory Uplay account
    Typical UbiCancer. Vote with your wallet people.

    $100 price tag for full game
    Day 1 DLC
    Pre-order bonus
    Mandatory Uplay account
    Multiple layers of DRM (Steam, Uplay, Denuvo)
    Microtransactions in a single player game
    Game breaking bugs at launch
    Story quests locked behind a paywall
    Exclusive Ubisoft club content
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  2. Oct 20, 2017
    Just finished the game today and I loved every second of it. These people posting reviews 6 hours into the game miss one of the biggest pointJust finished the game today and I loved every second of it. These people posting reviews 6 hours into the game miss one of the biggest point to be made - it starts off slow but the customization and amount of things you can do increases exponentially as the game progresses (summons, augments, characters can combo ultimates to make new ultimates, you can combine all classes and swap abilities in and out each fight etc.) I saw someone say the mechanics were weak but I think people are missing out on the fact that it's a tactics game first and an rpg second, that being said it still offers plenty of rpg content and customization that isn't just gear based you just need to unlock it. A lot of fine details in the environments for fans of the show, touching moments, a well written story (although intentionally silly cause South Park), and overall is the funniest f***ing game I've ever played.

    The combat follows a MegaMan BattleNetwork style which I absolutely loved being such a huge fan of those titles, the character interactions are great and each combination of playable heroes has their own banter during the fights.

    The side-quests kicked it up a notch from Stick of Truth aswell - often continuing on during your play-though of the main story with really brilliant payoffs.

    If you are an impatient little baby wanting extreme action and the funniest jokes you've ever heard in your life within the first 15 minutes then yeah, you will be disappointed.
    I have yet to experience a single bug my entire playtime as well so I do not know where this is coming from either.

    I felt I needed to defend this game cause even though there is Ubisoft cancer all over it, there is a brilliantly designed, well crafted game with a lot of heart put into it from South Park Studios.

    The Uplay is optional, doesn't help gameplay in the longrun, and you get an assassin's creed outfit? Why would anyone be upset missing out on this, I run around the game with a bra on my head and it's great, who cares? it's south park.

    I love this game, it's better than stick of truth by a long shot but even on the hardest difficulty it's very easy to cheese the combat if you are attentive enough.

    Please trust my review I have been a long time south park fan and gamer and I'd like to think I was a rather credible source on the matter. If you like south park and tactics games get this immediately.
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  3. Oct 18, 2017
    Normally when you make the sequel to something you try to make it better somehow than the first but considering how long this has been inNormally when you make the sequel to something you try to make it better somehow than the first but considering how long this has been in development and not to mention the Oculus Sniff (the add on you were supposed to get with this game) not even being released the whole South Park show has become a politically correct pile of **** I suspect the £50 price tag is once again the gamer paying for Ubisofts mistakes. Wait for a sale for this one because its just not that good. Certainly not £50 good.

    And to cap it off Day 1 DLC, Quests locked behind paywalls and Microtransactions in a single player game! This is what happens when you give publishers an inch.
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