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  1. Positive: 9 out of 16
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  1. PC Master (Greece)
    Aug 31, 2012
    Were it not for some technical issues and console-related shortcomings (gamepad controls and no anti-aliasing), Spec Ops: The Line would be one of the best games for 2012. But, things being as they are, it remains merely a diamond in the rough, destined for wicked crazy status within the following years. Definitely superior to the related series of Kane & Lynch, it proves that, with a steady vision and soul, a genre so clichéd like military shooters, can not only surprise us pleasantly, but totally overwhelm us. [August 2012]
  2. Jul 24, 2012
    Spec Ops: The Line isn't a perfect game. The multiplayer is essentially a miss, the gunplay is somewhat formulaic, and the controls have a bit of a snag, but it is a great return to the franchise.
  3. Jun 26, 2012
    It does not forget the madness of war.
  4. 84
    It truly deserves applause for the courage to confront us so harshly with our own character, even if our choices sometimes seem forced or useless. But if it could have found another way, less tiresome and monotonous, to let us get to them, it would have had substantial chances to become a classic.
  5. Jun 27, 2012
    A solid third-person shooter that delivers intense action and a compelling setting, but relies too much on established mechanics, rather than delivering something new. The story however really stands out - a grim and challenging reflection on violence is something you won't find in any typical shooter. Fortunately it's also missing that dull patriotism you've come to expect from today's military action games.
  6. Pelit (Finland)
    Oct 13, 2012
    Spec Ops: The Line tries new and interesting ground on storytelling, but falls short on the action department. Still, it's worth playing through for the atmosphere and few different endings alone. [Aug 2012]
  7. PC PowerPlay
    Jul 31, 2012
    It's as though someone took military shooters and asked why their protagonists aren't psychological trainwrecks. [Aug 2012, p.66]
  8. CD-Action
    Jul 6, 2012
    The game might not be polished in every detail and has a low budget feel to it, but it's been a while since I played a shooter with such a great story and I doubt we'll be getting another like that soon. [August 2012, p.58]
  9. Jul 3, 2012
    A big surprise among military shooters. Spec Ops will present you a dark story that's opposing the well-known clichés of the other military games. It's a pity, however, that the action part doesn't go along with the game's storytelling.
  10. PC Gamer
    Aug 8, 2012
    A generic shooter with lots to say. Spec Ops: The Line trades quality gaming for quality narrative and interesting characters. [Oct 2012, p.72]
  11. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Aug 10, 2012
    Expectations were greater than game could have achieved. Yet the new Spec Ops game is a good excuse to stay home and play. [Issue#220]
  12. Aug 3, 2012
    Spec Ops: The Line stands out in a few ways. Most notably are the sandstorms, the beautiful environments and a story inspired by Apocalypse Now. Sadly, other aspects of the game might not stand out as much.
  13. Jul 6, 2012
    As it is, the story must be commended for tackling the horrors of war and the effect it has on the human mind, and the techniques it deploys to accomplish this. It tries things no other modern military shooter has even come close to, boldly stating that shooters don't always have to be wrapped in mundane and convoluted storytelling, and that's quite the accomplishment considering the oversaturation of the genre.
  14. Jul 28, 2012
    Remove the original premise and beautiful sand-swept skyscrapers of Dubai, and all that remains is a humdrum TPS with Marcus Fenix's DNA at its core.
  15. Jun 28, 2012
    On one hand we have to deal with lots of mistakes and bugs, mediocre graphics, a poor order giving system, stupid AI and a short single player campaign. On the other hand Spec Ops has expressive characters, cool locations (Dubai looks great) and a grown-up, memorable story. The most painful thing about Spec Ops: The Line is the fact that "unused potential" is the best way to describe it.
  16. Jun 27, 2012
    The disconnect between the gameplay and the narrative elements of Spec Ops: The Line is numbing, which makes it more difficult to contemplate the murky morality of war in the way the game wants you to.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 1737 Ratings

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  1. Jul 30, 2012
    Where is the love? I don't want to give a good story away, so I'll talk about what I liked. Graphics are good, but the story as mentioned isWhere is the love? I don't want to give a good story away, so I'll talk about what I liked. Graphics are good, but the story as mentioned is great! It definitely sucked me in and this was definitely a game for me to replay at least the end to get all the endings. I also think this game is a work of art. I also can't remember another game that has told me, 'If you were a better person, you would not be here' or said something like, What is necessary and what is good are the same. Full Review »
  2. Jun 28, 2012
    Weak mechanics. I've played this in parallel to Future soldier. Man this game is broken .. AI sucks, level design is awful.
    The feeling is
    Weak mechanics. I've played this in parallel to Future soldier. Man this game is broken .. AI sucks, level design is awful.
    The feeling is ok, ending redeems itself somewhat. But the lack of options throughout the game really disconnects you from the main char. So I don't think it will be very memorable. it probably needed half a year of work to be a 8.5. That's where game design limits it.
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  3. Jun 26, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. I love the game. Its very different from what I've ever played on the computer. If your into graphics and want a full HD experience then you might have a bad time with this game.The game is naturally bright and will cause some pixelation problems during cut scenes. Make sure to turn the brightness down just a bit. The gamma setting is tricky to use though. Game might end up too dark or too bright. The controls take awhile to get used to. I recommend playing with a controller. The cover system is interesting. It's similar to Ghost Recon but more defined and stable. The multiplayer is OK. It's extremely rare that you will find a match. If you do find one there's a guarantee that there will be cheating. Only play it if you have nothing better to do after you finish the main story. The main story is raw. There are a few scenes that show a lot of death. As a warning, The "White Phosphorus" mission will make you sick to your stomach and probably make you feel depressed. I made the mistake of getting too attached to the story. It felt is if i was feeling the character's pain and suffering during that gruesome segment.

    Amazing story. Many twists and turns.
    The setting is new. not the same old locations

    AI is frustrating at times. AI tends to push you into fire fights.
    No revive system for your character in the main story. Controls are clunky. Might accidentally get stuck on the wrong wall for cover
    Multiplayer is almost dead already and its only day one.
    Way too many exploits on MP maps. Lighting is way too heavy. Reflections and major light sources will cause lag on occasion.
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