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  • Summary: Star Renegades is a strategy RPG about outsmarting AI-driven adversaries, forging friendships, and toppling galactic empires spanning over multiple generations.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 27
  2. Negative: 0 out of 27
  1. Sep 11, 2020
    Star Renegades is a chaotically beautiful title that doesn't pull any punches with difficulty, yet keeps you coming back for more.
  2. Sep 7, 2020
    Star Renegades is a perfect hybrid of a tactical RPG and roguelite battling system, with easy to comprehend mechanics. As you level so does the enemy, making the threat ever increasing and prominent throughout the whole playthrough. The unique maps with boundless variations sprawling over three varying planets will keep you coming back for more. The breathtaking visuals are more than enough reason to play this game and fight against the Imperium!
  3. Sep 13, 2020
    Star Renegades is an addictive roguelite with a deep combat system, well-paced progression and satisfyingly punishing enemies. It could use some more variety and content but it is a very solid purchase if you are up to the challenge.
  4. Sep 10, 2020
    No matter how many hours I spent in Star Renegades, every run, every battle, every turn felt like a new captivating puzzle to solve. In my experience, roguelites lose their luster when the runs start to feel the same no matter how you change things up. Even after playing for dozens of hours and having seen the vast majority of what there is to see, I never lost interest in picking apart each battle to dismantle an opponent for a turn, then another one, and another until the battle is finished. The satisfying feeling of living in the moment and conquering it never gets old.
  5. Sep 14, 2020
    Star Renegades looks incredible, has a solid combat system, and succeeds in beckoning you back for run after run until you eventually surpass the final foe. While you may not immediately grab your blaster for another play after you’ve surmounted the radical difficulty spike near the end of a run, there are a lot of great systems at play here.
  6. Sep 7, 2020
    Star Renegades offers players a fresh and unique experience that sadly loses its appeal after its punishing roguelike systems have you experience the same elements over and over. Even through the repetitive enemies that you face along the way, there’s no denying that the characters and environments that make up this world make it a must-play game within the genre. Still, the best parts are reserved for those who are seeking a genuinely challenging roguelite RPG sci-fi adventure, which may leave others lost in space.
  7. Sep 7, 2020
    Most everything around that excellent combat is where Star Renegades falters. The lightweight, overly jokey narrative, the unforgivable UI, the occasional bugs, the superficial permanent upgrades, and the nonsensically obtuse camp sections frame a singular battle system that solidifies the game’s appeal.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 3
  2. Negative: 2 out of 3
  1. Sep 10, 2020
    A good update could push this game up to a better state, with a more balanced difficulty and a less frustrating combat. It's a good game, butA good update could push this game up to a better state, with a more balanced difficulty and a less frustrating combat. It's a good game, but it really needs some feedback from the players. Listen and fix. Expand
  2. Sep 9, 2020
    This game is what happens when designers don't know the difference between game design that is satisfyingly difficult, and designers thatThis game is what happens when designers don't know the difference between game design that is satisfyingly difficult, and designers that think that simply because the game is hard, it will be enjoyable.

    The primary wrinkle in this game's combat system is that your attacks won't miss and whether or not your crit is based on whether or not you strike first. If you stagger them enough, you can prevent them from attacking for the round. Enemies also have an attack counter on them, and if you exhaust that counter, the enemy cannot be staggered any further. Hitting enemies in their weaknesses inflicts slightly greater amounts of stagger on them, but it's not exceptionally meaningful.

    Where this all falls apart is once the game starts trying to add complexity on top of complexity. Once they start introducing formations and auto-counterattacks and auto-guards, the game just gets stupidly dumb. Nobody wants to play an RPG where "victory through attrition" is the most effective strategy. In theory, the game's choices are there to offer you a wealth of tactical options, but in practice, it's either, "Does my entire team defend this round, or do we attack this round?" It all shakes out this way because, for the most part, you can't heal in battle. You don't have items that you can use to heal mid-fight.

    Guarding and counters are another annoyance. You'll have guys standing BEHIND a front line unit, guarding literally every attack that you hit them with. (Because THAT makes strategic sense, somehow.) You can't stagger a unit that's guarding, because guard happens at Init 0. So, for 2 different enemy units, the game's core systems are functionally ignored. The target has no choice but to defend (because all buffs I've seen so far, simply expire after one turn, and once again, you can't heal characters mid-fight) and in situations where the attacking character being guarded is throwing out an AoE attack, you just have to sit back and defend with the entire team. Same thing happens when one character takes up overwatch. Either EVERY character making an attack gets lit up that turn, in addition to taking the damage that the enemy is gonna dish out, or just defend with the entire team. You will choose full defense FAR, FAR more often in this game than any other RPG out there. I just went through Persona 5 Royal on Hard, and I have already defended more in my first 2 runs on this game than I did in the entirety of the 110+ hours of P5R. That is not a metric you should be striving for, especially when your game's version of defense is basically just "sit there and eat less damage."

    Formations in this game seem to be broken. I've had several instances where the only thing in front of a unit I want to attack is a corpse, but my character won't attack them. Other characters doing the same type of attack will be able to attack that unit, but not the one I actually want to attack that unit.

    And if something in here seems to be entirely different to your experience with the game, you can chalk that up to the game's worst flaw, one of the worst UIs I've ever seen in a video game. You travel along on a map by clicking your mouse on where to go. But because you can only get into a certain number of fights a day (also a gripe I have) I guess they want you to make really, really sure that you want to go from point A to point B before you use up a breach point you didn't intend to. Well, then let me move freely to all points that DON'T need a breach point! Also, why do you require me to walk my characters into the middle of a section to pick up a reward? It's just becomes a stupid exercise in trigger spot hunting to move from section to section at night. The UI in combat is even worse, though. It's partially because of the graphic-style of "barfing good art through a pseudo-16-bit rasterizer" but it's primarily that all pertinent information in combat is displayed in the least helpful manner. Attacks targeting your units will be displayed as a series of arrow lines leading from the attacker to the target. Your arrows and the enemy arrows are all the same color. If one of your units and one of the enemy units are attacking multiple targets, good luck figuring what the hell the other 6 units on the board are targeting.

    I cannot recommend purchasing this. One of the most regretted purchases of 2020 for me. 3.5/10.
  3. Sep 14, 2020
    I am a big fan of Halcyon 6 and was really looking forward for playing Star Renegades. The promise was quite good: beautiful pixel graphics,I am a big fan of Halcyon 6 and was really looking forward for playing Star Renegades. The promise was quite good: beautiful pixel graphics, creative story, turn-based combat with exploiting enemy weaknesses and creating combos.

    Unfortunately, Star Renegades falls short. Ok, let’s get the good out first: the game looks and feels incredibly pretty. Graphics style is amazing and combat looks very promising.

    Apparently, someone got the idea of creating a “Roguelike” game. This was not a good decision and has led to a number of design decisions that simply make the game not fun.

    Essentially, the game is a bloody grind-fest which forces me to play one level over and over again to gather red resources to unlock even the basic items. One tiny wrong move in the battlefield and my heroes are as good as dead. There is no healing. Nor is there save game functionality. So at the time of death I am thrown back to the beginning of the very same level and have to be playing same encounters over and over again until I can gather enough unlockable loot to finally beat the level.

    I absolutely hate the fact that the grind-fest makes me to lose my experience and level progression. More because there is a stupid maximum limit of encounters I can try before taking on the Behemoth of each level. Who came up with this idea??

    To make matters worse, the difficulty is INSANE. It took me some six hours and 6-7 tries to get past the very first level. I got my ass handed to me by lieutenants and commanders before even getting to Behemoth. Losing to these mini bosses resets the progress and throws me to the beginning of the level with all my exp lost. This is not fun.

    I do not mind having a good challenge (I like FTL) but playing Star Renegades makes Dark Souls feel like an easy game.

    Playing Star Renegades is a frustrating experience and lacks the fun of any progression or achievement.