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  1. Positive: 10 out of 34
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  1. 85
    It is one of the worthier options among the titles which try to compete with WoW, and the one that has convinced us the most to date.
  2. Through my adventure I found several things that I wasn’t a fan of but the things that I did like pretty much overcame the negatives, The folks over at Cryptic obviously put a lot of time and care into creating a wonderfully detailed world and it shows with every explosion, dust storm covered planet, asteroid belt and star cruiser.
  3. This is as fine a[n] homage to one of Sci-fi's great franchises a[s] you can get in an MMO format.
  4. PC PowerPlay
    A refreshing change of pace for jaded MMO gamers. [Mar 2010, p.68]
  5. Two months after its release Star Trek Online is still missing content, especially at the high level range and on the Klingon side of the game. The good point is that Cryptic is steadily releasing updates. But despite that the game is still a game more for casual mmo gamers than core gamers.
  6. Star Trek Online could have been so much better… Unfortunately there are too many areas where the game structure suffers from a certain lack of depth. We would recommend it only to real Trekkies.
  7. It’s a unique but half-baked attempt to convert the Star Trek license into an online game. For Star Trek fans this game is still something very special, but it will need regular updates to keep the players motivated.
  8. My opinion is...I like what I see thus far, Cryptic has some tweaks to do perhaps and more content coming... but it's a good start.
  9. On the whole, STO is very promising; it needs a little more clean-up and content, but the fundamentals of the gameplay are very strong, and the options available during character creation make for an experience with a lot of potential depth.
  10. The solution to this problem might be corrected by better choices, including more Star Trek-like non-violent solutions and away mission problems, and a less obnoxiously difficult equipment upgrade system, which might give captains the will to live in this world.
  11. PC Gamer UK
    An undeniably fun space-combat MMO, with the bones of a rich universe but still plenty of catching up to do. [Apr 2010, p.102]
  12. Don't get me wrong, there's a ton of things to do in the game, there's just not much depth to it at this stage of things.
  13. In the end, Star Trek Online is a mixed bag. If you are a Star Trek fan you will get a huge kick out of being able to pilot your own ship into combat and having brushes with people places and things you have seen in the series and movies. Gamers who are not fans will still find a beautiful game with wonderful audio and music, but the shortcomings in gameplay outside of space combat leave much to be desired.
  14. Cryptic did well recreating the Star Trek universe and the space combat works just fine. It's so a shame that ground episodes are that bad and the experience feels less massive than It was supposed to be.
  15. The Star Trek saga finds its own online counterpart in this immense title. Despite the very strong and entertaining starship fighting and exploration systems, the shallow gameplay and the terrible on-foot missions prevents this game from being the announced hit that was rumored.
  16. Star Trek Online is a nice MMORPG for Trekkies. Every other gamer will be haunted by its flaws.
  17. Star Trek Online has some strengths, but sadly there have been more negative aspects until now. There is just no diversification.
  18. 68
    A smattering of memorable moments in 50+ hours of game time simply isn’t good enough for me to be able to recommend Star Trek Online to MMO fans. It’s quite a gorgeous game, but that novelty evaporates, and what’s left is repetitive, and simple in all the wrong parts.
  19. Until then, I'm still going to say this game is definitely worth a look - just be aware of what you're getting into before forking over the extra cash for the nigh-indefinite-length subscription options they offer.
  20. Great visual adaptation but bored gameplay. Recommended only to fans of the franchise.
  21. Star Trek Online is a good game. The battles between the ships can make the joy of the fans, but also to other players might like. The part about the planets , however, will completely disappoint both for the behavior of our comrades who are not always up to their task. Recommended only to fans of the franchise, and those who are willing to forgive these flaws.
  22. 65
    On occasion, Star Trek Online comes together and provides an epic and fun experience. However, these moments are hidden deep inside the repetitive and boring gameplay.
  23. Despite all of these complaints, those hordes of starship captains are quite happy. They may not have many different things to do, and the missions and UI may be rather buggy, but there does seem to be enough content to sustain them - at least until the endgame - and even at its worst that content is knockabout fun with more instant appeal, and more suitability for casual, short-session, low-commitment play than most MMOs.
  24. Star Trek online can be defined as a causal alternative to Eve Online; a lot of ideas mixed in a cauldron where the result is a bland soup. You can love its atmospheres, especially if you are a Trekker, but if you are a skilled player you will soon forget it.
  25. Cryptic Studios has created a great visual adaptation of the Star Trek universe, with a faithful recreation for the followers of the saga and complete character customization system. However, this title is hampered by their poorly implemented style of play that don't allows users to feel the experience of living and exploring beyond the final frontier. An interesting game for a look, but not for staying.
  26. games(TM)
    It's almost "ha-ha" buggy in the same way that Fallout 3 was, but at times can cause a great deal of grief. [Issue#93, p.108]
  27. PC Gamer
    Such a lackluster implementation. [May 2010, p.74]
  28. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Great potential of the game remains buried and players have to dig deep through many useless ballast. Still, it’s worth digging. [Issue#189]
  29. 58
    Ultimately, Star Trek Online's problem is that it doesn't put enough emphasis on its own ground combat abilities. The action feel much better in space, where properly combining a Tachyon Beam and a boost to auxiliary power can result in the swift annihilation of your enemy.
  30. The space combat is short-lived fun, but everything else about this online role-playing game is bland and shallow.
  31. Right now, Star Trek Online is a mess of a title with little to recommend beyond the novelty of flying around in a replica of the Enterprise. As soon as that novelty wears off (ideally within the 30-day trial period), this will be one universe badly in need of a reboot.
  32. Star Trek Online is far from perfect, but based on it’s placement fills a niche for sci-fi gamers between EVE Online and Star Wars Galaxies.
  33. 40
    Trek fans are meant to salivate at the sights and sounds of their favorite universe made manifest, like a dog hearing the chime of a chow bell. And publisher Atari is banking on the hope that -- like Pavlov's pups -- consumers will be content with the same ol' kibble day after day. The result is a shallow, poorly paced, and repetitive game that, divorced from its storied source material, wouldn't warrant a second look.
  34. AceGamez
    Star Trek Online can be considered an impressive piece of fan service but, as a game, is a disappointingly unimaginative and shallow example of the MMO genre with severely flawed, poorly thought out mechanics that do little to draw players away from the powerful embrace of WoW.
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  1. AllanT
    Feb 11, 2010
    The game is combat is extremely well done and fun...ground combat takes some getting used to. All the negatives you read The game is combat is extremely well done and fun...ground combat takes some getting used to. All the negatives you read about this game are either the learning curve was to much for that reviewer or is an issue that im sure will be worked out over time. People need to realize that MMO's of this size need some time to work out the issues. Warning this is not a button masher kids game and does take some intelligence to master! THANK GOD! Full Review »
  2. JohnP
    Mar 1, 2010
    Kill five waves of ships in orbit to save a distressed vessel. Scan five anomalies in the system to send data to Starfleet. Scan five Kill five waves of ships in orbit to save a distressed vessel. Scan five anomalies in the system to send data to Starfleet. Scan five unmanned computer consoles in an abandoned facility to figure out why it's abandoned. Repair five breeches in the asteroid base so it can be inhabited again. Rewire five artifcats on the ground so they don't irradiate the pre warp culture you never meet. Kill five platoons of random enemy so they don't start a mining base on said planet. Ok, now use these few basic scenarios repeatedly only tweaking some script regarding motivation and ride that out to max level. Get to max level and waste into oblivion. This game offers one week of fun, 2 or 3 for casual players, until you realise you've been punked. Then you linger on because you're a trek fan and you just can't believe this is all there is. Full Review »
  3. Feb 22, 2012
    I decided to come back to this after buying on launch originally a couple of years ago. Originally I played for about 2 weeks before becomingI decided to come back to this after buying on launch originally a couple of years ago. Originally I played for about 2 weeks before becoming bored with the repetitive and buggy experience. By now the game should be in better shape, right? First the good. The space warfare is fun. For a time. Now the bad. Over the course of the couple of years since launch it actually appears to have become MORE buggy. How this has been accomplished I have no idea, but the situation is so bad I actually started to suspect some kind of corporate-espionage style sabotage. Over the course of my two days replaying, here is SOME of what I discovered.

    1. Certain HUD tooltip elements don't deactivate on mouseover properly, instead flickering in a seizure-inducing manner. 2. The speed control slider moves up and down of its own accord at inopportune moments.

    3. Gas cloud texture maps are broken

    4. Away team members vanish without explanation on occasion

    5. Keyboard shortcuts for abilities sometimes don't work - and I mean don't work at all, not just a long delay.

    6. If you 'pin to taskbar' the game icon then try to launch the game from it, it will appear to work until the point of login, when the game will freeze at "connecting to account server". I noticed several people on the STO forums complaining about this and not realising it was related to the 'pin to taskbar' function. They were simply fobbed off or insulted.

    7. Planets sometimes appear as transparent circles, showing the starfield behind

    8. NPCs vanish (which is annoying when they are required to finish a quest)

    9. Invisible phaser beams from invisible enemies sometimes shoot you and your team

    Now I'm bored. **** game, forget it.
    Full Review »