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  • Summary: Rock and roll! Hurting for cash, Strong Bad sets out to dominate the "Battle Royale of the Bands." Can he rule the stage and win the big prize? Or will he be drowned out by the competition? Find out in this high-voltage episode! [TellTale Games]


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  1. 95
    The transition from the politics in episode 2 to the completely different slant of rock and roll in episode 3 never feels forced, out of place, or nonsensical. It just works because the writing is so damn good, and leads me to believe the creators of this series could cover any topic and still make a funny game.
  2. PC Gamer UK
    Decent puzzles with hilarious jokes. Surely I'm dreaming? [Christmas 2008, p.99]
  3. Baddest of the Bands is another solid entry in the Strong Bad series. The storyline is self contained and it isn't essential that you played Episodes 1 or 2 in order to enjoy Episode 3.
  4. 75
    While the adventure entertains about as well as its predecessors, Baddest of the Bands makes one notable misstep -- auxiliary elements like Teen Girl Squad and the classic-gaming minigames are less prominent in this iteration.
  5. Overall the third Strong Bad episode is more of a Homestar Jogger than a Homestar Runner. Baddest of the Bands lacks the novelty of the first episode and the imaginative gameplay elements of the second, settling into a formula that fans will most likely find mildly enjoyable at best.
  6. In the end, if you are reading this review, you’re probably curious about the game because you’re a fan of the website. If you like Homestar Runner and Strong Bad and the Cheat and so on and so forth, there is no reason why you should not get this game. You’ll love it, trust me.
  7. Unfortunately, while this third episode was overall entertaining and fun to play, it doesn’t improve from the previous one. In fact, it takes a step back, which is obviously a bit disappointing.

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  1. May 4, 2015
    In this episode, Strong Bad's fun machine breaks and in order to fix it, he has to earn a lot of money. So, in order to do that, he decides toIn this episode, Strong Bad's fun machine breaks and in order to fix it, he has to earn a lot of money. So, in order to do that, he decides to organize a music competition and win the whole thing.

    - Unlike the previous episode, this episode has several layers - first, you have to get everyone to take part in your competition and later, you have to make sure your band is the best one. It's quite a bit shorter than the previous episode, but there are slightly more things to do during Extended Play.

    - Certain max achievement requirements are super tricky and are practically sure to be missed without a guide.

    - Also, this episode does not contain the mini game in which you create your own Teen Girl Squad comics, even though the comics itself makes a return in some shape or form. Also, no extra game like the strategic field in the previous episode.

    - The bonus video mini game in this episode revolves around using a spaceship, shooting aliens and rescuing people and it's quite a challenge to beat the score of 45000 points.

    - Overall, I like the musical theme of the episode, however, I still feel that the previous two episodes were better and more "funny". The part where you have to sabotage each band is great, nevertheless, not as funny as you might expect, because certain characters' relationships change quite a bit during this episode.

    - Instead of being able to see card boxes as in the previous episodes, you have to use your microphone during this episode to make them appear. Basically, it's a big guessing game and it's not very fun.

    - The episode took me 6 hours to finish 100% and I had to replay it once as it was impossible to 100% the awesomeness during the first time through.

    So, for the slightly weaker substance of this episode and some missing features, I am going to reduce the rating to 7 for this episode. It's still fun, but the previous two episodes were simply better.