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  1. Sep 17, 2018
    In short, The Inner Friend is enjoyable, if not much too short title that is open to interpretation in its story. This game is worth a play if you can scrounge up the cash. The experience alone is worth picking it up. And yet, PLAYMIND could have explored so much with this idea. Once again the game is much too short, leaving that potential untapped. Adding some more clues to the protagonist’s real identity and what they did prior would help a lot when players start to examine the game. Regardless, pick it up if you feel like spending a little bit of cash on a nice, spooky, surreal game. Your inner friend will thank you.
  2. Sep 7, 2018
    The Inner Friend was in much need of adding risk to its puzzles and encounters, if it hoped to create the eerie, unsettling atmosphere of which its subject matter and visual design are more than capable.
  3. Sep 6, 2018
    Who knows where The Inner Friend really wanted to go. At the moment, the first videogame from PLAYMIND is a jumble of bad psychological horror situations, a jumbled combination of mechanics and videogames, an experience with experimental aims that, however, converges only in a confused, substantially colorless unicum.