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  • Summary: The pack of games is headlined by Fibbage 2. A brand new version of Fibbage with hundreds of all new questions — over twice as many as the original Fibbage.
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  1. Oct 13, 2015
    Brass tacks, the Jackbox Party Pack 2 made me and my friends laugh our asses off, and that's what it's all about. I can't think of an easier or quicker way to reduce a room to a giggling mass of hysteria, just toss it at a group of people and go.
  2. Oct 15, 2015
    If you can get some friends in front of a screen and fancy a good laugh, The Jackbox Party Pack 2 is worth investing in, however it’s jokes can get old if overplayed and is worthless without people to play with.
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  1. Mar 26, 2017
    Fantastic bunch of hilarious games for parties (or anytime there are 4 or more people in a room). Everyone uses a smartphone or tablet as aFantastic bunch of hilarious games for parties (or anytime there are 4 or more people in a room). Everyone uses a smartphone or tablet as a controller, so it’s easy to get non-gamers to play! All games support 8 players, except for Fakin’ It which caps it at 6. However, anyone else in the room can join in by being part of the “audience”, who gets to participate in most games by voting for their favorite answers.

    Quiplash 2: This is one is 100% about being funny. No game has made me laugh more.
    Laughs: 10/10
    Competition: 8/10

    Fakin’ It: This is the most difficult to grasp in terms of rules. You actually have to point and raise hands and fingers IRL, not just using your phones. However, it’s incredibly clever and a blast to play once everyone catches on.
    Laughs: 6/10
    Competition: 9/10

    Guesspionage: For fans of Family Feud. You guess what percentage of people gave a specific answer in a survey. Then everyone else says if you were too high or too low. Fun game, but don’t expect frequent chuckles.
    Laughs: 2/10
    Competition: 7/10

    Trivia Murder Party: This is my all-around favorite. A hilarious, sadistic voice is holding you all hostage and killing you off one by one as you fail at trivia, drawing, dice rolls, anything. It’s like a really dark, actually-enjoyable Mario Party for 8 players.
    Laughs: 9/10
    Competition: 10/10

    Tee K.O.: This is the weak entry. Everyone draws random drawings and writes random phrases. There are no prompts, so this will test everyone’s improv abilities. Then other people make shirts by combining those. So Person A submits a shirt with Person B’s drawing and Person C’s subtitle. It’s an okay premise. But then you vote on which shirts are best. This is where the game really suffers. You can vote for your own shirt if you want (so you probably will). Two shirts go head-to-head and the loser is replaced with a “New Challenger”. This usually leads to the new shirts being picked each time because of the novelty factor. But there is no point system, and those who drew the winning shirt or wrote the winning quote don’t get credited, it’s just the person who slapped two of them together who wins. It was a pretty unfulfilling game.
    Laughs: 5/10
    Competition: 0/10

    TL;DR: Quiplash 2 is a must. Trivia Murder Party is an incredible Mario Party for Adults. Fakin’ It is complex, but worth it. Guesspionage is a thinker’s game. Tee K.O. is very poorly executed.
  2. Dec 29, 2018
    Some unique entries. Bidiots is a favorite, bomb corp is unique. Fibbage, Earwax and Quiplash all good. Nothing bad in this pack.
  3. Sep 11, 2019
    A very fun party game for all ages. If you have some friends get together and play these fun little minigames.