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  1. Jun 17, 2020
    For now, at the onset of Early Access, Torchlight III is incredibly okay. [Early Access review]
  2. Jul 8, 2020
    It’s still early days for Torchlight 3. Right now it’s a decent dungeon crawler, but even in this heavily saturated market there are still occasional gems, and in its current state Torchlight 3 simply isn’t that. With work done on the skill trees and classes, and the injection of a little spectacle, it could become something great. As it stands though, it’s really just another dungeon crawler.
  3. Jun 23, 2020
    The Early Access version of Torchlight 3 is a decent action-RPG but doesn't yet live up to its predecessors by doing anything especially memorable. [Early Access Provisional Score = 60]
  4. Jun 19, 2020
    [Early Access Score = 60]
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  1. Jun 16, 2020
    Played from closed alpha and previous installations (TL1&2)

    **Game is still on "Early Access", so im gonna leave aside technical issues and
    Played from closed alpha and previous installations (TL1&2)

    **Game is still on "Early Access", so im gonna leave aside technical issues and just comment on core elements wich are there to stay. If im wrong and A LOT changes (wich would mean an almost complete rework of the game) ill update this review.

    It´s main problem is that it was supposed to be a F2P MMO, and just on its later stages of development the devs decided to scrap it and release it as a "standard" game, single or multiplayer ARPG. Also it seems to use recycled elements of a mobile version.

    The result is a plain dull game that even feels like a mobile game. You have the "empty grind maps" wich could be found on a MMO, uninspired, bland, generic maps just meant for grind and fetch quests.

    Another great fail is the scrapped "horizontal progression" remains in the game. At first, when it was mean to be a F2P MMO, devs wanted to make different zones wich would recquire different gear to be faced, so on the first zone (goblin zone) you would use Fire protection gear, and when u moved to Zone 2 (Hyvid or insectoids area) you would need a totally different gear set focused on poison protection, the idea was make it non-linear so you could focus on a chosen zone and gear for it.

    The idea of "horizontal progression" was finally scrapped alongside the F2P-MMO model, going for a linear "ACt 1 zone1- Act2 zone2- Act3 zone3" progression, but still the different zones have enemies with specific damage type dealing, so in the end: You need specific and different gear for each zone, not only "higher level or better gear", but specific elemental protection. You can´t build your gear on a "straight" way, instead you are forced to completely switch your equipment depending on the zone you´re visiting.

    But worst of all is the character building. ARPGs are mostly about that, character speccing, choosing skills, min-maxing...
    TL3 totally fails at it with jsut a few skills per character (2 trees of 7 skills each or so) and the skills are all pretty generic and uninspired, aside some cool ideas (like the Railmaster train, wich is quite original)
    Devs claim the character building is not only related to class skill, but also their relic (powerful item wich provide few skills and a timed super-power) pet skills, and Legendarium.
    Sadly those additions are also very weak, The relic system is ok-ish, but again the skills are few and uninspired (upgrading them just boost their damage or their chance to proc) Pet is kinda situational and works just as a permanent buffer, and the Legendarium (wich allows u to extract and use skills from your items) is a really small addition. All those feels like after-thoughts to try to add more building deepness avoiding to rework the classes itself. Despite the number of additions TL2 had more to offer anyway.

    The overall feel is like it could be a generic F2P mobile game, and not a good one.
    Being a sequel to its great predecessor, TL2, TL3 is a great dissapointment. A simple TL2 "copy-paste" would have been just nice as sequel, but isntead we got a mess that tried to use elements of the scrapped F2P MMO and TL mobile projects.

    Not a 0 neither, as generic arpg you are able to do arpg generic stuff to spend a while. Just lacking on every way, by a lot.
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  2. Jun 16, 2020
    Cool simulator buttons "START" (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Game for mobile phones ((
  3. Jun 15, 2020
    Это не торчлайт, это даже не игра. Ни один ранний доступ не может оправдать такое состояние игры.Это не торчлайт, это даже не игра. Ни один ранний доступ не может оправдать такое состояние игры.