• Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: May 23, 2019
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  • Summary: Total War: THREE KINGDOMS is the first in the award-winning series to recreate epic conflict across ancient China. Combining a gripping turn-based campaign of empire-building & conquest with stunning real-time battles, THREE KINGDOMS redefines the series in an age of heroes & legends.


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Total War: Three Kingdoms - A Hero's Journey Trailer
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 57 out of 64
  2. Negative: 0 out of 64
  1. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    May 31, 2019
    Massive enhancement of all systems is perfectly complemented by beautiful audio and visuals. You won’t regret this trip to China! [Issue#295]
  2. May 22, 2019
    It’s not without its UI issues, but Total War 3 Kingdoms provides a beautiful, rich strategy that is well paced while enjoying a new layer of story depth through diplomacy and intrigue.
  3. Jul 8, 2019
    One of the best entries in the series yet, deep enough for veterans and approachable for the new players.
  4. May 22, 2019
    After several years, we finally have a true Total War experience in Three Kingdoms. Covering almost everything that a fan of strategy genre craves, Three Kingdoms is one of the most complete entries in the TW series and one of the best strategies in recent years.
  5. May 27, 2019
    Yet another great entry in the long-running series. While it may not be the absolute pinnacle of what Creative Assembly can achieve, it has become my favorite entry simply because of the setting used. We've reached a point where your personal favorite Total War will be determined more by the property being adapted than any worry about quality or gameplay factors. Since everything is fine in Three Kingdoms, what else do I really need to say?
  6. May 16, 2019
    Cold, hard battle strategy meets the warmth of human interaction and politics to create an engaging and addictive experience.
  7. May 16, 2019
    Three Kingdoms is another solid instalment in the Total War franchise, but lacks a certain wow factor. Creative Assembly has made some clever refinements around the edges of that enduringly addictive strategic core, allowing fans to steep themselves in yet another historic saga. However, there’s a chance that some won’t gel with this new setting or the way Guanzhong’s epic has been adapted. It’s another fun and rewarding take on the series, though we’d struggle to call it a must-buy.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 66 out of 105
  2. Negative: 23 out of 105
  1. May 23, 2019
    After a few hours play I am already getting a sense of how deep this game is. Running flawlessly as well, performance is a marked improvementAfter a few hours play I am already getting a sense of how deep this game is. Running flawlessly as well, performance is a marked improvement over previous games. Expand
  2. Oct 25, 2019
    Chinanumbaone very good game. very very good. Must buy. Great. Chinanumbone.
  3. May 27, 2019
    I've been playing TW3Kingdoms for the past two days straight since its release, and I figured I'd let people know what I've found. I'll startI've been playing TW3Kingdoms for the past two days straight since its release, and I figured I'd let people know what I've found. I'll start by telling you the end... this is by far the best total war game CA has ever made (IMHO), and I've played all of them, with the exception of the first shogun game. Let me explain why this is the best, first off and most critically, the game is very stable, it actually works after you download it which means CA didn't force the development team to birth an unfinished Turd into the world just because some executive wrote a date on the calendar with the word RELEASE on it (several prior TW titles had this problem), so THANK YOU CA.

    Second, this game has exceptional depth, which translates not only into intriguing game-play but also an exceptional amount of re-playability. Although the game is deep, CA did an excellent job with the campaign UI to make it so the game isn't excruciatingly confusing or just a boring list of stats. They have artfully used a color scheme to help gamers easily identify what items pair best together. For instance, Blue background colored Generals pair best (due to their buffs) with Blue background colored units. Also, the campaign has much, much, much greater depth than any other TW game. For instance, when you build-out a town or city you now should look at the entire province (called commanderies) in order to maximize gains since the regions all work together. The regions also use a color-coded system for ease as well so you don't follow the same simple pattern of prior TW games where every province was nearly identical with its build-out -- #1) Build farm, #2) build up town, #3) build squalor reducing building, #4) repeat. There is much more variability in province building in TW3K, which is a very welcome addition and makes the game much more interesting.

    Additionally, generals now interact with one another so some of your generals will like or dislike other generals dependent on their personality stats, which really adds some character and complexity to the game since an unhappy general may leave or start a rebellion. There are also unattached wandering generals who will wander through your provinces looking for work. Again, this is a great mechanic that adds variability and depth to the game. To go along with that, your generals can be used as Spies, so you can push one of your generals into the "Wandering Generals" pool in the hope that he becomes employed by an enemy faction, which will give you great incite into the enemies machinations. This is a brilliant mechanic that fixes the old, sometimes OP mechanic of spies from prior TW games.

    Also, for all you TW game fans, CA finally made great improvements to AI diplomacy so now campaign faction diplomacy has many more options and the AI behaves in a reasonable manner. I'm sure it's incredibly difficult to program a desktop computer to behave like a person, so a big thumbs up to CA & Sega on this one.

    As usual, the campaign map and battles are amazing in regards to how they look, which was always a big selling point for prior TW games and CA came through again in this regard. Unit pathing and the battle AI are very good, where the AI will perform quite well and function in a reasonable manner in most battle situations. It's good to see the battle AI improving along with the campaign AI.

    Ship and Sea battles have been removed from this TW. This is mostly a good thing. Live-action sea battles in prior TW games were beautifully rendered, like looking at a work of art, but often the ships were slow moving, difficult to path and control, and, because of that, I used to auto-resolve nearly every sea battle, which means that developers probably wasted years of development time making a function that hardly anyone used. I think it's a good thing that CA used that valuable development time to make a complete and outstanding land battle based game. I like the idea of sea battles, and maybe they can come back in a future TW game, but only if someone can figure out how to make them interesting... a difficult task, so I commend CA on making a difficult yet good call with the no-sea-battle in TW3K.

    There's so much more I could say that is good about this game but I'll stop here. There are a few (minor) things that would be nice to fix in this game. CA changed the layout of how unit stats are read, using icons to denote battle stats, for instance, a gold sword indicates armor-piercing damage, so you're constantly having to scroll over the icon to see what the stat is since there are about 15 of them. The method from TW Warhammer 2 was better with the actual wording of the stat so you could see what it was. This is a minor problem considering the game just released.

    Overall, this is an outstanding 4x game. CA actually listened to their fan-base and made the game changes requested by gamers. If you like 4x, go buy this game.
  4. May 2, 2020
    本作的水墨风画风可谓是赏心悦目,从大地图到战斗地图,从界面到兵种建模。一外国制作组制作出了最水墨的3D画质,不可谓不讽刺。战斗部分加入了类似于英雄的设定,以往统帅往往只是给本队加buff,这回可好一骑当千了。但本作优点也就到此为止了。最让我诟病的就是大明式的腐败系统,人家大明好歹也是本作的水墨风画风可谓是赏心悦目,从大地图到战斗地图,从界面到兵种建模。一外国制作组制作出了最水墨的3D画质,不可谓不讽刺。战斗部分加入了类似于英雄的设定,以往统帅往往只是给本队加buff,这回可好一骑当千了。但本作优点也就到此为止了。最让我诟病的就是大明式的腐败系统,人家大明好歹也是大明1444宇宙第一强国,我大曹操才控两座城就开始膨胀了?一般聚集性生产应该是边际成本递减,这里倒好成边际效益了,也递减了。我三座城就可以满编3部队,十座城的时候也就4部队,我仿佛看到了老天爷对我在开玩笑。其次这科技树居然是和游戏进程成完全线性关系。我天下第一魏公国部队少了也就算了,科技也拉不开差距?最后部队的移动距离实在是太短了,在没有足够的部队能分批防守和进攻之下,我魏公国部队基本上疲于各个防线之间奔波。这对于开局夹心饼干的曹老板来说实在是噩梦。让国土扩张几乎成了个笑话。再说说这武将生成系统,什么垃圾玩意儿,各种英文式的中文名,后期我都以为我玩的是幻想三国了。外交系统也是一塌糊涂,好感度200也是说宣就宣。盟友间会因为剧本式的敌对关系说变就变全然不顾玩家在游戏中积累的外交资源。CA真的是用心做画面战斗用脚做系统,和暗荣取了个补集。 Expand
  5. Aug 1, 2019
    Having been a fan of the Total War series since Medieval Total War back in 2002, I've picked up and mostly enjoyed the games, but more recentHaving been a fan of the Total War series since Medieval Total War back in 2002, I've picked up and mostly enjoyed the games, but more recent ones have shown a wide variety of issues which have impacted this enjoyment. From the horribly optimised Warhammer II with its' litany of performance problems and turn transitions which take upwards of five minutes, horribly bugged launches and the lacklustre Thrones of Britannia game, I was extremely cautious in my optimism for Three Kingdoms.

    However, upon playing it, I feel like initially this is one of the best overall package that Creative Assembly have created.

    All of the campaign features have both impact and complexity, meaning that you have ot engage with them and get great benefits for doing so. For example, instead of playing as an abstracted "faction", you take the role of an individual characters' family, and over time slowly become a Duchy, then a Kingdom, then an Empire by building up your influence, court of characters with conflicting loyalties and building the foundation of a working state with advisors and "reforms", this games' version of a tech tree. The only issue I have with the campaign is that the way to produce higher quality infantry is a little too finnicky: rather than being linked to higher quality recruitment infastructure within a settlement, it is tied to the Reforms which you have unlocked as a prerequisite, then requires a character to be at a high enough level to recruit said units into your army. This would be fine, but it can be frustrating when you are going into the late game (more on that later) and suddenly have the need to recruit a new army to face a newly declared war, but you can only recruit the trash units you had at the start of the campaign, whilst facing off against high quality armies. Another issue with the new recruitment system is how the character "classes" work. In Warhammer I & II, you would hire a "Lord" to lead the force. They could be from a variety of classes, and their development tree would provide greater benefits to specific units within their army to match their intended playstyle, but there was nothing stopping you from building any army you wanted to respond to specific threats. In Three Kingdoms, you hire three generals to lead an army-- each general can bring six units to the battle, but outside of absolute basic units they can only hire units from within their class. For example, a Strategist can only hire ranged units, whilst a Champion can only hire spearmen. This is an issue because it can lead to armies only really having three unit types in them, which severely restricts your options when it comes to battles.

    Despite the concern people had over battles during previews, battles in this game really shine through compared to other Total War games. In Warhammer I & II and some of the earlier historical titles, most battles in campaign mode were usually decided before they started-- unless you were stupid or the enemy Ai decided to stop working, a one-sided battle would usually result in a guaranteed win or loss for the player. In Three Kingdoms, there is such a wide variety of options, strategies and variables in battles that they always feel fresh. A battle which is predicted as a "decisive defeat" no longer feels like damage mitigation. You get a genuine feeling that if you play your cards right, you can either win, or go down in such a way that you'll halt the enemy army's advance. The only issue I have is that ranged units are rather overpowered at the moment. Whilst previous Total War games limited the usefulness of ranged units against shield users unless you were willing to take risks and flank the battle line, in Three Kingdoms, even a unit of basic archer militia will clock in a hundred kills before the melee has even started.

    My only real issue with the game in general at the moment the endgame. Once you've reached a sufficient strength, the game picks you and two other factions of a sufficient strength and nominates them as the "Three Kingdoms". At this point, you will be at war with these people as your sworn enemy. Diplomacy is usually a waste of time at the point. Although it's better than the Realm Divide feature of Shogun II in that you're still able to broker deals with smaller powers on the map, unless you've built up a good coalition or alliance beforehand, most the map will become your enemy very quickly. A further issue to this is that you can't raze settlements, meaning that if you find yourself having to go deep into enemy territory to defeat your rivals, you have to capture every city on the way, which can have a huge impact on your food supply and public order, leading to irritating micromanagement of settlements you have no interest in keeping for the time being.

    All in all though, the game is definitely worth picking up, even if you're not too fussed with Chinese history.
  6. May 28, 2019
    As an avid Total War fan since TW:Rome in 2004 (it's one of my favorite series!), I was somewhat let down by this one. It has some charm butAs an avid Total War fan since TW:Rome in 2004 (it's one of my favorite series!), I was somewhat let down by this one. It has some charm but as you dig a bit deeper it's actually fairly bland / generic imho.


    - Unique / "Pretty" UI
    - Interesting setting (don't see much AAA games about China!). Very unique in the way that I don't have a clue what the names mean and it's interesting to hear a foreign language + learn their culture
    - Very well-optimized, esp. compared with previous releases (holy cow it works out of the box!)
    - Historical-ish
    - Not overloaded with Day 1 DLC (Yellow Turbins is only one I know of atm)
    - Interesting leaders, *they* look and sound unique (but sadly the actual gameplay + the armies + the cities aren't as varied)
    - For a Three Kingdoms setting game, it's got to be one of the best ones
    - I like the focus on narrative
    - Potential for *giant* armies clashing


    - Not much variety, like at all. All factions look / feel / play very similar if not the exact same
    - UI is confusing and hard to navigate. Lot's of hidden menus or bad / missing descriptions
    - Lack of a "good" tutorial
    - Cartoony / generic look. I'd argue they almost took a step *back* on the graphics dept. It's not mindblowing like previous releases would have been
    - Multiplayer is subpar. Because all factions are so similar, not much variety to MP play (esp. compared to TW:WH2 or the like)
    - Map is kinda meh. It's basically one giant continent (they're obv. restricted by real life geography)
    - I can't stress enough how boring the units are imo. They're all the same and it feels like the units you start with will still be the main types you use in the endgame
    - Gameplay ends up feeling samesy. Changing factions pretty much just changed which direction of the map you're headed (ie: one faction leader will head south to the coast whereas the other will head north - otherwise they feel the same)
    - Seems like they couldn't decide whether to go fully historical or to go fully romanticized. Gives a somewhat half-assed approach in the end (leaders seem to be the main "romatic" thing)
    - Leaders are both OP and underwhelming on the battlefield. They don't die but at the same time they hit like a wet noodle (at least early; I imagine they become straight OP later game)
    - Battles go WAY too fast. Typical battle is over in ~5-10min
    - It's weird, on one hand they're dumbing down the game for "casuals" (battles, army management) and on the other they've overcomplicated bits (economy, building, navigating the UI, understanding stats, etc)
    - Again, graphics are "meh". Looks cartoony which kills the vibe.


    I ended up refunding this as I have a lot more fun playing TW:Warhammer 2. Until / unless they add some interesting DLC I will probably avoid this one for the moment. I'm torn because on one hand I wanted historical again, but on the other hand it lacks the charm previous entries have had. This is by far the least variety I've seem in a TW game (I mean even Rome had "War Dogs" and interesting mercenaries you could use).

    I think if they add some spice this could be fun. Add some unit variety, embrace the "Romance" period you advertise! I'm sure they had like, cool ass flame-using-weapon troops, or Sword Breaker units, or multipurpose cavalry with short bows + short spears, etc - It may not be 100% historical but stuff like this would still fit the setting and could be restricted to Romance Mode.

    Either way, it's so-so imo. If I'm being completely honest I think a lot of the hype is coming from Chinese gamers who aren't used to western AAA titles that focus on their history (which is awesome and I encourage). It's NOT AT ALL A BAD GAME FYI. If I didn't have other Total War's to compare with I'd bump the score up a bit. That said I don't think its 9/10

    It might be one day though. Total War has always been damn good at improving their games over time so I expect a year or so from now I might want to take another look. Sadly TW:Warhammer 3 will be out by then lol
  7. May 28, 2021
    Este juego se encuentra abandonado e incompleto. Es un juego de lo 3 reinos que no cuenta la historia completa de los 3 reinos.
    La razon es
    Este juego se encuentra abandonado e incompleto. Es un juego de lo 3 reinos que no cuenta la historia completa de los 3 reinos.
    La razon es que a la desarrolladora se le hizo muy facil abandonarlo y comenzar a hacer una secuela, ¿para que?, para sacarle mas dinero a la gente.

    Ni siquiera han podido arreglar algunos bugs de salida.

    Por no decir que cancelaron las ultimas expansiones para hacer esto.

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