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  1. Positive: 9 out of 15
  2. Negative: 0 out of 15
  1. 90
    I can't think of a single thing that truly disappointed me about Transport Fever 2. It's elegantly presented and understands that some efficiencies are required for the sake of playability.
  2. GameStar
    Dec 11, 2019
    Transport Fever 2 is not a re-invention of the genre, but a considerable improvement of tried and tested gameplay principles.
  3. Dec 11, 2019
    Quotation forthcoming.
  4. Feb 28, 2020
    Transport Fever 2 is minimalist, yet full of builder’s dreams. There aren’t many better transport sims.
  5. Jan 28, 2020
    Transport Fever 2 is a game that will be appreciated in the long term. No doubt it will evolve over several years with a very dense content that will have to be explored. At a time when the player is taken by the hand systematically and where frustration is only little accepted by the players, TF2 asks you to dig, to search and to experiment. A little more information on how to manage railway flows and crossings would probably have benn a good idea. But the satisfaction of seeing that everything is working properly, the optimization of lines and routes are all rewards for your efforts. The fever is going up and it's not because you're sick.
  6. Jan 13, 2020
    Like Anno 1800, it gives you plenty of tools to watch and admire, but unlike Anno 1800, it’s got all the time in the world for watching and admiring. The scenery goes by, the tracks rattle, the whistle blows, the truck’s engine purrs, the boat drifts lazily downriver, the plane banks and dips toward the runway. No one is pushing me to get out and build new plantain farms. There is no opponent AI whose company might get in the way of whatever railroad route I build later. There is no multiplayer. It’s just me and a map of stuff that wants to get somewhere else, waiting patiently for me to build it a way.
  7. Jan 8, 2020
    A really deep and interesting new addition to the Transport Fever series.
  8. 80
    For fans of the series, this is a truly exciting development. It’s smoother and richer than its predecessor and has enough unique features to leave you pleasantly surprised with every upgrade and chapter. The campaign is long and varied, and the difficulty curve gives enough scope to appeal to all levels of interest. I’m going to waste a lot of time on this game. And I’m probably going to miss my train.
  9. Dec 11, 2019
    A great game for fans of economy simulations and model railroads alike, with lots of meaningful improvements, new features and a really good campaign. Unfortunately it is plagued with regular crashes that denies the game a better rating.
  10. Dec 18, 2019
    Transport Fever 2 offers a pleasingly detailed logistics simulation, although it does move mightily slow at times.
  11. Jan 14, 2020
    If you're new to the series, Transport Fever 2 is a great place to start. The campaign offers a gentle introduction to transportation logistics, while the late game guides you through managing modern cities. The new demand and production mechanics may annoy some more experienced players, who will also notice that this game isn't as much of a step forwards as Transport Fever 1 was over Train Fever, but fans will definitely find endless hours of replayabilty as they grow and master their transport empire.
  12. Dec 15, 2019
    Transport Fever 2 is a toothless but still ultimately enjoyable simulation of all things infrastructure. As you set up resource lines, passenger routes and more, you'll see the world develop and grow around your inputs and influence which is enjoyable and even an addictive thing. Simple and easy to get into, the core problem is that it takes simple a little too literally, with the game offering no real challenge throughout any game mode. Still, if you enjoy this sort of game, you could do a lot worse than Transport Fever 2.
  13. CD-Action
    Jan 15, 2020
    A paradise for train enthusiast although it doesn’t seem to follow modern city builder and tycoon trends. Some of the game mechanics were simply derailed. [02/2020, p.50]
  14. Dec 11, 2019
    Transport Fever 2 has some serious pros - great system of logistics, sensible industry model, pretty environments and detailed vehicles. It's a great shame that two of the game's major elements fall completely flat, effectively nullifying its advantages - the economy of the game is opaque and flawed, and there are no real game modes to play.
  15. Jan 9, 2020
    Transport Fever 2 doesn’t need to be a firebrand vehicle for climate activism, but having such themes inform the systems more closely would give it a little more personality and relevance. As it stands, this is a pleasant if not particularly distinctive game that may provide frustrated commuters with hours of transport therapy.
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  1. Oblique though it may be, there’s an extraordinary simulation at work here – one that refuses to be gamed, and teaches you that transport is a service, rather than a money-printing exercise. In my experience, a great management game is distinguished by its central lesson, and Transport Fever 2 has one worth learning.
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  2. Negative: 11 out of 68
  1. Dec 12, 2019
    New Transport Fever game, is it better? Not really. There is some improvements here and there but this isn't feels like a new game it feelsNew Transport Fever game, is it better? Not really. There is some improvements here and there but this isn't feels like a new game it feels like something else, like patch for old transport fever. So let me make a list about the game;

    Good things:
    - New maps looking great, actually i like it.
    - Map editor, you can create your own maps.
    - Modular stations.
    - Planes now can be useful, rather than money sucking machine like in the old game.
    - Better terrain tools, yeah flatten terrain tool added in to game (at last).
    - Wild life, not much to do with your game play but it's a good addition. (Birds flying formation feels like copy/paste from Transport Giant)
    - Now you can stop date progress while playing to game.
    - One way roads can be build.
    - Traffic lights can be build.
    - You can build your own HQ.
    - Roundabouts, is this a good or bad thing i don't know actually, because seems like ai don't know how to use roundabouts!

    Anything else? Not much actually that's all the good things come to my mind...

    Bad things:
    - Typical unoptimized game, game using too much RAM especially on very large maps with 1:3 scale, you need to at least 16 GB RAM to play the damn game?! I'm not surprise why the most youtubers playing this game on medium or small tropical maps, because 4/2 tropical maps covered with water which means less assets can be use (less RAM usage), yeah I'm not buying that bull crap!
    - Replace vehicle feature removed! WHY???
    - Vehicles no longer age up, another removed feature! Replaced by maintenance cost, ridiculous cost I mean!
    - It's nearly impossible to expand in early game without loan! Most of your early game play you're spending your time with taking loan repaying loan thing, boring and repetitive!
    - Ridiculous amount of costs! Jesus! Who is going to pay more than 2 million $ to steam engine in 1870? This is totally unrealistic!
    - Horses cause emission in city? Really?? How? So they eating carrot and farting too much?? Is there any logical explanation for this?
    - No real improvement in the game, nothing actually, it's still feels like train fever with some graphical improvements, nothing really changed!
    - No new transport mechanics in the game, like, monorail, subway, zeppelins, maglev like futuristic trains or flying vehicles etc.
    - No curved stations, come on modders did this while ago!
    - New interface is terrible, also line management window fixed on the bottom rather than draggable!
    - Vehicle depots less useful.
    - %90 of the vehicles copy/paste from previous game! Devs didn't even change the horse animations! They still move like robot rather than actual horse!
    - Key stuck bug on TF1 is still there?!

    Missing things:
    - No company creating screen at the start. Even old transport games have this feature like railroad tycoon 3, you choose your company logo/name even your logo appear in your vehicles but in this game nope!
    - No day/night cycles (RT3 have this feature)
    - No seasons, it's always sunny not even rain in the game! (At least rain in RT3, but TF2? Nope)
    - Vehicles don't use anything like fuel (In RT3 and Transport Giant vehicles use different type of fuels and they need to refill but in TF2 vehicles can run forever!)
    - No different biomes in the map, if it's tropical it's always tropical no different combinations.
    - Cities still producing the same thing which is passenger, no mail or anything else! Even in Transport Giant (which is very old game) cities can produce passenger, mail and garbage.
    - No complex signals like in the open ttd.
    - Your trucks and buses still can't do overtake, they stuck behind the slow moving ai cars.
    - You can't buy industries for extra profit like in the RT3!
    - No challenging gameplay, only challenge is costs! Nothing else! Too much casual sometime feels like mobile game.
    - No AI competitors!
    - No multiplayer!
    - No adjustable ticket prices, your ticket prices depends on the vehicle speed! I don't know why devs still using this ridiculous mechanic!
    - Even vehicles cost maintenance, they don't break, they just run that's it.. Why do we need to pay maintenance cost then? So unrealistic!
    - There is only one way to reduce emission in cities which is replace vehicles! No sound barriers not even trees effective against emission like in the cities skyline.
    - No decorative assets in the game, you still get lamp and bench that's it! Nothing new!
    - Cities only accept two type of different cargo, they don't request new type of cargo over time while they growing, it's always two type of cargo, boring! Even old TF much more better than this, because you need to transport six different cargo, instead of 'only' two!
    - No planing tool like in the 'Prison Architect', you build routes with trial and error (Which is cost ridiculous amount of money of course!) - Instant building instead of real time building. Casual game play mechanic in the so-called simulation game. - No undoing options. Once build it, it's done, happy or not!
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  2. Dec 12, 2019
    It's just an upgraded version of TPF 1, but at full price. And while it is enhanced in the graphics and it has some nice features (a mapIt's just an upgraded version of TPF 1, but at full price. And while it is enhanced in the graphics and it has some nice features (a map editor, the possibility of stopping the year and so on) it also lacks in a lot of other aspects that were handled better by the previous game. For example it has managed to worse both the economy (dumbed down but more difficult because of the higher costs) and the UI, (more clunky, cumbersome and counter-intuitive). Definitely a step behind for me. Full Review »
  3. Dec 17, 2019
    This game really made me wonder: Is Transport Tycoon, at this point a 25 (!) year old game, indeed such an incredible achievement that noThis game really made me wonder: Is Transport Tycoon, at this point a 25 (!) year old game, indeed such an incredible achievement that no other game will ever come close to it? This one didn't even really try.

    The graphics are just that - a modern tileset that creates rather nice environments. City growth on the other hand looks like a tumor and has no actual effects: Since the whole economy persists of two types of goods per city (and there isn't even a dozen overall) the only challenge consists of increasing your capacities. Don't even dream of the variety you've seen in games like "Railroad Tycoon", or a dynamic economy. There is no stock market, there are no seasons, no weather, and especially the freeform mode falls flat.

    By deliberately placing resources and the industries that need them as far away as possible you could have a game that requires planning and foresight. But in the end the world is completely static, and the only thing you need is money, not a vision, or a strategy, and certainly not creativity.

    In the beginning you'll have to wait very long to make enough money, later on you don't know what to do with it anymore, and then you make the mistake of playing the campaign.

    You almost have no actual choices to make or strategies to plan thanks to the dumbed down economy and the lack of content. Now imagine putting those mechanics to work in a campaign that wants to recreate historic events. Imagine Indonesia, consisting of two cities that need four types of resources, a narrator that goes on and on about all the things that are not there and that I'm obviously supposed to imagine, to create the scenario. But you don't really have to listen to him, just to get the same two types of goals over and over again, which mainly consist of - once more - waiting.

    The real challenge here is to keep the music running, it's the only thing that can really compete with the original Tranport Tycoon and it's set of nerve-wracking midi songs. Otherwise the sound is acceptable, even though I sometimes wonder why my passengers tend to make chicken noises without carrying actual chickens, and chickens not being a good that you can transport because as thousand others they didn't make it into the game.

    Train models are decent, and you can zoom in to take a look at actual passengers, which is a neat little feature, even though they don't do anything. Building tracks for them is almost too easy, and given the overall lack of challenge you won't put too much work into it. Upgrading your structures is another nice addition that you'll unfortunately never use, since having more than one terminal just shows the terrible pathfinding and AI you have to deal with.

    TL;DR: Transport Fever 2 should be marketed as an idle game or a screen saver, not a management and transport simulation.

    If you are interested in the concept and are not allergic to pixelated graphics, OTTD (open Transporter Tycoon deluxe) has you covered for free and is still unchallenged.
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