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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 13
  2. Negative: 1 out of 13
  1. Jun 11, 2018
    Unravel Two follows the path of its amazing prequel and turns out to be a true piece of art. A game that thanks to its artistic and level design manages to entertain and move the player.
  2. Jun 21, 2018
    One of the best local cooperative games I’ve played in years.
  3. Jun 21, 2018
    Unravel Two introduces new mechanics on the already excellent gameplay of the first chapter. It's necessarily less evocative, with some locations not so exciting, but manages to make you fun and feel deep emotions.
  4. Jun 12, 2018
    It still works as a solo adventure, but is far more enjoyable if played with a partner. And despite its oh-so-cute appearance, the generous helping of brilliant Challenge levels attest that Unravel Two has really been made by a talented group of Scandinavian sadists.
  5. Jun 21, 2018
    Unravel Two is an elegant indie game with excellent puzzles, friendly difficulty, and outstanding art style.
  6. Jun 28, 2018
    A nice sequel, especially for co-op-fans, but not good enough to surpass its predecessor.
  7. Jun 11, 2018
    Unravel 2 remains magically beautiful and cleverly expands its basic concept. A real leap in quality, however, is missing.
  8. Jun 29, 2018
    Unravel Two offers some good new ideas and has the good taste to be equally playable alone or with a friend. But the magic can’t happen twice and Unravel Two sometimes feels repetitive and predictable.
  9. Jun 22, 2018
    With thoughtful gameplay, seamless co-op, a breezy campaign, and challenges geared towards gameplay masters, Unravel Two delivers a strong platforming experience for players of all skill levels. Whether you want a unique side-scroller to play alone or a teamwork-emphasizing experience to play with a friend, this is worth a look.
  10. Jun 19, 2018
    With only six chapters that run roughly 30 minutes apiece, Unravel Two doesn't last long, but it's a game where the time you have is meaningful, memorable, and downright pleasant from beginning to end.
  11. Unravel Two is a successful and simple platform game that you can play in co-op.
  12. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Dec 31, 2018
    A beautiful platform game, that is not perfect, but you can definitely enjoy it at least in local co-operation. The sequel does not have the "wow effect" of original game, but it still works. [Issue#287]
  13. Jul 31, 2018
    Coldwood Interactive changed a lot of things in the sequel, but somehow failed to add more variety or make puzzles less trivial.
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  2. Negative: 20 out of 105
  1. Jun 9, 2018
    Unravel Two
    a bit of a step back
    Unravel Two is a 4 hour long puzzle platformer that can be played both single player as well as co op…
    Unravel Two
    a bit of a step back
    Unravel Two is a 4 hour long puzzle platformer that can be played both single player as well as co op…
    Either way here youll be controlling two characters.. characters than can be customized
    and if youre playing solo you can pick the other character up and carry them with you so it isn’t an annoying switching back and forth inching towards level progressing
    you use these characters as support for eachother to overcome every obstacle thrown at you..
    of course theres a warm message here.. this is an unravel game..
    I feel though that Unravel Two is much less warm than the first game
    there is no sweet old lady here to put pictures in a scrap book and make you cry, this time you’re following two teens through their journey together..
    The first game to me felt like a heart warming passion project where every level was stitched together by hand… Unravel Two on the other hand felt more like just a game.. though that’s not to say its without charm, it has its charm.. it just has a lot to live up to considering the first unravel is my favorite puzzle platforming game of all time
    This game consists of 7 chapters as well as 20 optional challenge levels where your goal is to rescue a yarn friend…
    The 7 chapters here to me felt a little too samey..
    the first game every level was memorable ,it was alive and different..
    here ill probably remember nothing but the turkey sequence..
    theres much less bringing the background and world to life here which is disappointing…
    its not fair to critique as this isn’t something I would notice if it didn’t have the name unravel attached to it, but since it does it is noticed…
    you still get the same colorful levels here.. but the style and feel of these levels never change…
    the puzzle solving here is also dumbed down making this feel mire like a momentum based game than a stop and think game it is a bunch of using each other to swing to locations, hold items so the other can jump, and distracting…
    its best if you think of this game less as an unravel sequel and more of a co op game set in the unravel world…
    it just doesn’t live up to the first game but as a stand alone title that has nothing to do with the first game story wise.. there is tons of charm here, there is care put into the animations, there are a couple of puzzle that stumped me for a couple seconds, though there is an optional hint system here…
    there are collectables here as well but again back to momentum, the levels aren’t really designed this time to explore like they were in the first game, so youll spot a lot of them as you run through naturally.
    The music is beautiful and this game still brings its levels to life better than any other game out there not including the first unravel of course…
    these levels are living and breathing.. they feel real… you feel like youre a little yarn person running through the forest or through a factory…
    Theres an insane amount of care and polish here.. there there is an annoying invisible wall thing going on during a platforming section that’s just infuriating.. I had to use the games slow mo mechanic to get past it…
    I really want to see this series continue so I hope unravel two does well…
    if we do get an unravel 3 I hope it goes back to the solo play of the first game where you had to actually manage the yarn and be more clever…
    this was a nice pallet cleanser but give me the real thing again
    I give Unravel Two
    a 7.5/10
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  2. Jan 12, 2020
    Not so pleasing as the first game when it comes to story and the atmosphere but the better controls and the addition of coop puts it on theNot so pleasing as the first game when it comes to story and the atmosphere but the better controls and the addition of coop puts it on the same level as a first game. That is if you have someone to play it with. If not, then the first game was definitely better.
    But as a coop game it is worth playing. It is not so hard to get you both frustrated. I played it with my wife and we enjoyed it.
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  3. Oct 6, 2021
    TOP cooperative pc game! The beauty is simply indescribable. Very nice graphics.