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  • Summary: UPPERS is an over-the-top brawler that puts you in control of numerous fighters, including bonus character Daidoji-senpai of the SENRAN KAGURA series. Follow their journey through seven varied Acts across multiple difficulty levels and a multitude of locations!
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  1. Oct 21, 2020
    Uppers was almost the game that got away, but now that’s it’s here, I can’t say that I’m completely excited about it. What’s important is that it features a robust battle system and a zany story that will satisfy the developer’s fans. Furthermore, as perverted as they are, the game mechanics can be an insanely fun distraction as you button mash your way through each level. Thankfully, this PC port is clearly the best way to experience this four-year-old brawler for those who waited.
  2. Nov 8, 2020
    Uppers may be a wish come true for some longtime Vita or Senran Kagura holdouts, but outside of that odd legacy, it can’t really compete with its contemporaries. Fans who know what they’re getting into will find satisfaction in the game’s mix of fast action and pervy distractions, but others need only try to conquer Last Resort island…as a last resort.
  3. Nov 24, 2020
    Was Uppers worth the years-long wait to be able to play it in English? Probably not. Even as a fan of the titles Honey Parade Studios puts out, there's something disappointing about the way Uppers is too scared to fully commit to the gritty, hot-blooded front that it puts up. By having one foot in there and another firmly planted in the same-old T&A antics of the studio, it fails at truly capturing either aesthetic successfully. It's still a fun brawler with satisfying combat, and it looks amazing on PC, but there are plenty of areas where it could be improved on.
  4. Oct 27, 2020
    UPPERS was not worth the four-year wait and lengthy localization process. As a beat-‘em-up, it lacks creativity and variety, although it may succeed somewhat as a fanservice game, even if none of the characters have any significant degree of depth. That being said, if you go in with the proper expectations, you’ll likely get some fun out of it, especially if you pick it up on sale since I think the $29.99 USD price point is a bit steep.
  5. Nov 18, 2020
    Uppers is a tough game to recommend. As much as I love the settling and style, the gameplay, writing and progression path leave much to be desired. It also becomes repetitive within just a few stages, and even showboating for the girls adds nothing to the package. It’s a shame, really. Uppers gets the style half of the experience right, but it really should have spent more time on the fundamentals.