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  • Summary: The Wolf of Wall Street... with lasers. You’re the newly appointed CEO of Vostok Inc. As a greedy, space-capitalist your ultimate goal is to get filthy stinking rich! Pilot your own ship and blast your way through the solar system and collect moolah to help profit your company!
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  1. 70
    Vostok Inc. is as addictive as any other incremental game – in fact, it’s one of the better incremental games to come out; it has a lot more polish and character, along with humor, great artwork, and music. It’s nigh impossible to stop playing (because, what happens when you reach the last number there is?), but once you do, you wonder what the point of it all was.
  2. Nov 27, 2017
    Vostok Inc. is enjoyable more for its concept than execution, as it was quite clever to fuse a twin-stick shooter with an idling game. For those who have already beaten their fair share of clicker games, there isn’t enough reason to play this one until the endgame.
  3. Aug 10, 2017
    If the developers had managed to tie the idle and construction mechanics to the twin-stick gameplay, Vostok, Inc. might have been something special. Unfortunately, this violent clash of systems renders it a near-failure despite the winning sense of humour and engaging action. Although ‘half the game is bad, but luckily you don’t have to play it‘ may be the most damning-with-faint-praise statement I’ve ever made, I’m still going to make it here.
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  1. Jul 25, 2017
    Clickers meet twin-sticks in a game that will eat your time like no other. [Recommended]
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  1. Aug 1, 2017
    Vostok above all is honest. It is exactly what it says it is and it does what it does very well. Satisfying shooting and combat, fun flightVostok above all is honest. It is exactly what it says it is and it does what it does very well. Satisfying shooting and combat, fun flight controls, and addictive progression make for a great shmup/clicker style game. Oh and the writing is pretty funny too! All of that as well as being very reasonably priced. Expand