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  • Summary: Monty Muzzle, a newcomer in town, is holding a grand fundraiser to rebuild the local dog shelter. Gromit soon realizes that Muzzle's intentions aren't exactly charitable and he must foil the huckster's plot to save the town's investment and rescue his canine friends. [Telltale Games]
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  1. Like its two predecessors, Muzzled! is an exemplary offering.
  2. While the game is nearly the same length as the first two episodes—between 2 ½ and 3 hours for me—it feels like a more fulfilling experience thanks to the stronger storyline and better integrated puzzles.
  3. The writing is quite funny and Wallace's nervously polite disposition is out in full force upon the realization that Monty Muzzle is not the philanthropist he appears to be. And the twist ending sets up what I hope will be a very uncomfortable situation for the hapless inventor in the upcoming finale of the series.
  4. Anyone who enjoys humorous adventure games on the line of Sam & Max will definitely enjoy Wallace & Gromit Muzzled.
  5. Just as the previous episodes, Muzzled is a very good adaptation of Aardmans animated series. Telltale Games manages to capture the feeling of Wallace & Gromit perfectly, both in graphics and audio.
  6. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Great improvement to the previous chapter but the first episode is still unbeaten. Great new playable character (only one again – sic!), lots of fun from the beginning to the end. [July 2009]
  7. To put it bluntly, the puzzles are bad and the game has little to no pacing.

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