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  • Summary: A battle of heroes where everyone is the lead! The very first all-stars title for Koei Tecmo! For the first time in Warriors series, flashy action combines both the traits of the original series and new exiting elements such as “Musou Rush”, open scenarios and multiple endings!


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Warriors All-Stars - Setsuna Clan Trailer
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  1. 80
    Warriors All-Stars is a superb title, with relatively no issues whatsoever. The entire roster of playables come from a fairly wide array of Koei Tecmo titles, nearly guaranteeing you’ll find someone with whom you’re familiar, unless this is your first Koei Tecmo game — but you needn’t necessarily be familiar with the studio to enjoy this release. The RPG elements, hero cards, and regard (friendship) levels, combined with over a dozen different endings, ensure replayability and sustained play value.
  2. Nov 7, 2017
    Warriors All Stars does a fair job of being more than just a tie-in, and brings some genuine innovation to the table. If you ignore the trope-filled storyline and strange setting, it functions as a great stop-gap before the larger release of Dynasty Warriors 9 or as a meaty hack ‘n’ slash to get into in short bursts.
  3. Oct 1, 2017
    Warriors All-Stars adds a few fun new additions to the series, but ultimately falls short at making itself stand out for any reason other than the cast. It allows many of Koei Tecmo’s stars from multiple games to meet up and cause massive amounts of mayhem in the name of good, but adds no interesting mechanics or hooks outside of continuing to provide a great Musou experience.
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  1. Aug 29, 2017
    Warriors All Stars
    Repetetive but Still fun
    Warriors All Stars is a Dynsaty Warriors game where you choose 1 of 12 character all from
    Warriors All Stars
    Repetetive but Still fun
    Warriors All Stars is a Dynsaty Warriors game where you choose 1 of 12 character all from different koei tecmo games, only one of them speaking english.. that being William from nioh.. other than William, if you don’t understand japenese, youll be reading subtitles throughout the entire journey as there are no other English voice actors…
    But the worlds greatest heroes have been summoned to save a world and they cant go back home until they do so, so you set out with your selected hero and your 2 companions to go gather the other heroes that were spread across the land..
    theres a base where you can trade, craft, and accept tasks…
    But theres a map with missions all over it.. main story missions as well as missions to recruit heroes, obtain cards, gold, and materials…
    Depending on the difficulty you play this game on, you may not need to focus much on these side missions that are just more of the same..
    Sticking to the main story will allow you to beat this games campaign in about 10 and a half hours, and story missions gave me plenty of cards and materials to do just this…
    Despite the character you choose at the beginning, you are not stuck with playing as this character…
    you have a team of 3 but you set out to recruit more to eventually have a party of 5..
    Like every other dynasty warriors game your goal is to just get to the main points on the map until victory…
    But as you journey through these maps youll run into monster enemies with a bravery level..
    you have to defeat these monsters to raise your bravery as it resets every battle..
    So it’s a balance of hunting weaker monsters down so you can take down the stronger monsters for the main tasks..
    there are also points on the map you can take over to be able to refill your health for example…
    You play as your groups leader which can be swapped out with any character you recruit before you start a battle…
    while the other 4 follow…
    There are only 12 characters to choose from at the start, but by the campaigns end youll have around 30 to choose from…
    This game impressively feels like it has no loading, when youre ready its ready…
    while youre in battle you can use your 4 characters to do a special move on a cool down meter, but a mechanic I thought was really cool is that also on a cool down meter is the ability to use any of the 4 characters briefly in combat - this allows you to get a feel for them without the commitment of making them leader
    that way its much easier to find your favorite character that suits your play style the most…
    the combat here is fairly simple…
    you have a light attack and heavy attack, you can do and unlock combos as you level up, youre also able to dodge and roll…
    and again use special moves from your allies as well as pull off your own special move from a meter that’s filled by defeating enemies…
    But there is also a rush ability.. activating rush will cause an infinite amount of enemies to storm in while youre invincible and try to kill as many as possible for the best rewards, this rush is also useful for tough to deal with enemies… as they cant stun you or hurt you while you get in some free damage ignoring everything around you if youd like as smaller enemies are just there, posing no threat whatsoever…
    youll also pick up cards off of enemies that can be assigned to your party members to boost their stats, youll also level up their friendship towards you for friendship gifts and to run into them in the bathhouse
    annoyingly though while your party members do level up.. their card will only level up if that character is the leader… almost making cards pretty useless…
    and I only say almost because you can craft and find better cards with slots to add abilities to and slap them on your party members
    And that’s it.. this is the game…if you’ve played 1 battle you’ve played them all… its that repetitive..
    but I still actually enjoyed my time with this game..
    I wasn’t blown away but despite every mission feeling exactly the same, I was having fun all 10 and a half hours
    things did get a little annoying towards the end where id have to actually strategize because it turns into a bit of a baby sitter mode where you can lose the battle and have to restart if an ally dies, but luckily this only happened to me twice through the whole campaign, and I didn’t mind that much having to strategize a little bit..
    There isn’t really anything special here…
    The game is fun, but it’s the same throughout, the story is throwaway,
    Everyone is speaking in Japanese during battles so I had no idea what was going on and couldn’t break my focus to read the text…
    Warrior All Stars is just an okay game
    I give Warrior All Stars
    a 6.5/10