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  1. Jan 31, 2022
    Windjammers 2 is definitely a worthwhile game and it's a lot of fun. As I went along in the game my Windjammer playing skills improved. I didn't give up because the game does bring the satisfaction of playing a retro style sports and action arcade game that we all might have loved in days gone by. After mastering all of the tactics and game moves the option to go on line and play against extremely experienced human players is there and it should be taken advantage of. With that said, we wholeheartedly endorse the new Windjammers 2 game and give it a two thumbs up rating. Windjammers was worth the money and game playing effort some twenty seven odd years ago in 1994 and its just as viable and fun to play today in 2022.
  2. Edge Magazine
    Jan 27, 2022
    Windjammers 2 also cements Dotemu's position as the premier upholder of exquisite and sympathetic sequels to discarded classics. A triumph. [Issue#368, p.118]
  3. Jan 20, 2022
    Windjammers 2 is an excellent title that manages to hit the target in full, realizing what it proposes: to be the sequel that Windjammers has never had, taking back its playability and joy. Incredible how the developers have managed to not sacrifice anything of the nature of the game, while improving it in every aspect. Need some more content? Perhaps, but already in this way we guarantee that you will struggle to detach yourself, especially if you have someone to play with, offline or online.
  4. Jan 21, 2022
    Windjammers 2 is the triumph of Dotemu's playability and dedication: the arcade spirit of the past lives again in a sequel that is philologically irreproachable and has a great personality. A very good result, that could be further improved with a greater emphasis on the single player aspect.
  5. Jan 20, 2022
    Windjammers 2 is as niche as they come, but if you give it a try you’ll find it to be an engaging, fun title that rewards your patience and dedication and lets you dominate the online rankings. This is how you do a sequel: it’s modernised but also manages to – elegantly – remain faithful to the original.
  6. Jan 20, 2022
    Windjammers 2, the sequel to the cult classic Neo Geo game, delivers the same joyous arcade-sports thrills as its predecessor, but adds new moves and smooth online play to the action-packed, strategic mix.
  7. Jan 20, 2022
    Windjammers 2 is a worthy successor to the disc flying action of the Neo-Geo classic. While it is a bit light on modes, its core action has enough variety to be the next big competitive hit.
  8. Jan 23, 2022
    Windjammers 2 is the logical continuation of the episode released in 1994: new characters, new mechanics and online ranked games, it comes out with all the advantages expected of such a title in 2022. in easy hand does not close the door to neophytes while the added moves constitute an additional strategic layer for amateurs of high level game. That said, it must be recognized that the title of Dotemu is sorely lacking in content and that it will hardly hook solo players in the long term.
  9. Jan 21, 2022
    Deep, attractive, and highly playable, Windjammers 2 is still missing some of what it needs to really shine. Plus the online is currently on the fritz.
  10. Jan 20, 2022
    The game is excellent in terms of gameplay mechanics, graphics, and music. Unfortunately, there isn't much variety anywhere else to warrant a higher score. This game knows that it's essentially here for versus matches and as such, will only be engaging for players who are going to play against each other locally or online.
  11. Jan 20, 2022
    For what it’s worth, I enjoyed my time with Windjammers 2. It sucked me in for hours as I slaved over a hot arcade stick. The single-player is very challenging, but it can only hold up the overall product for so long. It’s also not as transcendental as something like Streets of Rage 4 was in its revival of an old formula. It is as it says on the box; a sequel. It might as well have come out in 1996 for all it adds. But it’s also $20, which I think is the right price if a sequel is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s also made with a scoop of love for the original title, which comes across in its faithfulness and appearance.
  12. Jan 26, 2022
    Windjammers 2 is a blast when you get into its zone. But despite that joyful core, it feels like a failure to bring this classic game to a new generation. Just as its style is trapped in the aesthetics of years gone by, so too is its approach to design. There a lot to like about it, and for some the stripped down challenge will be a welcome callback, but I imagine most will be left wondering what the fuss is about.
  13. Jan 20, 2022
    Windjammers 2 is really good for what it is. If, like me, you can have fun with such small titles and don't always expect so much, you've come to the right place. There's no fuss or waiting around to get into a match. It only takes a few seconds from the start of the game to the first round. Despite this apparent simplicity, the gameplay convinces with enough depth. The nice optics including catchy character designs and the appropriate music are also to be positively emphasized. But what speaks most for Windjammers is their uniqueness. You don't see a sports game that goes in the direction of a fighting game and primarily relies on throwing Frisbees every day. I'm just hoping for a lot more content in the future.
  14. Jan 20, 2022
    Windjammers 2 feels more like a "more of the same" than it should.
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  1. Windjammers 2 is a banger. I didn’t really know what to expect from Dotemu’s revival going in. I assumed it’d be catering to a very specific audience that didn't include me, and I wasn’t entirely wrong: it doesn’t even give you a tutorial before throwing you headfirst into the mayhem. Once you’ve mastered the basics, though, whether you’re a newcomer or someone steeped in the history of the Neo Geo classic, this is arcade action in simple and enthralling form, beckoning you in with a surprisingly low skill barrier to entry, a dazzling art style, and an eclectic mix of characters to master.

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  1. Jan 10, 2023
    Having played the original windjammers on NeoGeo decades ago, I thought I'd try my hand at this and sure its faithful to the original, butHaving played the original windjammers on NeoGeo decades ago, I thought I'd try my hand at this and sure its faithful to the original, but also just more of the same with some overpowered moves that make or break the game which provides a tough challenge even on easy modes without a lot of practice and being one or two steps ahead of your opponent, it would be nice but as for mentioned some moves are just vastly overpowered and occasionally glitches out usually not in your favor.

    Unless you know exactly how to play the game, the movesets etc of your character the flow of arcade mode literally follows exactly how it would in the arcades with the AI being lazy on one round and then practically unbeatable the next forcing you to use up one of your two credits, then the next round being easy once again...unfortunately predictable, it's fine for a quick round or two here and there, but don't expect to get too much play out of it.
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  2. Feb 5, 2022
    Çizimler güzel. Karakterlerin hareket şemaları iyi. Kontroller kanser edebiliyor. Bir şans verin.
  3. Jan 23, 2022
    I felt through this masterpiece the developer's passionate love for the heritage of the original title. Windjammers 2 is something everybodyI felt through this masterpiece the developer's passionate love for the heritage of the original title. Windjammers 2 is something everybody has to play at least one time. The unique vibe of its universe, the well-balanced learning curve easily could make it the best fighting game you ever played. The new maps had designed with a lot of creativity and the new gameplay mechanisms help you not to be frustrated even on the Clay map. I had the fear three new buttons will push this game towards too much complexity but now I feel these things are needed to feel I play the same game but with so much fresh blood in it. The original game was fast-paced but this one is rolling lightspeed. The comix-like art is fantastic and timeless. Casino, 4 point floor, and Hurricane Max are my favorite new experiences. More stories or backgrounds for these fantastic characters could be good DLC content. Full Review »