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  1. Positive: 11 out of 14
  2. Negative: 0 out of 14
  1. Mar 21, 2022
    Young Souls is a fun beat ‘em up RPG full of action that can be played with one or two players. It has a fun and modern art style featuring characters that are full of personality. This is a must-grab for people who like unique gameplay and fantasy-style storytelling!
  2. Mar 10, 2022
    1P2P have delivered a stylish and superb adventure with Young Souls, a dazzling hybrid of brawlers and crawlers (dungeon, that is) that’s perfectly suited for all players while delivering an amazing and challenging experience, one that will have you searching every path and going over every weapon, with every trip into a level leading to some form of satisfaction in one one way or another. Whether you enjoy hack-and-slash or punch-and-kick, or just any game in general, Jenn and Tristan’s journey is one more than worth taking.
  3. Mar 23, 2022
    Young Souls is a solid beat-em up that intelligently adds role-playing ideas to enhance its core gameplay. The bosses are well-designed and mostly fun to fight, especially if the player wisely diversified what the pair can do. The narrative is not groundbreaking but gives players plenty of interesting moments and cool banter (again, with plenty of swearing that can be filtered out). Players should not be afraid of dropping the difficulty level if they feel the game is too hard. And experimentation, when it comes to both equipment and tactics, can solve plenty of combat puzzles. Young Souls is fast, engaging, deep enough, a good example of how a classic genre can be updated for modern sensibilities.
  4. Mar 16, 2022
    Young Souls delivers something that I never thought was possible - a beat-em-up game with characters and a story that I actually cared about. With strong RPG elements, great writing, stellar art, and fun combat, Young Souls is worth playing even if, like me, you never gave this sort of game a second look.
  5. Mar 10, 2022
    Young Souls is a fun side-scrolling hack-and-slash, offering deep RPG elements, great writing, and characters you'll care about.
  6. Apr 22, 2022
    Young Souls is a good and unique 2D dungeon brawler/beat-em-up, don’t get me wrong. The gameplay loop is varied enough to not be a linear affair, the characters have a meaningful purpose, and combat is mostly fun. You’ll definitely find yourself experimenting with how to incorporate new weapons and armor into enemy encounters, but…you may find yourself frustrated with the inconsistent difficulty spikes and some of the monotony associated with a tried-and-true gameplay pattern of button mashing just to defeat an annoying boss. I want more from 1P2P, and I hope that they expand the world, and abilities, of Jenn and Tristan.
  7. Apr 1, 2022
    Young Souls could have benefited from some tweaks here and there. Still, it's a solid Beat 'em Up with enjoyable challenges and excellent content. I would recommend it to fans of the genre.
  8. Mar 17, 2022
    The player also has the possibility of settling the challenge at his convenience and at any time. Another very good point that allows you to appreciate in all circumstances the universe of Young Souls, which has been the subject of very special care despite a writing that is ultimately quite perfectible.
  9. Mar 10, 2022
    Young Souls breathes new life into the beat ’em up genre. It adds in plenty of modern systems to a core old-school gameplay loop, and it does so with aplomb. There are multiple difficulty modes to allow players to fine-tune the game to be harder or easier based on their wants and preferences, and it even has local co-op as well.
  10. Mar 10, 2022
    All in all, Young Souls is a charming coming-of-age story that veers much darker than I expected. It’s a world I was happy to lose myself in, even if the characters weren’t always happy themselves. I’d recommend it to any fan of beat ’em ups and modern fantasy. Those button-mashing minigames are incredibly frustrating, though.
  11. Mar 10, 2022
    Offering fast and furious combat, with a well-balanced character switching mechanic that helps it stand out, players should make sure Young Souls doesn’t slip under the radar for a second time. Goblins may be rising up, but I’m confident anyone who likes a good beat ‘em up will have a great job putting them back down.
  12. Mar 18, 2022
    Young Souls is an adventure that splits its time between brawler and RPG, with the latter part stifled, however, by the game's brevity and lack of balance. If you're interested in co-op play and you're into the more action-heavy side of things, then you might enjoy a good handful of hours with a friend.
  13. Mar 10, 2022
    With a more concerted effort to keep the experience exciting as the playthrough carries on, Young Souls could have easily been so much more. Instead, you have a game where you’ve seen the lion’s share of what it has to offer after three or so of the game’s ten hours.
  14. Mar 10, 2022
    Gorgeous and aided by satisfying combat mechanics, Young Souls is damaged by inconsistent difficulty, balance issues, bugs, and cheap boss encounters.

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  1. Mar 12, 2022
    The game while short has some quick bursts of energy and creativity, while exploring the hollow earth you may find landscapes that can beThe game while short has some quick bursts of energy and creativity, while exploring the hollow earth you may find landscapes that can be pretty, make you feel small and always find a way to convey a message.
    The gameplay is pretty polished and it's very challenging on it's own right it is rewarding when you commit to master it, the various accesories and weapons can make your own experience pretty custom. There is lot to love about this game, the character development of Jinn and Tristan with the Profesor, The goblins and their relationship with their leader.
    It's a very quirky Game with it's own flaws but everything it does right sums for that, it's a short little story about self development,trust,fear, and acceptance.
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  2. May 9, 2022
  3. Apr 2, 2022
    Awesome game from awesome developers 10/10 absolutely loved every second of it