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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 23 out of 31
  2. Negative: 0 out of 31
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  1. GameNow
    No, it's not revolutionary, but there's enough variety that it never feels monotonous or repetitive. [July 2003, p.54]
  2. A solid platform game through and through. Simply put, Ape Escape 2 is worth going bananas over.
  3. The freshest thing to hit the market since bananas. The wildly addicting gameplay and monkey-catching offer hours and hours of enjoyment, and completing 100% of the game is a rewarding task that can easily offer 20+ hours of gameplay time.
  4. 90
    More than anything, the inescapable level of addiction in COLLECTING monkeys is the overriding reason to not just rent, but to buy and cherish this game.
  5. 90
    What makes Ape Escape 2 rule is that it simply feels like no other game, thanks to an intuitive analog control scheme in which pressing or rotating the right stick both aims and activates your various gadgets.
  6. Several diverting mini-activities unlock along the way, like a remarkably in-depth soccer game. These are only the largest unexpected bonuses in the game's cascading series of thrills, which rely on aesthetics as much as action.
  7. The game can be used a classic example of great game design, everything from the levels to the control set-up to the actual game structure is as near to perfection as we could have hoped for.
  8. 90
    Though the game is uncannily similar to the first one, with very few changes having been made, it is an exceptional game and one Sony shouldn't have glossed over.
  9. Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
    Basically more of the same, but with better graphics and some nifty new gadgets and vehicles. That's a good thing, by the way. [July 2003, p.92]
  10. One of the most instantly likeable games you're apt to play this year, with bags of charm, but there's also real substance, as well as many, many bizarre extras to keep you coming back for more.
  11. The learning curve of Ape Escape 2 is damn near perfect... If you’re looking for top-flight platform entertainment then you really cannot go wrong with Ape Escape 2, it’s brilliant.
  12. 86
    A wonderful platformer with a fresh gameplay mechanic and a great sense of humor.
  13. There’s nothing too innovative here; just a great solid platform title with loads of content and fun.
  14. The game's relative ease is offset by the sheer number of weird unlockable items, and the end result is a platform game that is, above all, great fun.
  15. Despite being a somewhat easy game that’s visuals are slightly long in the tooth, Ape Escape 2 still proves to be a fun game.
  16. 100% completion can be had in a few days play, and after that I am afraid the game will be yet another dust magnet on the shelf. In that time, however, players can experience a truly well made, and magical game.
  17. 80
    It's a great platformer with a lot of the strong, fun play mechanics that are simply missing from a lot of the PlayStation 2's platformers these days. However, if you played the first game, Ape Escape 2 won't be a shining gem but just a fond reminder of the first time you played this series.
  18. Cheat Code Central
    A great example of a successful collective consciousness. It just lends credence to the saying: If a group of programmers that are confined to a room are placed in front of computers, eventually they will create a great game.
  19. PSM Magazine
    A wonderfully controlling game, with vibrant (if a bit simplistic) graphics and great presentation. [Aug 2003, p.28]
  20. Ape Escape 2 just hooked me by being just plain fun while being different and original from today’s generic platform games. Oh and it has monkeys in it.
  21. It's a shame that Ape Escape 2 is so easy and that there are so few new gadgets as the game is quite fun. With some more decent minigames (in place of the mundane Monkey Fables) and a little more challenge, I would recommend this to anyone.
  22. Game Informer
    It's cute as hell, fun as can be, but a few steps back on the evolutionary ladder. [July 2003, p.104]
  23. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    I love the satisfying mix of action and puzzles as you find, disarm, and nab rogue apes, and the colorful cartoony graphics and wacky story are top notch. [Aug 2003, p.73]
  24. What it lacks in new ideas is more than made up for in playful exuberance.
  25. GMR Magazine
    A lot of fun, but if it has one problem, it's that it is too similar to the previous game. But hey, the first game was great. [Aug 2003, p.71]
  26. netjak
    The game isn’t really innovative, and it won’t wow anyone. But at the end of the day, you’ll find yourself still laughing about how the health meter cookies have the Japanese word for “monkey” on them as well as the subtle joke behind Pierrot the clown monkey.
  27. The game is just too short and easy for the average PS2 action junkie reared on a steady diet of "Sly Cooper," "Ratchet & Clank" and/or "Jak & Daxter."
  28. Play Magazine
    While the game is still good fun, its kid-friendly finish and slightly dated graphics make less of an impact than it might have if released a year ago. [July 2003, p.79]
  29. 60
    Colourful, charming, frequently funny and most importantly, fun to play. It’s not the biggest or hardest game, but the good controls, pleasing visuals and wonderful monkeys make it worth any platform fans time.
  30. Sony has at least attempted to approach the genre from a quirky and strategic angle, but our lasting impression of the game is one that mostly entertains, but rarely inspires.

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#73 Most Discussed PS2 Game of 2003
#12 Most Shared PS2 Game of 2003
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 55 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  1. Nov 15, 2011
    WHERE IS NUMBER 4??? This game series is loved, sells good and such. But this is so far the last made. What is sony thinking? They made thisWHERE IS NUMBER 4??? This game series is loved, sells good and such. But this is so far the last made. What is sony thinking? They made this year ape escape move which is a horrible game. Where is number 4??? i would buy it in a heart beat! Full Review »
  2. JakeW.
    Jul 24, 2006
    A great game. Me and my mates spent hours on it!
  3. Apr 17, 2022
    Martin A. - They're on the loose again.

    Ape Escape 2 is the successor to Ape Escape 1 in every way. The music is somehow better, the
    Martin A. - They're on the loose again.

    Ape Escape 2 is the successor to Ape Escape 1 in every way. The music is somehow better, the graphics are polished and still hold up today. I slept on this title for years, and regretted it.

    What I hated. Jimmy replaces Spike from the 1st game and maybe that's because it's a different team but he would have made a good skin or would have been involved in the story somehow. Close to none of the original makers return for this sequel but I didn't notice at all.

    What I loved. The Ape Escape 2 team makes one heck of a game and you don't need to play the 1st to understand. The levels are bigger and styled after tourist attractions around the globe. The monkeys are more creative and this time there is a team of colors. The music is done by the Koji Hayama, which seamlessly sounds like the 1st game to my amazement.

    What a duel of voice actors, Ash and Misty from Pokemon are Jimmy and Natalie respectfully. This game also added one of my favorite mini games called "Monkey Soccer" which is impressively fun and addicting. The magic of the 1st game is alive and even more magical here.

    It's a perfect sequel, and if not, it's at least a good example of how to approach making a sequel. Thank you Ape Escape 2 team for everything. 9.5 out of 10.
    Full Review »