Mixed or average reviews - based on 24 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 24
  2. Negative: 3 out of 24
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  1. Play Magazine
    The character designs and architecture at work here are pure vintage Core...Special doesn't begin to tell the tale. [Apr 2002, p.46]
  2. One of the best platformers in years, which oozes charm and has both enjoyment and depth to ensure you’ll want to play it over and over again.
  3. The huge sprawling and very heavily detailed levels (which does lead to a loading issue that many people have been having) and a very ''Disney'' look accomplishes better graphics than any game that uses cel-shading.
  4. A good game, a different game, a game that rewards those that stick with it with something plenty entertaining, but you’re going to have to strap on a pair of blinders to get there without cringing a couple times.
  5. 80
    A refreshing, original, and compelling twist on the 3D platformer, Herdy Gerdy rises above its potentially dull premise.
  6. PSM Magazine
    Fun and beautiful, with gameplay every bit as fresh as its graphics. [May 2002, p.33]
  7. 80
    Levels are brilliantly designed and there's always a mass of things for you to do when you first come into a new section of the game and you can approach the various tasks in whatever order you desire to some extent.
  8. A witty and pretty game that's absorbing and charming, but ultimately will bore you with its long quests and constant backtracking.
  9. I found myself enjoying the game most when I would play in 30 minute or so span times. I would get to a place that would frustrate me, turn the game off and then come back later to progress.
    It’s simply a big and frustrating game that will need a lot of time and effort spent on it if you want to get to the end.
  11. 75
    Gameplay and graphics evolve apace, but things like choppy framerate, imprecise controls, and confusticated automatic camera direction appear to be unavoidable constants in the world of 3D videogames.
  12. Think of Herdy Gerdy as being the "Moulin Rouge" of video games; some people will love it, while others won't be able to figure out why.
  13. "Fresh, unique, light-hearted, entertaining, creative." Any of these words apply to Herdy Gerdy, but sadly so do, "Frustrating, unruly, unresponsive and premature release."
  14. Whilst the game does definitely appeal to children and adults alike, it is too difficult for the children targeted and far too frustrating for any adults this is all due to the poor camera controls.
  15. Technical limitations undermine the game's unique premise and impressive visuals to create a game that is far too frustrating to play.
  16. It's new, it's fresh, it is ruined by a faulty camera!
  17. Game Informer
    It tries to be deviant and innovative, yet is actually little more than a sub-par action game that can be confusing and overly frustrating. [Apr 2002, p.73]
  18. Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
    This game comes so close to reaching great new heights. Too bad it falls so flat due to a swarm of technical woes and design flaws. [May 2002, p.101]
  19. The animation and voice acting are really spot-on, bringing the characters to life better than many motion pictures. Unfortunately, the combination of a disorienting camera and consistently sloppy framerate go a long way towards negating Herdy Gerdy’s fun factor.
  20. Exasperating, not exciting is the prevailing taste left in one's mouth, especially when dealing with the camera.
  21. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Gamers prone to motion sickness might upchuck from the choppy visuals and squirrely camera, which flits around with a mind of its own. [May 2002, p.107]
  22. 49
    A cheery-looking game world but lousy, sleep-inducing gameplay.
  23. The underlying gameplay, which basically consists of herding animals, just isn't enough to prop up the game in its current form.
  24. An exercise in boredom and frustration.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 17 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 17
  2. Negative: 7 out of 17
  1. Jan 17, 2023
    Nothing much to be said for this game but just very average and nothing important
  2. Mar 3, 2022
    This is going to be more of first impressions den a review because I couldn't get that far before the technical problems lost me along theThis is going to be more of first impressions den a review because I couldn't get that far before the technical problems lost me along the way. Basically the game concert shift between 30 frames a second and 60 frames a second all the time so unbearable to look at that I had to stop before getting headaches.This is sad because I think I would enjoy the game but a technical issues. It's just too big. Full Review »
  3. Pamela
    Feb 14, 2007
    A great game! Lots of fun to play and beautiful to look at. I can't believe some of the bad reviews I read before I picked it up, and A great game! Lots of fun to play and beautiful to look at. I can't believe some of the bad reviews I read before I picked it up, and I'm so glad I bought it anyway. The only flaw I've found with this game, technically, is the camera. It can be a little willful. But, after upwards of 30 hours of playing, it hasn't really been a problem. A lot of the negative reviews seemed like they were coming from people who just didn't enjoy the gameplay, as a matter of personal interest, since I haven't encountered issues with any of the things mentioned (framerate, AI, character glitches, level and task layout), except, of course, for a wily camera. I hope people look past these bad reviews and check out Herdy Gerdy for themselves. It would be a shame to miss such a wonderful game because of someone elses opinion on it. Happy herding! Full Review »