Mixed or average reviews - based on 14 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 14
  2. Negative: 3 out of 14
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  1. Play Magazine
    At the end of the Saturday morning, I think IGPX will please its younger fans, although it makes some mistakes along the way that may keep discerning gamers at bay. [Oct. 2006, p.59]
  2. If you're looking for a racing game where robots punch each other you might be hard pressed to do better. There are better looking and more detailed mech sims, but the fast pace and fun might win you over.
  3. Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
    While IGPX isn't quite as shallow as previous anime offerings from Namco Bandai, only hardcore fans of the series will find themselves playing much past a few hours. [Oct. 2006, p.83]
  4. Though I like the concept and general idea, for a racing game, IGPX doesn’t move very fast.
  5. There are gobs of customization options for each of your squad (and lord knows you'll need 'em), but there's not much variety to the goings on, and the whole Grand Prix affair won't take you much more than 8 hours or so. Multiplayer offers some extended usage, but not enough to keep it a long-term rotation.
  6. If you can make it past IGPX's terrible presentation and steep learning curve, you just might find an inexplicably satisfying mech-combat racing game.
  7. 57
    The racing portion of the game takes a backseat to combat, which is problem in and of itself, but both aspects lack refinement.
  8. An odd combination of racing and combat that really doesn't satisfy fans of either genre.
  9. PSM Magazine
    It's not easy to make a good combat racer, even with all the mechs in the world, as this game so sorely points out. [Nov. 2006, p.80]
  10. IGPX never ascends above the label of a quick and dirty fan-service. It has its place, certainly, but that place probably isn’t anywhere near your PS2.
  11. Tons of potentials here, but spoiled by overly simplistic controls and horribly sluggish frame rates.

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