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  1. Daily Radar
    Jaw-dropping graphics. The level of detail on each player is almost silly.
  2. The most visually impressive football game ever.
  3. Games Radar
    Madden NFL 2001 pushes the mighty "ISS Evolution" into a two-way fight to be the greatest sports game on any system. Ever.
  4. The PS2 version of Madden looks deceptively close to broadcast TV quality.
  5. 100
    With some of the best graphics the PS2 is likely to see in a sports game this year, Madden NFL 2001 also has the gameplay to back up the window dressing and a fat selection of options to tweak the game to your liking.
  6. 100
    The graphics are phenomenal making it the best-looking football game out there. Gameplay is pretty good and playing with up to eight others via the multi-tap is a blast.
  7. Antagonist
    Comparing this to "NFL2K" on the Dreamcast, you can immediately see that the PS2 is pumping out zillions more polygons. There are reflections on helmets. There are weather conditions that look like the real thing.
  8. Game Fan
    Even Sega fanboys like myself have to admit that when it comes to little details, Madden walks all over our beloved "NFL 2K1" like Nancy Sinatra in a pair of high heeled boots.
  9. Definitely justifies the purchase of a PS2.
  10. After you've played a game you'll feel like you just participated in a real NFL game and that's addictive to any football fan. I've got the controller blisters to prove it.
    Offers stunning interpretation of its subject sport and stands as one of the most enjoyable PS2 games to date. Essential stuff.
  12. To be blunt, I haven't been this addicted to one single game in a long time.
  13. The level of detail in the game's presentation and feel is so dramatically superior to previous football games, it's unbelievable.
  14. It's the best-looking, best-playing football sim on the market, but it's a fine upgrade to an excellent game, not the revolutionary title many might have hoped for on the PS2.
  15. Even if Madden NFL 2001 weren’t the only game in town, it would still be one of the best football games ever.
  16. 90
    If I had a choice to take with me only one football game to a deserted island and only have that game to play for the rest of my life, it would be Madden NFL 2001 on PlayStation 2. It kicks major butt.
  17. The end-all be-all of football games. At least for this year it is.
  18. Total Video Games
    If a more methodically paced, realistic game is what you're after, then this is your game. But if you prefer more lenient physics and control, not to mention online play, then "NFL2K1" is your best bet.
  19. 90
    Although it plays beautifully and realistically in some areas, others just don't and ruin the package as a whole. But remember, this is still perhaps the best football title in history. But as always, since the game is so damn good, those little quirks ending up being large quirks in the long run.
  20. Madden certainly has style, substance and reputation behind it, but "NFL2K1" (for Dreamcast) has an undefinable fun factor that makes it more readily playable.
  21. Without a doubt, the Madden cards are the niftiest new things about this year's game.
  22. Delivers graphically and excels in the running game, but its passing game comes up short.
  23. When you factor in the Fantasy Mode, Madden Challenges, and crisp gameplay with the same control scheme as found in past Madden games, you have a winner.
  24. CNET Gamecenter
    There are instances where players phase through each other as they return to their respective huddles after a play. While they certainly don't ruin the game, these little inconsistencies must be noted.
  25. Absolutely the most fun you can have playing by yourself...For multiplayer look at Sega's excellent "NFL 2K1."

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  1. Steve
    Jun 29, 2005
    Incredible! I bought this title when it was new, and I still play it. You can pick this game up now for a few it, you won't Incredible! I bought this title when it was new, and I still play it. You can pick this game up now for a few it, you won't regret it. Full Review »