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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 22
  2. Negative: 4 out of 22
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  1. PSM3 Magazine UK
    There's more to this than controversy. Intelligent, demanding brains, patience...and a strong stomach. [Sept 2007, p.76]
  2. Play UK
    Manhunt 2 offers heaps of grisly and depraved action, and we would have heartily recommended it to fans of the franchise. [Issue#155, p.76]
  3. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    If you're a horror geek, you'll have seen worse. But you won't often have seen much better. [Christmas 2008, p.98]
  4. Manhunt 2, rather hesitant in delivering its ulterior motif, is monstrously violent, extremely gory and smashingly bold when it comes to moral values. Suffering from procrastination along with other external factors, it manages to come to the spot and attract our attention, with much to yearn technically. Yet in terms of controversy, as the game intended when it started, success is the word. It is, so far, one of the most violent game in PS2 lines.
  5. For those of us that loved the original, Manhunt 2 is a trip that’s worth taking, even if it’s not nearly as memorable or enjoyable. While I applaud the series for it’s uncompromising take on morality and violence, it’s hard not to notice that recent titles like "Mass Effect" and "BioShock" have covered similar territory in a more mature – and much more enjoyable – fashion.
  6. 75
    The AI doesn't feel as good as the first game, the setting and environments don't feel as menacing, and the story is definitely weaker. That isn't to say that Manhunt 2 isn't a good game, because it is.
  7. It's not as shocking as you'd expect, but Manhunt 2 still satisfies your primal instincts.
  8. While it’s not as utterly disturbing as it was meant to be, Manhunt 2 is a gritty sequel that is still shockingly ultra violent but in a surprisingly good way.
  9. A decent experience not too different from the original, but neither as good, nor as fun as the original Manhunt was.
  10. It's hardly the pinnacle of stealth games - the enemies are dumb, and there's not much to do aside from sneaking and killing - but if you're in the mood for something creepy and horrific that'll leave you feeling a little dirty, Manhunt 2's still-shocking murders and eerie, is-it-real-or-am-I-just-insane storyline won't disappoint.
  11. Manhunt 2, though not as original and challenging as its predecessor, is a worthy sequel but not necessarily a must-buy. It’s certainly worth renting, and rental period is sufficient enough to beat the game’s 8 to 9 hour campaign.
  12. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    Story aside, however, Manhunt 2 is an important game--not because of the controversy surrounding it, but because it is one of the final few original PS2 games. [Holiday 2007, p.81]
  13. Highly stylised, dark and immersive, Manhunt 2 is a study in brutality, depravity and the spiralling descent into madness. In terms of content, it’s no worse than the original, but it’s not really any better, either.
  14. 60
    A bland third-person stealth adventure with sub-par combat and annoyingly stylized death sequences.
  15. It all comes down to the basic fact that a work of art, created specifically for a mature audience, should not have been forced to compromise the way that this game has been. Gamers who have been waiting a long time for this game to come out, or even just gamers in general, should definitely stay far away from Manhunt 2. While it is definitely not the worst game I have ever played, it is definitely one of the biggest letdowns.
  16. Manhunt 2 has suffered many delays and lots of problems before release, but it´s finally here. A game that is not suitable for everyone, due to its gore and violent nature, but it has some charm for those PS2 users who are looking for something fun for their machine. Sadly, a confusing story and some problems like close combat controls make it not as good as it could have been. The lack of the Wii motion controls makes it a less compelling experience.
  17. Manhunt 2 isn’t a bad game as such, and had a lot going for it, if it had been released in the PS2’s heyday. It wasn’t, and a year later, those polygons aren’t looking any smoother.
  18. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    I agree the premise isn't as intriguing as the first game's, but Manhunt 2's still got plenty of creeps and creepy atmosphere--it's the 8mm and Hostel of videogames. [Holiday 2007, p.69]
  19. With the difficult camera angles, blurry death sequences, bugs and glitches, playing Manhunt 2 really was like doing to the doctor — it'll hurt like hell, but something tells you that you have to do it. I shouldn't think of a game like that.
  20. 40
    It's technically playable and, despite its best efforts, probably won't plunge the industry into a period of navel-gazing and political sanction. Everything else about it is largely forgettable.
  21. Either version of the game is equally mediocre. The story holds some promise, but the action is so frustrating it's too much work to get to the meat of it.

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#18 Most Discussed PS2 Game of 2007
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  1. Sep 11, 2019
    "Manhunt 2" is a like a low-budget, straight-to-video sequel. It isn't as good as its predecessor and feels cheaply made. But it is somewhat"Manhunt 2" is a like a low-budget, straight-to-video sequel. It isn't as good as its predecessor and feels cheaply made. But it is somewhat enjoyable. Originally rated 'AO' for explicit violence, the game was even more controversial than the first. The killings and gore had to be censored (a stylish filter was used) in order for the game to be rated 'M'. Released in Oct. 2007, this was the last Rockstar Games title made for the PS2. Developed by Rockstar London, it features the same gameplay as the original, but has a new setting and scenario. Unfortunately, the level design is pretty bland and the enemy A.I. is weak. Additionally, the campaign is brief and contains very little replay value.

    The game borrows the premise of "The Manchurian Candidate" and features a nerdy protagonist named Daniel Lamb who suffers from vivid hallucinations. His brain was experimented on by a shadowy organization so that he could act as an assassin in a moment's notice. The game also pays homage to Eli Roth's grisly "Hostel". There is also a reference to San Andreas, the city from Rockstar's very own "Grand Theft Auto" series. However, this is easily the company's weakest effort. It's mindlessly entertaining, but lacks the quality of the best stealth titles. Despite its shortcomings, fans of the first "Manhunt" and horror movies should enjoy it. I would rate this with a 7.5 out of 10.
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  2. May 7, 2018
    Even more gruesome and even more brutal. An extension of first game but because of the first game, the shock value of all the kills may not beEven more gruesome and even more brutal. An extension of first game but because of the first game, the shock value of all the kills may not be as strong... Full Review »
  3. May 22, 2016
    El mundo tal y como te lo presenta esta segunda entrega sigue siendo igual de macabro, oscuro y retorcido, de la misma forma que nuestroEl mundo tal y como te lo presenta esta segunda entrega sigue siendo igual de macabro, oscuro y retorcido, de la misma forma que nuestro mundo, y ese es el punto. Esta entrega te sumerge en las partes más oscuras de un mundo repleto de morbosidad y de violencia y te hace participe de ella. Pero tiene también otro punto.
    ¿Vale la pena recobrar lo más deseas si tú ante sus ojos eres la cosa más repugnante del mundo?
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