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Summary: Psychonauts is a wildly surreal action adventure game where personal paranormal powers are unlocked in order to plunge into the minds of bizarre characters. Journey deep into these crazy worlds of infinite possibility to thwart the secret plan of an evil madman and realize the ultimate dream of joining an elite force of psychic superheroes, the Psychonauts. Delve into people's minds as Raz, a powerful young cadet at psychic summer camp. While working on his levitation merit badge, Raz discovers that someone is kidnapping psychic children and stealing their brains. In order to foil this evil plot and earn the title of Psychonaut, Raz must project himself into the minds of one bizarre character after another to battle their nightmares and mental demons. He does all this while continuing to earn his psychic merit badges in Telekinesis, Clairvoyance, Pyrokinesis and more.
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Rating: T
Developer: BudCat
Genre(s): Action, Platformer, 3D
Number of Players:1 Player
ESRB Descriptors:Cartoon Violence Crude Humor Language
Cast Credit
Tim Schafer Creative Director
Tim Schafer Story & Dialogue
Tim Schafer Story & Dialogue
Peter McConnell Music
Peter McConnell Music Composer
Eric Ingerson Animation Supervisors
Nick Jameson Voices Of Coach Oleander, Dr. Loboto, Pokeylope, Kochamera
Jarion Monroe Voice Of First Peasant
Steve Blum Voices Of G-Men, Lungfish Zealot, Tiger
Scott Campbell Art Director
Andre Sogliuzzo Voices Of Fred & Napolean Bonapart
Andre Sogliuzzo Voices Of Fred & Napolean Bonapart
Amber Hood Voices Of Baby Oly, Second Rainbow Squirt
Matt Kaminsky Voice Of Dalmation
Andy Morris Voice Of Clem Foote
Dave Boat Voices Of Dragon, Eagle
Joe Paulino Voices Of Jasper Rolls, The Phantom
Stephen Stanton Voices Of Sasha Nein, Bonita Soleil
Kevin Blackton Voice Of Hearty Knight
Zoe Galvez Voice Of Becky Houndstooth
Thessaly Lerner Voices Of Froggy Flower, Froggy Thistle
Mark Ivanir Voices Of Mikhail Bulgakov, Lungfish Zealot
Julie Nathanson Voice Of Lampita Pasionado
Brett Walter Voices Of Maloof Canota, Kitty Bubai, Chloe Barge
Alan Blumenfeld Voices Of Boyd Cooper, Second Peasant
Erik Robson Lead Designer
Sandra Christiansen Animation Supervisors
David Russell Animation Supervisors
Matthew Franklin Lead Gameplay Programmer
Caroline Esmurdoc Executive Producer
Jon Stone Senior Graphics Architect
Nicki Rapp Voice Of Lili Zanotto,Squeaky Flower, Squeaky Thistle
Alexis Lexin Voice Of Milla Vodello
Doug Giorgis Voice Of Bobby Zilch
Bill Tanzer Voice Of Benny "The Nose" Fidelo
Bill Tanzer Voice Of Benny "The Nose" Fidelo
Victoria Hoffman Voice Of Elka Doom
Ogie Banks Voices Of Chops Sweetwind, Male Dancer
Christina Pucelli Voice Of Elton Fir
Sherrie Jackson Voice Of Quentin Hedgemouse
Jessie Di Cicco Voice Of Franke Athens
Faith Abrahams Voice Of Vernon Tripe
Jerry De Capua Voices Of Edgar Teglee, Third Peasant
Roberta Callahan Voice Of Gloria Von Gouton
Sydney Rainin Voice Of Female Dancer
Ginny Westcott Voices Of Lungish Mom, Den Mother
Peter van Shaik Voices Of Head Flower, Head Thistle
Paul Francis Voice Of Carpenter
Toby Gleason Voice Of Brave Snails
Peter Dennis Voice Of Collie
Andy Valvur Voice Of Bulldog
Armin Shimerman Voice Of Raz's Father
Warren Burton Voice Of St. Bernard
Dwight Schultz Voice Of Crispin Whytehead
Earl Boen Voice Of Butcher
Jeannie Elias Voice Of J.T. Hoofburger
Crystal Scales Voice Of Phoebe Love
Josh Keaton Voices Of Lungish Zealot, Dingo Inflagrante, Matador
Tara Strong Voice Of Sheegor
Lara Jill Miller Voice Of Milka Phage
Josh Blake Voices Of Wrestling Announcer, Cobra
David Kaye Voices Of Ford Cruller, Hulking Lungfish, Officer O'Lungfish, Lu
Nika Futterman Voices Of Dogen Boyle, Whispering Rocket Lady, First Rainbow Squ
Colleen O'Shaughnessey Voices Of Crystal Flowers Snagrash, Nils Lutefisk
Richard Horvitz Voice Of Raz
David Dixon Lead Programmer
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#44 Most Discussed PS2 Game of 2005
#92 Most Shared PS2 Game of 2005