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Summary: On the war-torn, poisoned atmosphere of Nu Earth, Rogue Trooper is a genetic infantryman, one of an elite squad of biologically-engineered clone troops, created to overcome the planet's hostile atmosphere, unhindered in their fight against the enemy, the Nort Republic. After witnessing the betrayal and annihilation of his squad at the Quartz Zone Massacre, Rogue has gone AWOL, determined to hunt down the traitor who sent his brothers-in-arms to their deaths. Armed with the latest experimental weapons, Rogue's arsenal offers him a critical advantage over his opponents; encoded bio-chips containing the digitised personalities of his fallen comrades are stored in his gun, helmet and backpack, each offering their unique expertise and assistance, allowing Rogue to strategically outwit a sophisticated enemy. The game is a mix of intense 3rd person action and next generation stealth elements, with complex line-of-sight AI, multiple game paths, full tactical use of your bio-chip operated equipment and both single- and multiplayer online gameplay. [SCi Games]
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Rating: T
Developer: Rebellion
Genre(s): Action, Shooter, Third-Person, Sci-Fi
Number of Players:1-2 Players
Offline Modes:Competitive
Special Controllers:Headset
Number of Online Players:4 Players Online
Cast Credit
Mark Bradshaw Animation
Andrew McDonald Code Team
Jason Kingsley Creative Director
Chris Kingsley Technical Director
Tim Jones Game Design
Morgan Parry Code Lead
John Nightingale Lead Animator
Nick Davis Code Team
Steven Humphreys Code Team
Richard Rice Support Programming
Ben Flynn Art Lead
David Kidd Art
Alex Moore Design Lead
Richard Whitelock Art
Andy Weinkove Support Programming
Mike Healey Support Programming
Kim Randell Support Programming
Dan Meeuws Art
Chris Bull Animation
Wayne Adams Design
Kevin Nolan Design
Tim Doubleday Animation
Mike Rosser Design
Andrew Haith Design
Tom Bible Audio
John McCann Design
Kevin Floyer Lea Head Of Programming
Michael Burnham Game Design/Senior Producer
Scott Mackintosh Assistant Producer
Richard Fine Code Team
Richard May Code Team
Alex Birtles Art
Sam Grice Art
Ben Murch Art
Ivan Pedersen Art
Adam Murphy Animation
Diarmaid O'Connor Animation
Andrew Crystall Design
Gordon Rennie Story/Script
Jordan Pedder Audio
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#84 Most Discussed PS2 Game of 2006
#36 Most Shared PS2 Game of 2006