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  1. 100
    An amazing accomplishment, especially considering the fact that Sly 2 was just released last year.
  2. Honor Among Thieves isn’t especially challenging, but it ends up being crafty enough in its design so that you don’t feel too cheated if it steals a weekend of your time to complete.
  3. Play Magazine
    An immense action ride that embodies all that is good and fun about video games. [Oct 2005, p.60]
  4. What started out as a linear platformer with strong stealth action aspects has transformed into a sprawling platformer that still has the stealth aspects, but so much more.
  5. The flawless controls (really and truly – if we rated controls separately this game would receive something rarely seen on GameZone: a perfect 10) are one integral piece to the giant puzzle the developers created. No aspect was too small, no feature was overlooked.
  6. Clearly the best game in the series yet, no ifs ands or buts about it.
  7. Everything you loved about "Band of Thieves" is back with more creative levels and certainly more creative playable characters, but more isn’t always better, and the convoluted cast might dilute the experience for those seeking a more focused story.
  8. Make no mistake, you should play it just for Sucker Punch's wonderful story and those fleeting moments of excellence as Sly, Murray, and Bentley, but don't expect the near-flawless execution of "Band of Thieves."
  9. Visually, Sly 3 is an abundance of originality and colour, making excellent use of the PS2’s now aged hardware.
  10. Sly 3 manages to take several types of gameplay and present them together in one cohesive package. What Sly 3 lacks in innovation, it makes up in the sheer amount of gameplay that it possesses.
  11. Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
    Though on this, the third time around, the game's template is starting to feel a tad formulaic, it's stil a formula that works well, and fans of the series should be well pleased. [Nov 2005, p.92]
  12. 90
    The thoughtful and varied designs of each mission are clearly linear, yet somehow avoid a stuck-on-rails feel, whether you're sneaking around in the dark, gathering photographic evidence, or tearing through the occasional action set-piece.
  13. It's business as usual for our favorite platformer, as the 3rd iteration offers more mini-games, 3D missions and drop dead gorgeous visuals.
  14. If you never liked the Sly games then this means that you’re not going to enjoy Sly 3. The rest of you will love going along with the gang on another adventure.
  15. A great game, especially for kids, and the gameplay is simple but deep enough for anyone to enjoy.
  16. Pelit (Finland)
    An enjoyable platformer that is all about sneaking. Running around mindlessly and smashing everything will not get you anywhere. Full of great details. [Nov 2005]
  17. Computer Games Magazine
    This is a crowning achievement in a wonderful witty series, further highlighting that you really need a PlayStation 2 to see where some of the best developers are working these days. [Dec p.93]
  18. The developers obviously care greatly about the source material, and it shows in everything from the spot-on controls to the excellent voice acting.
  19. Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK
    A brilliant adventure with more ideas in its little digital finger than some games manage in a whole disc. An essential purchase. [Dec 2005, p.108]
  20. 90
    A wholly successful attempt to create a fully character-based game. It's fun and engrossing, and more than strong enough to stand against darker, more difficult games aimed to please a jaded, older audience.
  21. A solid outing, but not quite the excellent experience one would expect from a Sly Cooper game.
  22. A big improvement over its predecessor, like "Sly 2" was over the original. The new story, variety in gameplay and even the 3D levels make Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves a definite hit and worth any gamers while.
  23. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    All in all, this raccoon's game is still fun - no need to call Animal Control just yet. [Nov 2005, p.146]
  24. I never thought I'd see the day a Sly game actually got less than a 9 from me, but there are some serious flubs here that get in the way of what is an otherwise incredible platforming experience. It's still great, but it could have been better.
  25. 85
    A fun game but doesn’t offer anything that original.
  26. 85
    Honor Among Thieves does steal a bit from the previous installments, but still ends up beating the rap most franchises suffer from: repetitive game play.
  27. I had fun swinging and leaping about, doding the police and the enemy gangs, and just about everything else in this game.
  28. When combined with solid, focused, accessible gameplay and handy features such as the ability to ping objectives so that you don’t get lost, or automatically rewind time Prince of Persia style when you inevitably cock something up, Sly 3 represents the cream of the genre.
  29. While Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves is a great game, it still features a few things that could have been done better, such as the multiplayer or the 3-D, which probably should have just of been left out.
  30. Bigger, longer, and Slyer than the previous two in the franchise. Although Sly 3 still suffers from a relative ease that has always plagued the series, the gameplay is varied and clever enough to keep a player of any skill level's attention.
  31. Just like "Sly 2," Sly 3 controls like a dream. In very short order any gamer of moderate skill will have Sly and the gang traveling quickly about the levels and running roughshod over the bad guys with the very tight and responsive controls.
  32. Those who haven’t played the first two games can hop right in without feeling alienated, and those who have followed the Sly series from day one can feel safe that the game’s quality hasn’t ebbed in the least over the years, while still enjoying the little in-jokes peppered throughout Sly 3.
  33. While the 3D gimmick comes across as somewhat cool at first, it's ultimately taxing on the eyes of the player, and the reduced difficulty level might put off some people. However, the storyline and voice acting are just as solid as the other Sly titles, and provides another worthy chapter in the life of these engaging characters.
  34. Sly is so much fun that he overshadows his gang, and as entertaining as the other missions are, you can't help wishing there were a little more Sly and a little less of everyone else.
  35. Now if Sucker Punch could upgrade the visuals, grant us some real character depth, spare us the obvious dialogue (tap the square button to do this, then hit R1 to do this), and add online play, we’d have a much better winner.
  36. For better or worse, this is Sly's biggest adventure yet. The single-player mode itself contains more than 50 individual missions and will take most players a good 20 hours to finish.
  37. 81
    It's still a fun ride and many of the new additions work out well, especially the pirate sections, but there are enough rocky spots to make the game feel kind of awkward and hold it back from being truly great.
  38. It's safe to say that Sly 3 doesn't expand on the series like Sly 2 did, as it feels more like an add-on adventure than a completely whole game in itself.
  39. This is a great game, its got a fun story, great humor, an assortment of different traps and challenges to keep you thinking and guessing, and a great graphical experience.
  40. It's not perfect, but it's fun for the whole fam damily.
  41. While the game play is certainly more varied than other titles available, and polished to an extent above that to which many games go, the short single player campaign may be all some players will be interested in.
  42. It's up there with the best platformers ever made.
  43. PSM Magazine
    Tons of gameplay improvements and variety. [Dec 2005, p.107]
  44. AceGamez
    An ambitious sequel (and possibly conclusion) that refuses to allow you to get bored - so much so that it ends up being more of a bad thing than a good thing.
  45. The difficulty level accommodates younger players, thanks to effortless controls, but new Master Thief challenges will test even experienced bandits.
  46. 80
    The game falls short in several areas: the game has a tendency of being too easy, the camera angles can be frustrating, the framerate drops and a lot of other nit-picks that prevents this game from being the best in the series.
  47. netjak
    The voice acting is a wonderful complement to the in-game movies and there were many times when I was laughing out loud at the onscreen antics.
  48. The action is tight, the running time is surprisingly long and the cheerful amorality makes it extremely likable.
  49. 80
    While it lacks that magical little something to make it a classic, it's a stupendous example of design competence. It looks great, sounds great, it's well written, witty, and fairly well paced.
  50. 80
    A very consistent, if occasionally flawed title. Fans of the Sly Cooper series are going to absolutely love this game.
    What Sly offers is what it has always offered; quality cartoon stylisation and tight (yet slight) play mechanics. It's a gentle game that leads you through it with welcome arms.
  52. Even though some areas are less polished than others, Honor Among Thieves is still an extremely enjoyable game, with colorful characters and enough scenarios that the game never gets stale.
  53. The cartoon-like cel-shaded characters and enemies really give the game a style of its own, and the banter between characters is always light hearted.
  54. Misguided multiplayer and somewhat unfocused plot notwithstanding, this is a fitting end to a great adventure.
  55. Game Informer
    Disappointingly average. [Nov 2005, p.154]
  56. Edge Magazine
    It's a game that feels like bits of lots of other games you've played before, but not in this order, rarely with such a sure-footed framework and never presented with such a crisp gloss of cartoon-quality presentation; and it's all bunched up together more tightly and enjoyably than in Sly 2. [Dec 2005, p.105]
  57. The frustrating controls haven't been improved much, and Sly's movement is nowhere near as smooth as we'd expect.
  58. 65
    Just like our last girlfriend, the game does a little too much hand-holding for our tastes. And any gamer worth his beans won't be challenged by Sly 3 until the excellent final levels.
  59. games(TM)
    Sly 3 is a solid and inoffensive kids'adventure which perfectly satisfies the needs of its target audience and credits it delivers with a much more discerning nature than other games of its sort. [Dec 2005, p.98]

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#22 Most Discussed PS2 Game of 2005
#88 Most Shared PS2 Game of 2005
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 242 Ratings

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  1. Nov 14, 2013
    Sly 3 is by far one of the greatest platformers for the PlayStation 2. The mechanics are simple and easy to get used to, the voice acting isSly 3 is by far one of the greatest platformers for the PlayStation 2. The mechanics are simple and easy to get used to, the voice acting is great, the puzzles are orderly set out puzzles accompanied by great and smooth controls. The graphics and the art style is great for a PlayStation 2, and as simple as the game is, it can often pose a great challenge. Full Review »
  2. Jun 30, 2013
    I actually liked this game the most of the PS2 Sly era,this is one of the best games for the PS2.
    It got everything from Thievius Raccoonus
    I actually liked this game the most of the PS2 Sly era,this is one of the best games for the PS2.
    It got everything from Thievius Raccoonus and Band of Thieves,and with the new minigames,it's the best in series (for me at least).
    All in all,this game gets a 9/10.
    Full Review »
  3. Apr 12, 2013
    Since childhood I have been playing the Sly Cooper games and I loved this one. I liked the new concept of bringing in new characters toSince childhood I have been playing the Sly Cooper games and I loved this one. I liked the new concept of bringing in new characters to complete the greatest heist/mission the gang ever conceived yet relating the plot to Sly's past. I also liked the new usage of vehicles like planes and boats. Boss battles are frustrating and difficult but satisfying once completed. My only complaint is having to choose the right thing to say during a conversation, I thought that was unnecessary, but all in all I loved the third installment. Even though the games came out years ago I find myself playing them over summer vacation year after year as they are timeless fun for all ages. Full Review »