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  1. Positive: 32 out of 33
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  1. 100
    As a PS2 shooter it's the best I've ever played - I can't emphasize that point enough.
  2. Whether it be blasting gun-toting monkeys or zombified idiots, Timesplitters 2 has awesome AI. I just cannot say enough about how well done the enemies are in the game.
  3. 100
    It has the modes, the weapons, and the attitude to have hardcore FPS maniacs swimming in puddles of their own drool.
  4. An FPS game that has a fun and effective two-player cooperative mode in the story, and a multiplayer mode that is the tops of anything on the market for console games, TS2 is the pinnacle for which FPS’s of the future will try to attain. Enough reading.
  5. Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
    I haven't been sleeping much, because I can't put this game down...Easily one of the best first-person shooters out there - on any system. [Dec 2002, p.176]
  6. A true gamers game, there’s no storyline to worry about, no complex gameplay mechanics, just simple pure and unadulterated fun.
  7. Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK
    As vital to PS2 has your central nervous system is to your brain. [Jan 2007, p.106]
  8. The best FPS currently out on PS2.
  9. Zen-balanced succulent gameplay. Sublime in single-player, supreme with friends. [PSM2]
  10. This is one of the most action filled and intense gaming experiences that I have had to date.
  11. The most complete FPS we have ever seen. This is it. We have it now. We have a game that is as essential to your console happiness as a memory card, Dual Shock and big comfy armchair.
  12. The big things presented here are no slowdown, nice graphics, co-op Story mode play, a good amount of single and multi-player options outside of the Story mode and a plethora of extras and cheats to obtain.
  13. 92
    A finely tuned, highly customizable, intensely exciting first-person console shooter...deep with choices, options, and tons of cheats, rewards, and bonuses.
  14. This has to be one of the best titles that’s come out for every console this year.
  15. 90
    The multiplayer is a stroke of genius, destined to keep players coming back for more, long after the single-player has faded away from memory. Only the best type of gaming experience can do this.
  16. PSM Magazine
    One of the more challenging titles in the genre with a difficulty that ramps up pretty quickly. [Nov 2002, p.36]
  17. Cheat Code Central
    This game got more play on my machine then the Culkins at Neverland ranch.
  18. The sequel is a complete game rather than just a multiplayer vehicle.
  19. Edges out "Red Faction 2" just by a hair. "Red Faction"'s single player mode is much more intense but lacks the cooperative campaign mode that Timesplitters 2 did.
  20. With an intriguing Story mode, addicting Arcade battles, and a Challenge mode that truly puts you to the test, it’s no secret that the key features that made "GoldenEye" such a hit leaked its way into the TimeSplitters world.
  21. 89
    Easily the system's best multiplayer FPS, with a surprising amount of single-player action.
  22. Similar to the last outing [the story levels] may be tough to get through, but they are a bit on the short side.
  23. May very well be the best split-screen multiplayer-focused first-person shooter ever created.
  24. This gleeful variety is ultimately what gives TimeSplitters 2 most of its staying power.
  25. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    This is, without a doubt, the best first-person shooter you'll find on the PS2. [Dec 2002, p.224]
  26. Game Informer
    A solid, great-looking game, just not the masterpiece I was hoping for. [Dec 2002, p.123]
  27. GameNow
    One of the best multi-player experiences you'll find on the PS2. [Dec 2002, p.66]
  28. 80
    What it lacks in compelling story, it more than makes up for in gameplay and character, and that's really where it counts.
  29. Will satisfy multiplayer junkies’ needs but will leave single player fanatics wanting more.
  30. GMR Magazine
    Everything good about the original is here, with loads of new multiplayer options including maps, weapons, and game modes, too. [Feb 2003, p.80]
  31. Play Magazine
    A basic first-person shooter with the action quotient set on full throttle, but everything about TimeSplitters 2 is handled skillfully and stylishly, pieced together with a scintillating polish. [Nov 2002, p.64]
  32. Entertainment Weekly
    While the environments are beautiful, the hackneyed time-travel story line feels shoehorned into the experience... [which] ends up feeling a bit half-baked. [4 Oct 2002, p.158]

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#6 Most Discussed PS2 Game of 2002
#29 Most Shared PS2 Game of 2002
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  1. Aug 29, 2013
    This game is one of the most complete, amazing, hardcore, intense, random, and most awesomest shooters you will ever play.

    Campaign: I
    This game is one of the most complete, amazing, hardcore, intense, random, and most awesomest shooters you will ever play.

    Campaign: I really have never seen this type of campaign before. The missions are very fun to do and are even more fun with a partner. It has splitscreen co-op (only 2 players) and the difficulty system is unique. DO NOT JUST PLAY THE CAMPAIGN ON EASY! On easy difficulty for the campaign, it is very linear. Each mission will take about 15-20 minutes to do and there are aprox. 10 missions. On the other difficulty settings though (medium and hard), if you interact with cetain things in the enviroment, you will be given extra missions. Like on a mission on easy mode, I have 1-4 objectives and about 2-3 other side missions. On medium or hard difficulty, you will have just about the same amount of objectives but up to 3-5 side missions. You can choose to do the side missions for (I think) extra content.

    Challenges: This is the big playground. In challenges mode, you can do certain challenges for certain modes to unlock new modes and multiplayer characters. You can only have one player doing this, though.

    Arcade: This mode is where this game shoves it up modern game hineys so hard. This mode is separated in to two parts: Arcade Custom and Arcade League. Arcade League is just like challenge mode except that it has pre-made multiplayer battles. Again, only one play can do this. Arcade Custom is the beauty of the game. You can customize literally EVERYTHING (I mean it too)! Up to 4-player splitscreen can experience chaotic, awesome multiplayer battles on the same screen. What makes this mode so fun is that you can customize: what weapons you can have on the map
    the characters you want to fight against
    the map; game modes
    You will have mode fun with this mode than any othe game you will play in your entire life. You can have up to 14 player on one map (up to 10 bots and splitscreen). The bot A.I. actually reacts to the difficulty, and half the time you are fighting, you feel like you are in a actual war.

    Rating: I really wish I could rate this game higher. If I could it would be a 25/10. Here's why: No game ever in my life have I had this much fun with my family, EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This game deserves to be in a Hall Of Fame, because it is a landmark of what so many modern shooters are not today. Call of Duty, Battlefield, Medal Of Honor. These games are nothing compared to this. If you have a PS2, Origional XBOX, or a GameCube, buy this game. This game will show you why so many FPS's are failing today. I can get bored of Call of Duty in about 3 years. I'm still not bored of this game and it's been out for over 10 years.

    Follow my advice. Buy this game.
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  2. ConcernedMother
    Dec 20, 2002
    This game is too violent for children these days. It should be taken off of the market immediatly before it influences today's youth to This game is too violent for children these days. It should be taken off of the market immediatly before it influences today's youth to blow up their neighbors. Full Review »
  3. Jul 16, 2012
    This game was my childhood. Over 150 playable characters including but not limited to, the gingerbread man, calamari, a Duck, a snow man, andThis game was my childhood. Over 150 playable characters including but not limited to, the gingerbread man, calamari, a Duck, a snow man, and a gold fish controlling a robots body. There are weapons from many eras in this game, from bricks to laser rifles. If 150 playable characters and an amazing map editor were possible in 2002 then why hasn't any game broken the record for most playable characters since then? Make Timesplitters 4 already or at least have an HD remake of this classic current gen consoles Full Review »