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  2. Negative: 0 out of 39
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  1. So say what you will about TimeSplitters being too arcadey or too cartoony or not serious enough—I'll just be over here having a hell of a time. Last I checked, that's what games were for.
  2. Ok, so I get a little geeked out over TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. It’s easy to see why though, and besides who really wants to run around as a marine who can’t even tape a flashlight to the bottom of his shotgun?
    This game is awesome... If you like killing people, this is for you. Hell, if you like killing snowmen, or nurses, or ducks, pirates, ninja, the French...
  4. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that Future Perfect is the best FPS ever. But I will tell you that if you give me a choice between this game and any other FPS (including either "Halo" game), I’ll choose to play Time Splitters.
  5. Pelit (Finland)
    An intensive 3D shooter with a twist or two. The plot does not make much sense, but it is entertaining. [Mar. 05]
  6. The gameplay may be simplistic, but the multiplayer, challenge modes and mapmaking more than make up for it.
  7. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty freaking fun!
  8. Game Informer
    Whether you are striving for higher ranks or want to dazzle people with a map that you created and uploaded, TimeSplitters' online presence is unprecedented and simply irresistible. [Apr 2005, p.114]
  9. 90
    Every aspect of the game feels polished and ready to go, whether it's the single-player story, the online multiplayer, the numerous unlockables, or the custom mapmaker. This is one of those rare Jack-of-all-trades that has actually mastered them all.
  10. It may not be the most original game in the world, but the fact that it offers a level of fun that is certainly unparalleled in the genre more than makes up for that.
  11. 90
    Has its highs and its mediums, but no lows.
  12. Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK
    Shooter with enough guns to satisfy the most trigger-happy soul. [Jan 2007, p.106]
  13. 89
    On the one hand, it’s a flat, uninspired single-player campaign, with vehicles and base-level NPC co-op play holding it up with shoes strings. While on the other hand, the multiplayer game is substantial, creative, and wildly fun.
  14. Simple and intuitive controls make Future Perfect an excellent pickup and party game.
  15. There are a ton of things to do, and completing the game 100% will take weeks, if not months. The online play is solid, but not spectacular.
  16. PSM Magazine
    TimeSplitters was made with multiplayer in mind, and that's what helps elevate the game above it's shortcomings. [Apr 2005, p.68]
  17. One of the most innovative things about this game is the fact that you can now take your custom maps online and swap them with other players.
  18. With the immense amount of toying and tinkering you can do in this entry of the TimeSplitters series, you will be hard-pressed to become bored quickly.
  19. An excellent getaway from "Halo 2" and "SOCOM 2." Unfortunately, the entertainment may only last a few hours.
  20. Free Radical still offers up a fantastic experience that will make you laugh, cry, laugh some more, and feel like a kooky bad ass from the future.
  21. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    What clever things Future Perfect does within its trek-across-the-time-continuum framework... It works in the only way it can: with a whole lot of humor. [April 2005, p.115]
  22. Honestly, as far as FPS games go, it really doesn't get too much better than this.
  23. TimeSplitters' charm and "something for everybody" mentality means that you're almost certain to find something to like in Future Perfect.
  24. Play Magazine
    What this game contains that is totally removed from everything else out there is a quirky, infectious, humorous character, one that seems to deeply reflect the personality of its makers. When you play it, you really sense a stamp of originality and zany flavor in its presentation and structure. [March 2005, p.48]
  25. games(TM)
    Almost exactly what we wanted it to be. Story mode and single-player antics are diverting enough but the game excels in multiplayer, offering fast-paced thrills that only the highlights of the "Unreal" series can really contest. [March 2005, p.122]
  26. It's certainly refreshing to have a game that's long and tough, but doesn't forget that carnage needs to be entertaining before it's inspiring.
  27. The mechanics are competent, but it is the characterisations, especially the wooden delivery of some lines, that let the game down. On the plus side, the ample options include a story mode, multiplayer clash modes and a mission designer to open up replay values.
  28. Cheat Code Central
    The main, single player story mode may be the biggest disappointment in TimeSplitters: Future Perfect but it makes a decent training mode for the variety of other fun offline and online modes.
  29. 80
    Packed with a bevy of features, TimeSplitters Future Perfect is a cornucopia of candy-coated goodness for any FPS fan. If you start now, you just might be able to unlock everything by the time "Halo 3" ships to stores.
  30. 80
    Unadulterated run-'n-gun goodness. Future Perfect is packed with so many features that even the most jaded FPS fans will find something they like on offer; decimating everything or hosting a multiplayer kill-a-thon, this game can accommodate all comers.
  31. It suffers from the single player experience coming up so short and the lack of really stepping forward in the series, but I won't complain because it's still nothing but a good time for FPS fans, complete with a heavy load of arsenal and just enough butt to kick.
  32. AceGamez
    The times when we were able to get good online games going without any problems were absolutely fantastic, a real reminder of great blazing fast arcade shooters from years past like Quake and the classic "Unreal."
  33. Edge Magazine
    As forgettable as the story mode is, this is a game that should be judged by the pleasure it can bring to a room full of gamers eager for furious arena combat and a splendid variety of team games. And judged by those criteria, it has few peers. [Apr 2005, p.94]
  34. The amusing story missions are fast and offer plenty of variety.
  35. Although the single player campaign can get a bit boring, the multiplayer aspect of Future Perfect offers endless hours of mindless violence.
  36. Despite some shady collision detection, disappearing corpses and enemies walking unchanging lines, seemingly oblivious to your presence and the death of nearby comrades, Future Perfect is a solid package offering a huge amount of Easter Eggs and content with a great sense of humor, both online and off, that will keep you coming back.
  37. Vets, however, might find it hard to overlook the lacking A.I., inability to jump and brief Story. The future looks good, but far from perfect.

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#17 Most Discussed PS2 Game of 2005
#37 Most Shared PS2 Game of 2005
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 165 Ratings

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  1. Sep 8, 2010
    The best game in Time Splitters history
  2. Feb 5, 2012
    Absolutely THE BEST First Person Shooter imaginable for people that want to have a good time with friends. This game has it all, folks.Absolutely THE BEST First Person Shooter imaginable for people that want to have a good time with friends. This game has it all, folks. TimeSplitters Future Perfect has an insane mapmaker with 50 slots for custom maps (and a way to trick the game to give you more), a great campaign, cool arcade modes, an endlessly fun multiplayer, and (my personal favorite part) a mind blowing soundtrack. One of the best times you can have gaming with your friends is through this game. Full Review »
  3. Mar 26, 2011
    It's by far the best console shooter ever created, the single player is great, the story hilariously awesome. The multiplayer is fantastic,It's by far the best console shooter ever created, the single player is great, the story hilariously awesome. The multiplayer is fantastic, fun and never gets old. The weapons are all fun and balanced, And many of which are hilarious! there is a dart gun that makes people get fat until they explode. The BEST Part of the game is Co-op mode where your friend would play the companion character from each timeline and you would play the main character. If you want to play any game with your friend Co-op PLAY THIS GAME! It will make you laugh, it won't be boring, it has challenging missions. Above all it's a very very fun run and gun console FPS. the mapmaker is also the best mapmaker for any console game allowing you to build maps that look like it came from the game! there is 150 playable characters most of them are actually just separate skins from characters. the vehicles are rare and only on 1 or 2 maps but they are REALLY fun. Even if you are a PC only guy (i am) this is still a must have for classic home gaming. Full Review »