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Summary: The world of Wild ARMS is returning seven years after its first release on PS one. WILD ARMS Alter code: F is not only a remake of the foremost title in the series, but a completely renewed and evolved experience with expanded story, system and cutting-edge graphics. On Filgaia, a planet where severe conditions and savage beasts threaten the very existence of all life, the Ancient Guardians call upon three brave warriors to save their benign world from the returning metal demons ? the prophesized destroyers of Filgaia. Rudy - A mysterious child who wields the evil power christened as "ARM"; Jack ? A swordsman who travels in search of a lost treasure; Cecilia ? A princess with the gift of a medium to communicate with the Guardians. Driven by adventure and a calling to reestablish order to their dying world, these "Dream Chasers" prepare to embark on a journey of epic peril, with each unaware of the other?s mission to save their world as they are of their own fates. In a world on the brink of ruin from a merciless alien race, the wheels of fortune are about to turn. [Agetec]
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Rating: T
Developer: Media Vision
Genre(s): Role-Playing, Console-style RPG
Number of Players:1 Player
ESRB Descriptors:Fantasy Violence
Special Controllers:Headset
Cast Credit
Yasuhide Kobayashi Producer
Kentaro Motomura Assistant Producer
Kentaro Motomura Producer
Fumiya Takeno Executive Producer
Masatsuka Saeki Executive Producer
Masao Kimura Sound Effect
Ikue Otani Japanese Voice: Jane Maxwell
Takashi Fukushima Producer
Nobukazu Satoh Director
Akifumi Kaneko Director
Takao Suzuki Lead Programming
Yukihiko Itoh Field Textures
Yukihiko Itoh Storyboard Art
Masanori Yamamoto Battle Programming
Masanori Yamamoto VU Programming
Shinji Takeda VU Programming
Syu Takenaka Character Modelers
Syu Takenaka Effect Artist
Shinya Sasahara Field Modelers
Daisuke Miura Character Animation
Daisuke Miura Field Modelers
Takayuki Yabubayashi Character Textures
Takayuki Yabubayashi Monster Design
Takayuki Yabubayashi Monster Design
Yuu Hiki Character Textures
Yuu Hiki Sub Character Design
Yuu Hiki Sub Character Design
Yuu Hiki Sub Character Design
Masaya Kobayashi Character Animation
Masaya Kobayashi Event Scene Art
Hiroki Ishii Character Animation
Hiroki Ishii Storyboard Art
Hiroki Ishii Storyboard Art
Hiroki Ishii Storyboard Art
Hiroki Ishii Storyboard Art
Yutaka Kunimoto Effect Artist
Kazuyuki Kumazoe Character Animation
Kazuyuki Kumazoe Field Modelers
Kazuyuki Kumazoe Field Modelers
Yukiyoshi Mori Effect Artist
Takeshi Tomiwaki Field Textures
Takeshi Tomiwaki Storyboard Art
Jun Sekine Character Animation
Jun Sekine Character Textures
Takayuki Kouno Field Plan
Kouichi Shirasaka Field Plan
Muneaki Shimazaki Field And Event Programming
Muneaki Shimazaki Movie Programming
Yusuke Wakigawa Field And Event Programming
Nobuo Nakazawa Battle Plan
Takaaki Sohno Battle Programming
Takaaki Sohno Field And Event Programming
Hiroshi Yamaki Battle Programming
Hiroshi Yamaki Field And Event Programming
Eriko Kudoh Event Plan
Eriko Kudoh Short Story
Wakako Ooba Character Design
Wakako Ooba Package Illustration
Michiko Naruke Sound Composer
Michiko Naruke Sound Composer
Yu Ogata Sound Effect
Junko Sano Sound Director
Junko Sano Sound Effect
Mark Johnson Executive Producer
Yutaka Kobayashi Character Animation
Yutaka Kobayashi Field Modelers
Yutaka Kobayashi Field Modelers
Joji Nakata Japanese Voice: Boomerang
Kaori Asoh Voice Lyrics
David Silviera Producer
Franz Stoppenbach Assistant Producer
Mabel Chung Editor
George Mears Editor
Mio Morozumi Marketing Assistant
Hideaki Kikuchi Field Plan
Hideaki Kikuchi System Coordinate
Takao Nishiyama Field Plan
Satoshi Fukushima Battle Plan
Manabu Izui Event Plan
Tsunenobu Suzuki Event Plan
Makoto Ochi Battle Programming
Makoto Ochi VU Programming
Ryuji Shito Field And Event Programming
Satoshi Kodaira Field And Event Programming
Tetsuya Ookubo Character Textures
Tetsuya Ookubo Visual Chief
Tetsuya Ookubo Visual Chief
Yukihito Itoh Visual Chief
Hidefumi Kataoka Character Textures
Hidefumi Kataoka Sub Character Design
Yutaka Kunimoto Monster Design
Naoki Ozaki Character Animation
Naoki Ozaki Character Textures
Tarou Yamazaki Storyboard Art
Kiyonori Yoshida Storyboard Art
Erika Osada Storyboard Art
Takeshi Kasano Character Animation
Takeshi Kasano Field Textures
Toru Saitoh Field Textures
Masae Hanazawa Character Animation
Seiji Fujiwara Character Animation
Mitsuhiro Omori Character Animation
Hidekazu Iijima Event Scene Art
Yoshiaki Matsuda Recording Director
Kaori Ooshima Sound Effect
Emi Takahashi Package Illustration
Yuri Kato Product Managers, Localization
Yuko Namba Product Managers, Localization
Harumi Umezawa Assistant Director
Akira Satoh Executive Producer
Tomikazu Kirita Executive Producer
Shunsuke Sakuya Japanese Voice: Jack Van Burace
Sasaki Katsuhiko Japanese Voice: Magdalen Harts
Ryouko Kinomiya Japanese Voice: Mother
Ken'ichi Ogata Japanese Voice: Alhazad
Akiko Yajima Japanese Voice: Lady Harken
Sanae Kobayashi Japanese Voice: Cecilia Lynn Adlehyde
Shozo Iizuka Japanese Voice: Berserk
Michiko Neya Japanese Voice: Emma Hetfield
Kenichi Suzumura Japanese Voice: Rudy Roughnight
Takehito Koyasu Japanese Voice: Zed
Rumi Shishido Japanese Voice: Mariel
Norio Wakamoto Japanese Voice: Siegfried
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