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Mixed or average reviews- based on 71 Ratings

Summary: Taking inspiration from the presentation style and structure of a number of acclaimed and globally popular TV action dramas, Alone in the Dark: Inferno is split into a number of distinct episodes in a season-style format. With approximately 30-40 minutes of gameplay comprising each episode, the structure of Alone in the Dark is adapted for an audience familiar with the hard-hitting bite-size delivery of contemporary TV dramas, offering easy accessibility whether the player has hours to devote or only wants a quick TV-style fix. Each time the player launches a saved game, the episode begins with a video summary of the previous episode to quickly re-immerse the player in the story, removing the need to remember where they were or what they were doing. Every episode closes with a nail-biting cliff-hanger ending to rattle players' nerves, and if the player is leaving the game a video teaser of the next episode plays to leave them wanting more. Alone in the Dark returns with a heart-stopping survival experience realized through the use of state-of-the-art real-time physics and unprecedented environmental interaction. Delivering an action-orientated experience within a highly detailed, open environment, Alone in the Dark once again strives innovation and excellence within the genre. [Atari]
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Rating: M
Official Site:
Developer: Eden Studios
Genre(s): Action Adventure, Horror, Horror, Survival
Number of Players:1 Player
ESRB Descriptors:Blood and Gore Strong Language Violence
Number of Online Players:No Online Multiplayer
Cast Credit
Arnaud Lhomme Lead Mocap Animator
Arnaud Gicquel Technical Director
David Nadal Game Director
Hervé Sliwa Lead Game Designer
Hervé Sliwa Scenartist
Jean-Yves Geffroy Technical Director
Nour Polloni Senior Producer
Gilles Benois Art Director
Aurelien Charrier Lead Ingame Animator
Yannick Patet Lead Designer
Jerome Braune Lead Designer
Ludovic Chabanon Lead Programmer
Yannick Geffroy Lead Programmer
Sylvain Ruard-Dumaine Lead Programmer
Vincent Joubert Lead Artist
Pascal Casolari Lead Artist
Pascal Biren Designer
Mathieu Granjon Lead Artist
Olivier Deriviere Original Soundtrack
Olivier Deriviere Original Soundtrack By
Jean Christophe Blanc Art Director
Nicolas Dejeans Lead Designer
Émile Morel Lead Designer
Jean-Michel Hervé Lead Programmer
Guillaume Moya Lead Programmer
David Alloza Lead Programmer
Jean-Christophe Capdevila Lead Programmer
Grégoire Le Proux De La Riviére Lead Programmer
Virginie Goyons Lead Artist
Roxan Carle Lead Artist
Frédéric Taquet Lead Artist
Sylvain Muzé Lead Artist
Nicolas Troccaz Lead Artist
Julien Mario Lead Artist
Guillaume Colomb Lead Cinematic
Fabrice Fournet Lead Integrator
Pacome Magnin Lead Integrator
Jacques Trombini Designer
Guillaume Le Bris Designer
Philipe Moreau Designer
Sebastien Judit Designer
Hakim Abbas Designer
Nicolas Ducart Designer
Kevin Carpenter Designer
Thibaut Trampont Designer
Julien Jourdain Designer
Sébastien Renard Scenartist
Mathieu Kendrick Scenartist
Herve Sliwa Lead Game Designer
Herve Sliwa Scenartist
Emile Morel Lead Designer
Jean-Michel Herve Lead Programmer
Sylvain Muze Lead Artist
Lorenzo Carcaterra Script Doctor
Gregoire Le Proux De La Riviere Lead Programmer
Frederic Taquet Lead Artist
Sebastien Renard Scenartist
Lorenzo Carcaterra Script Doctor
James McCaffrey Edward Carnby (Voice, English)
James McCaffrey Voice Actor: Edward Carnby (Voice, English)
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