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  1. The beautiful game. That's what football is all about, and that's what FIFA is all about. With 30 fully licensed leagues, over 15000 players and a shed load of other features, FIFA 09 has really set the bar high and I fully expect them to dominate this genre for years to come.
  2. FIFA continues its improvement with 09, probably the best title in the series. Traditionally this soccer brand from EA was well-known for its quality in the licenses and by the large amount of official championships, now it´s also famous because of its gameplay values. Impressive visuals, fast answer controls and polished pace. FIFA 09 is soccer. And that´s all.
  3. One can absolutely say that at the moment FIFA 09 is the best soccer game of all time. EA has learned from the negative criticism of last year. Adding many minor, but also major innovations, the title has once again taken over the scepter.
  4. 91
    With all of its improvements FIFA Soccer 09 is by far the most impressive upgrade to any sports title this year. If you are even remotely a fan of the sport FIFA 09 is a must-buy.
  5. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    This is a brilliantly presented, fluidly playable game of football overflowing with new features. Over to you, Pro Evo. [Oct 2008, p.82]
  6. The best FIFA game ever made. Over to you Konami.
  7. Vast improvements to the action on the pitch and the game in general means that FIFA 09 is certainly PES' equal this year, and we'd be inclined to suggest it makes significant strides beyond Konami's effort in many ways.
  8. FIFA 09 plays well enough that the little bit of response and reflex you lose on the turf is not enough to stop it being the choice for players heading into summer.
  9. So, with the official license, stunning graphics, a whole host of online options, 7 player local matches and a lengthy single player campaign this is the ultimate football game.
  10. 90
    This game is superb and although there are some still slight glitches, offers the most comprehensive and realistic football games on the market.
  11. A truly spectacular soccer title with exceptional player animations, ball handling and gameplay to boot. The AI will provide a significant challenge, but the implementation of one of the most advanced and complete online modes will mean that this game will truly last you a long time.
  12. This game is without a doubt the best soccer game ever. It doesn't only play like a charm, it also looks phenomenal and the number of options is huge. There is so much to do that it will be hard to try everything out before FIFA 2010. The fact that our crew works overtime just to play the game says more than enough. FIFA 09 is everything that your little soccer heart desires.
  13. Maxi Consolas (Portugal)
    Here is the best football simulator available in the market. It presents the emotion and tactical elements of football like no other, maintaining a connection with real world trough the Live Season. The online mode 10 vs 10 is a milestone in the genre. [Oct 2008]
  14. 90
    FIFA 09 is jam-packed with new content, from clan-based player support to real-world stat updates. Although it feels more like an incremental update than a revolutionary overhaul, EA doesn't need to reinvent the wheel so much as smooth out its edges.
  15. FIFA has definitely caught up in the title race, and I would imagine many Pro Evolution Soccer players are converting over to EA’s franchise. It’s going to be interesting to see who winds up the winner of this hardly contested match-up.
  16. AceGamez
    Just like Chelsea circa 2005, all that huge investment is really paying dividends and FIFA's stock just continues to rise.
  17. The gameplay is tighter, the franchise is deeper, and the online and Be a Pro modes more than match anything Pro Evo puts on the table.
  18. From the refined playability to the game modes and, naturally, the new online experience for 20 players, FIFA 09 is the best football game available.
  19. More realistic and a better atmosphere than ever – definitely the best FIFA-game to date.
  20. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    The best soccer game on the market. [December 2008, p.74]
  21. FIFA is the new home of the hardcore football gamer.
  22. 89
    FIFA 09 returns to the pitch full of swagger, and it does it’s very best to deliver on EA Sport’s promise of creating the definitive football title. An exacting game on the pitch and an overwhelmingly comprehensive one off of it.
  23. While you may not notice any dramatic changes immediately, the more you play FIFA 09 the more you notice that it is definitely a step up from last year's game.
  24. FIFA 09 is by far the finest football game of the year, if not ever, but there’s still a way to go before EA Sports’ series can be classed as perfect.
  25. Everything is more realistic, more spectacular and more detailed. In addition to this, you can see clearly that the producers have focused more than usual this time around, adding new game modes, especially online.
  26. If you haven’t played FIFA in a while, now’s the time to jump back in; this is a great game of soccer. But, if you’re an old hat to the series, the most compelling reason to purchase FIFA 09 may only be the roster update.
  27. Without a doubt, FIFA '09 is the most fun soccer title I've ever played.
  28. 87
    Finally, football is back to where it should be on PS3 – at the top of our mostplayed lists. But FIFA 09 still has the capacity to annoy beyond all reason, especially when it’s playing in goal.
  29. FIFA 09 may or may not have 250 new additions, but it's a strong-playing game with an extensive amount of modes.
  30. 86
    Animations look great, players behave properly and the AI has been tuned since last year’s effort. While not perfect, FIFA 09 should be a permanent fixture in anyone sports library.
  31. FIFA 09 plays better than ever before, and a wealth of new modes and features add plenty of longevity.
  32. With FIFA 09, EA Sports has the reigns of the soccer industry firmly within its grasp, delivering a prominent title that will appease the large majority of fans of The Beautiful Game.
  33. EA Sports has finally gotten into gear with FIFA 09 after some very questionable releases over the past three years. The sound and graphics are among the best available in any sports game and the overall game-play has improved leaps and bounds from the past HD releases. There still is room for improvement and I am confident that the future editions of Be a Pro will be better tuned and more rewarding.
  34. FIFA Soccer 09 looks the best it ever has, the controls make it user friendly, and the improvements to player movement and animations make it the most realistic soccer game on the market.
  35. This game has some great moments as well as some that are not so great. It is still, though, a first-rate soccer game that dazzles at times. The new features really give the game a boost, but there is still work to do. This is a great game and fun to play with others.
  36. PSM3 Magazine UK
    The best FIFA yet, but EA are still a few goals short of the title. [Nov 2008, p.80]
  37. FIFA 09 has two interesting features, and while they don’t always live up to their full potential, are exciting and intriguing enough to warrant giving the game a shot.
  38. FIFA 09 rams the point home with the emphasis on physical midfield battles and possession football, where teams hold their shape and press, and jostle with great effect, and it's up to you to exploit them by dragging defenders out of position, switching the play and paying attention to personnel.
  39. FIFA 09 is very much like Arsenal actually; great to look at, at times an absolute joy to play and has a fantastic future if they can build on what they have, but it’s just made too many silly and needless mistakes to stop it from being great this year.
  40. Some strategies, such as asking your AI players to perform freeform offensive runs, aren’t really executed, and I found that they expressed themselves better in the traditional playing mode rather than Be a Pro.
  41. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    At its heart, FIFA showcases all the highlights of its past lives, with a few interesting tweaks. [Holiday 2008, p.83]
  42. 80
    FIFA 09 is the culmination of lots of great features, like robust online support, stat tracking, and the excellent Be A Pro mode, that have been marinating for quite a while. This is the first time they’ve all come together to form a very tasty mix of soccer action.
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  1. Oct 24, 2018
  2. Sep 28, 2018
    Probably the best Fifa game in the series! Before the days of player potential when you could pick a random youngster and have him become a legend!
  3. Jun 29, 2016
    Now obviously, the gameplay accounts for a large portion of the experience with games like this and if it isn't good, then it seems natural toNow obviously, the gameplay accounts for a large portion of the experience with games like this and if it isn't good, then it seems natural to expect that quality to resonate throughout the rest of the game.

    It wasn't good - or it wasn't that good to be more accurate. The difficulty intervals were practically non-existant with the A.I, making the gameplay tedious and one-dimensional. Okay, so it wasn't a disaster like FIFA 14 but overall it genuinely is one of the most overrated FIFA games I've played. I personally don't understand how this game revolutionised FIFA when really it was its successor, FIFA 10, which truly helped the franchise reclaim its throne of having the best football game in the world - over PES of course.
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