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  1. Oct 4, 2011
    Minor quibbles aside, we here at GamingExcellence have never been so happy to be so enraged. It's a great day for gaming when we can welcome id Software back into our living rooms and computer desks. RAGE is an easy candidate for the best game of the year, and was well worth the wait. Don't miss it.
  2. Oct 4, 2011
    What it DOES do is pretty damn incredible. It features an excellent FPS mechanic, surprisingly solid (if a bit loose) driving control, competent and diverse foes, unbelievably detailed environments, great audio, and an overall combination of multiple gameplay elements that gels into a cohesive, riveting production.
  3. Oct 4, 2011
    A must have for both fans of FPS and sandbox games because it succeeds in both genres. An addictive and furiously violent videogame that will be breathtaking for every action fan.
  4. 90
    Instead of trying to revolutionize a genre, id has given us another stellar game that's taken elements from a few different games, in many cases improved them, and seamlessly integrated them into RAGE's world.
  5. 90
    Rage is the complete package that fans of shooters, RPGs, and buggy racers have been waiting for. Combined with its jaw-dropping visual presentation, Rage easily one of the best games of the year.
  6. Oct 4, 2011
    Rage delivers as an action game, with outstanding graphics and gameplay that is sometimes tactic, sometimes savage and always intense. Some players may expect a sandbox, but the game is really a very classic action shooter.
  7. Oct 4, 2011
    Rage's story and overworld design feel dated, but its heart-pounding gunplay is a nice change of pace in a market filled with "follow me" and pop-and-fire shooters. While light RPG elements are present, this is mainly a game for players who love challenging combat experiences.
  8. Oct 4, 2011
    All that said, RAGE still offers a ridiculously fun FPS adventure that is exhilarating, satisfying, and capable of living up to the id Software name in nearly everything that it does.
  9. Oct 18, 2011
    Rage is an amazing game, but we can't help but feel that it doesn't reach its full potential. While the shooting and the racing often works brilliantly, a rather weak story, repetitive missions and a lot of graphical errors ultimately make for a disappointing game.
  10. Oct 4, 2011
    RAGE is the new standard of post apocalyptic destruction.
  11. Oct 13, 2011
    RAGE is an ambitious game that brings you a destroyed open world you want to keep coming back to. It's a shame this game suffers from occasional unloaded textures and a longer single player adventure would have been nice. The sheer amount of fun you will find in RAGE however, make this game a must buy for fans of the better shooter and role-playing games.
  12. Oct 10, 2011
    For all of its amazingly fancy graphics and tech engines running the show, Rage still felt delightfully old-school during the action sequences.
  13. Oct 3, 2011
    The great controls and useful weapon upgrades help make Rage's shooting parts a lot of fun, but the storyline fails to create any real tension and the game's characters, friendly and hostile, never do or say anything memorable.
  14. Oct 4, 2011
    While RAGE does have some issues here and there you can rest assure that it does deliver in the end. It has a solid mix of good first-person shooting action, fun driving moments, and solid multiplayer modes. Add to all of this the fact that you're seeing one of the more gorgeous games produced in this generation, and it's a tough deal to pass up.
  15. Nov 17, 2011
    It's been a long wait for RAGE to finally hit the market, but the wait was worth it. The game may have some weak points, like a speech- and nameless hero or the weak boss fights and ending, but RAGE offers some crazy possibilities to spend your time in this post-apocalyptic world.
  16. Official PlayStation Magazine Benelux
    Dec 29, 2011
    There is not a lot of leveling or depth to be found in Rage, but you can have some fun with building your own weapons and toying around with several gadgets. We particularly liked the remote controlled cars that can be equipped with explosives. [Nov 2011, p.82]
  17. Oct 14, 2011
    In the end, Rage reminds me a lot of Borderlands, another game that, while uniquely awesome in its own way, ultimately left me disappointed: same basic locale, same silent protagonist, same pseudo-open world, same focus on driving to missions, same side quest driven, bare-bones story. To be honest, the fact that Rage is a better shooter with much better vehicle controls is tempered by the lack of RPG elements that would allow you to invest in, or "own," your character. Instead, you're just sort of... there.
  18. 80
    The most compelling aspect of Rage is the combat, which is undoubtedly id's forte, but its partly open world, storyline and characters feel diluted and inferior when compared to the big hitters in the action RPG genre. Those hoping to see the developer finally break out of the corridor will have to wait a little longer.
  19. Oct 31, 2011
    Rage is a fun first person shooter, and a marvel to look at. Unfortunately it is let down by a weak story and presentation.
  20. Despite the shortfalls, this is an excellent FPS, raising the art of virtual shooting to a new level with the sort of OTT gunplay that makes other games look watery weak by comparison. That, combined with the exceptional art style, makes this an experience worth having – and id a more relevant and contemporary developer than it's been in years.
  21. Oct 10, 2011
    Let me be clear here: RAGE is by no means a bad game. It simply lacks the pedigree of classic id Software shooters, and though I absolutely loved the shooting and the light exploration, I needed more to really sell the world itself.
  22. Oct 4, 2011
    This is meat-and-potatoes action game design with a few antiquated quirks, but it does what it does well enough--and looks legitimately stunning while doing it--to deliver a satisfying experience, all told.
  23. Oct 4, 2011
    If you think first person shooters take themselves a little too seriously, Rage is the game for you. If you like shotguns, explosions, imaginative ammunition types and crossbows then Rage is the game for you. It's an unapologetic love letter to the classic FPS gameplay that inspired the most popular genre in modern gaming and it updates enough that it doesn't feel in the least bit dated.
  24. Oct 4, 2011
    A triumphant mix of vintage shooter mechanics and high-octane driving segments. The end result is a title that captures the essence of its genre-defining predecessors while offering fans something new. id's Tech 5 engine ensures that this is the studio's best-look release to date, and the sheer volume of features on offer make it one of the most rewarding.
  25. Oct 4, 2011
    Rage is a technical powerhouse, and if you can overlook the bits that don't quite work, you'll find one of the most exciting shooters we've had in years.
  26. Oct 4, 2011
    Most surprising are the vehicle-based sections of the game. In a word, they're fantastic.
  27. Oct 3, 2011
    Rage is a beautiful game that looks equally stunning with or without the hefty installation (which reduces the load times and is optional on the 360 but required on the PS3), so regardless of which platform you play on, you'll find a rich and rewarding adventure that sets a new visual standard for the postapocalyptic wasteland.
  28. 80
    Rage is an old school shooter, but a fun one. The enemies are varied and there's lots to do.
  29. PSM3 Magazine UK
    Dec 1, 2011
    A weak, aimless story and limited freedom to explore betray the fun, varied and creative combat in this beautiful post-apocalyptic wasteland. [Christmas 2011, p.104]
  30. Oct 3, 2011
    At its best, Rage is the most varied and engaging experience id Software has ever developed. At its worst it feels like mowing the lawn after Saturday morning cartoons. There is so much to love in the wasteland, but quests can feel like they took a back-seat to work on the engine. Games don't have to focus so exclusively on graphics anymore.
  31. Oct 3, 2011
    It's nothing revolutionary. It comes from a different kind of Id, one that would rather play with existing conventions than reinvent them. Conversely, it's the same Id that puts look and feel on the same high pillar, and it's impossible to call Rage badly-composed. I just don't think it's going to be remembered as anything but a sleeper hit of the fall of 2011.
  32. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    Mar 6, 2012
    Ultimately, RAGE is soulless and short-lived. Jack up the difficulty for more of a challenge, but underneath a few stand-out moments is a shooter that's been outclassed and out gunned. [Dec 2011, p78]
  33. Nov 2, 2011
    Rage is a quality shooter and a bunch of other things but above all else it stands as a technical benchmark for the generation, showing just how far we've come since Wolfenstein 3D.
  34. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    Oct 29, 2011
    It's a feeling that encapsulates Rage: a deeply layered, exhilarating game in parts, but one that never coalesces to deliver a cohesive new experience. [Dec 2011, p.66]
  35. Oct 3, 2011
    Rage is flawed from the get-go, and by the time it finds its legs, its all too little, too late.
  36. Play UK
    Nov 18, 2011
    One of the most boring games ever to have had half a decade of development poured into it. [Issue#211, p.97]
  37. Oct 16, 2011
    The knuckle-whitening, often horror-infused experiences inside of RAGE are essential to the vernacular of modern shooters. The pretty case they come in is not.
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  1. Oct 4, 2011
    This game has potential. I am not denying this in the least. It throws out amazing ideas and concepts, but just doesn't follow through onThis game has potential. I am not denying this in the least. It throws out amazing ideas and concepts, but just doesn't follow through on them. I'm hoping to see something that expands upon the game soon, but until then, this will be getting a mediocre score. It does, however, look amazing. 6/10. Full Review »
  2. Oct 4, 2011
    k well here's one of my highly anticipated games of 2011. i got my hands on rage at 8 pm monday and it is now tues 6 am and i am closing in onk well here's one of my highly anticipated games of 2011. i got my hands on rage at 8 pm monday and it is now tues 6 am and i am closing in on the games final hours of gameplay. usually i try not to rate a game w/o finishing it from front to back first but i know that many will wake up in the morning wanting to get an idea of what to expect w/ rage and whether or not you should buy it or not. I really did not know what to expect and as we know id software is the mother of the fps genre so being a huge fan of doom and quake i couldnt wait to see how they stacked up w/ next gen consoles. I must say that i immediately saw what these mega textures could do from the first moment upon leaving my hatch/pod and it was beautiful how nicely the world came to life clouds,rocks etc but i did notice that it was not perfect and tearing as well as these textures seem to fight it self at times as if saying "engine overload" . but as far as graphics well its hard to argue that it is one of the best displays on console to date, and the tearing doesnt stop the eyes from wanting to see more, lets put it that way. so graphics are B+.. the "wasteland hybrid" atv is the first time you will be in a vehicle and i was a bit surprised at the tight handling and response of the atv and then later the buggy. and the buggy can be raced for upgrades and weapon mods and is actually a fun time behind the wheel. so i cant help but think that this is feeling a lot like borderlands because as soon as i meet the locals after being rescued i am given a mission involving bandits. while speaking on the missions i will say that although its not as tedious as borderlands as far as side quests and looting it also does have that feel of go to point A and then go to B and then back to A, but just not as much of it. and yes some of the npc you meet are wonderfully crafted and designed but the voice acting is either spot on or just way off. but more importantly are the mundane tasks they ask of you, go light some firecrackers, fetch some buggy parts and grab supplies 50 yards from here,so i just wished while spending the time talking to the well made npc's i would get a better story or mission, well not to be found yet. but it does not take away from the nicely designed npc's and the not so nice (usually merchants) you will encounter along the way. the story finally starts to pick up and so do the weapons and different bullets and "crafting". one can craft a grinding lock pick to a turret to a few other"unique" devices which are a fun part of this game, and no work bench needed, just instructions along with ingredients/material. and i found a handful of "mini games" which were a fun spin on gambling and the "eye of judgement" type game was my fav.. 4 guys rolling dice w/ holograms of 3 mutants and a cowboy and the roll decides your how many shots you can have per turn. 5 finger fillet also makes a showing. the guns/weapons felt really good, the sniper rifle actually felt like one and the shotgun which can be upgraded to a grenade launcher,has a few kinds of ammo just like the hand gun and one round can be told from the other w/ being able to feel and see the harder impact or the damage done to enemies. the peasants gun (pistol) can be coupled w/ a monocular which is described as being a peice of binocular "the good half" so you will hold the gun in one while peeking in the monocular w/ the other, pretty funny how it works. but as far as the weapons, well there are just enough. not too many to get lost in the slight changes from one to the next and not too few to crave more or seem like its lacking. just enough to know and feel each one and learn very quickly the guns strengths and weakness. the wingblade is also a very cool 2 bladed boom-a-rang w/ a handle, but will only come back if you miss or just take out an arm or a leg. and if it gets lodged in the enemies head, you can get it back and can also craft them w/ the manual and materials.the enemies are not the most brilliant a.i i have ever seen, but not the dumbest either. they do get harder to fight as you progress but its their body reaction which is awesome, because they react to where and how they get shot or hit. the animations are very nice and funny at times. the sounds and music are not top notch but they are very good, and the sound effects were also down well. but overall i can simply say that there isnt much to speak of which hasnt been done already. i would say refer to borderlands as far as an idea of the style of game this is, i mean its not a bad thing just feels like the same in many ways, only that the graphics and gameplay/mechanics stand apart, the theme is very sim. but that is a compliment in a lot of ways,just felt like i played this game before.the graphics are great and this is where the game shines,and the controls are good but the story lacks and i feel like this is a well made game but one which is too familiar. its worth a play,but not a day1 must. Full Review »
  3. Oct 9, 2011
    I'm just going to come out and say it. Rage is a disappointment. There are a few things Rage does well, such as variety in ammo types (like inI'm just going to come out and say it. Rage is a disappointment. There are a few things Rage does well, such as variety in ammo types (like in Bioshock) and having a consistent framerate of 60 frames per second (which never drops) with good graphics to boot. However, there are also a few things Rage doesn't do right, such as texture pop-in, the driving sequences, and the story.

    The combat in Rage is good old FPS fun and the variety in using different ammo types makes the gameplay stand out from other FPS's. You can also craft helpful items that can help you get the edge over enemies, such as bandages, exploding RC cars, and even three sided boomerangs with steel blades on them, which is pretty cool. The graphics are also great, especially from a distance, but most textures look terrible up close. Not much of a surprise there though, given the overall scope of the graphics. Rage is also the most fluid game I've played in terms of framerate. Its always at 60 and never drops. This might not sound that impressive, but keep in mind this is on a console thats around 5-6 years old.

    However, Rage seems to fall flat on its face with the story. I've played 4 hours of it and I can tell you now that it has absolutely no connection to the story whatsoever. I'll explain this the best I can without spoiling it. The first hour of the game sees you meeting a character that helps you get started and all that, which is pretty much essential. The next 3 hours, however, see you go to a town and do errands for people, namely the Mayor and Sheriff. You'll be asking yourself what the point of all these errands is and if they're related to the story, and your questions will be answered at around the 4 hour mark when you meet a character that is part of a discourse that seems to be central to the story.

    Another thing that Rage doesn't do right is the driving sequences. You'll be driving everywhere from point A to point B and it just feels like filler. There is no incentive to go exploring, and killing the bandits in their buggies gets tedious. There is also texture pop-in, which is very subtle in some parts, but almost unbearable in others.

    Overall, Rage could have been a good game, but never really delivered. The story is rather weak, the first 4 hours of the game are completely pointless (and considering people are saying its around the 9 hour mark, thats a huge worry), the driving sequences are merely filler, and ultimately it seems as if ID couldn't decide if they wanted to make an FPS or an RPG. For a game to have been in development for around 4 years and won a range of "Best in Show" awards at E3 2010, this is a big letdown. I give it a 3/10. This game is only worth a rent. It is not worth $60US/$100AUD at all.
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