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  • Summary: Record of Agarest War Zero is the prequel detailing what happened in the age before Record of Agarest War.
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  1. Oct 6, 2011
    50 hours of fighting plus 30 hours of dialog equals Agarest: Generations of War Zero. If you are a fan of JRPGs and round-based strategy-RPGs, you will surely enjoy this game, otherwise, the gameplay feels too repetitive and monotonous. The character designs are amazing, the remaining graphics are reminiscent of old SNES RPGs but look too dated. Just a solid strategy-RPG with a lot of Anime influence.
  2. Jul 6, 2011
    It's a tough sell for anyone fresh to the strategy experience, but delivers a solid and lengthy campaign for those who know the territory.
  3. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    Jun 7, 2011
    Zero could easily be seen as a reimagining of the first game...only the developers really held back on the "imagining" part, leaving us basically the same game with minor improvements. [July 2011, p.86]
  4. Jul 12, 2011
    It's not the worst game you could play, but it's not really something I could honestly say is really good, either. When it comes right down to it, Agarest Zero's just about as decent as they come.
  5. Sep 13, 2011
    It's impossible to recommend to anyone beyond its existing fan base.
  6. 40
    There are some clever ideas in this strategy role-player but they're suffocated beneath a weight of banal storytelling and tedious battles.
  7. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Aug 14, 2011
    This would have been an embarrassment in 1987. [Sept 2011, p.116]

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  1. Jan 31, 2012
    Do you love to be tortured by electronic software? Do you love to have to spend near 100 hours to beat a bland story across repetitiveDo you love to be tortured by electronic software? Do you love to have to spend near 100 hours to beat a bland story across repetitive backdrops? Or would you be thrilled if I told you it only costs about double the game itself (£40) to buy enough DLC to cut out the mindless grinding? If you're answer to all of that is no you may wonder why I would stick an 8 onto such a game, and its because, frankly, despite blatantly being built to rip you off with DLC or soak up 100 hours of you're time to accomplish very little, this is one fantastic strategy JRPG. I've allready got most of the bad out of the way but theres a few more bad points I'd like to warn you of, namely this game is very half-hearted-ly made, in that enemies/sprite/environments/sound effects/special effects by and large come from other IF games like Cross Edge and Trinity Universe, I can't imagine it took more than 2 months to patch this game together. However A Zero can get away with that based on a brilliant combat system, amongst other things. Battles take place on a grid and you can have 6 members in battle at any one time, its a lot like Fire emblem, only (dare I say it) better. You can excecute combos by placing party members in certain possitions in relation to each other, and you can further add to the skill element by selecting a map that suits you. For example you can choose a map with areas that increase you're attack power, especially usefull against enemies reliant on magic, you also have an SP guage which adds even MORE depth to the battle system allowing you to use extra powerfull attacks if that party member has taken a lot of hits (not damage but sperate hits) or has defeated some foes. Ofcourse this wouldn't be an IF game without insanely hard boss battles, which are brilliantly designed and will even challenge the most seasoned JRPG vet EVEN if you bought all the DLC the last few bosses will give you a run for you're money (quite literaly) Ofcourse battling waves of tough enemies and numerous brutal bosses could be stressful so A Zero attempts to relieve you're aching trigger fingures with laid back activities, from getting to know some very beautiful women that bit better (and earning the right to see them in more revealing... ahem interesting costumes) to the good old IF beach and hot spring scenes. Its not just pretty ladies ofcourse that will aid you through tough battles, although there is another way they aid you (more on that soon) as you can also do the industry standard of capturing monsters and having them fight for you, aswell as being able to combine them together to make all sorts of beings, you can also synthesise new items, inhance existing weaponry, earn titles (such as to win 100 battles or have a certain number of rare itmes) and enjoy vacation days where you can just chill and talk to your favourite characters. A Zero only has 2 generations, which for those of you new to Agarest (like I was) is a system where you choose one of 3 girls to have a child with (it doesn't show you how ofcourse) and that child becomes you're new main character for the second part of the game, the girl you pick affects various things from you're new characters appearance to his stats (the more the girl likes you the better they'll be) I also mentioned DLC (and bashed it) early on for one good reason, its really expensive but without it this game can last 100s of hours, especially considering there is A LOT of post game content, possibly more than the story itself aswell as new game plus with an even more brutal difficulty. To make life easy you will want at least £15/$25 to shorten the game, in all fairness its a cheep game in the first place, but the 2 PP packs plus a weapon pack will shave off 50 hours from the story, and save you from grindng AT ALL (just) Some DLC is ridiculously overpriced though but completely unecessary such as to unlock character voice samples. On a technical level Agarest Zero doesn't fair to badly, the graphics, although simple, are actually rather nice with high res textures and art aswell as adorable sprites, the music is great and very fitting and up beat and the loading times rather short. One last note there is no English dub, subs yes but no voice over, but you do get an excellent cast of Japanese voice actresses/actors to listen to. Long story short, this is a fantastic game despite obvious shortcomings and its well worth buying just to experience a genius battle system and to really challenge yourself. Expand
  2. Jan 20, 2017
    Was macht ein gutes JRPG aus?

    Ein forderndes aber befriedigendes Kampfsystem welches mit coolen Skills und Magie versehen ist und taktische
    Was macht ein gutes JRPG aus?

    Ein forderndes aber befriedigendes Kampfsystem welches mit coolen Skills und Magie versehen ist und taktische Finesse erfordert. Eine Story, die langsam Fahrt aufnimmt und eine permanent steigende Spannungskurve bis zum ultimativen Climax bereithält. Charaktere die einem ans Herz wachsen und deren eigene Geschichten berühren. Ein Soundtrack dem einen nach Wochen noch Ohrwürmer bereitet. Eine Charakterentwicklung bzw. Levelsystem das einem nach langem tüffteln und philosophieren für das beste Setting mit Erfolg und einem erhabenen Gefühl belohnt.

    Nun... Record of Agarest War Zero versucht dies alles zu implementieren schafft dies aber leider nur bedingt. Die Story könnte klischeehaftiger nicht sein... das Gute gegen das Böse... Licht gegen Dunkel... eine Heldengruppe macht sich auf eine epische Reise um alles Böse dieser Welt zu vertreiben. Warum? Na so halt...

    Das Kampfsystem wiederrum macht Spaß. Es ist tiefgreifend, fordernd, vielfälltig, effektgeladen (trotz der angestaubten aber nostalgischen 16 Bit Optik) und befriedigend. Allerdings ist es aber auch eines - langsam. Natürlich ist es ein SRPG (und man kann die Animationen auch überspringen) aber auf Dauer zieht sich das ganze Geschehen nach dem zweihundertsten Male etwas nervig in die Länge (ein normaler Kampf dauert zum Ende gefühlt 3-5 Minuten).

    Die Charaktere sind alle klischeebehaftet. Aber man mag sie trotzdem (vorallem haben mir Friedelinde und Tetora gefallen). Im allgemeinen ist nicht wirklich eine Persönlichkeitsentwicklung bei den Charakteren festzustellen. Sie alle agieren von Anfang bis Ende in ihrer gewohnten Persönlichkeitssparte.

    Den größte Kritik muss ich allerdings am Soundtrack üben. Hier hat man so ziemlich alles verschenkt was möglich gewesen wäre. Langweilige Kampfmusik. Langweilige Dungeonmusik. Langweilige Gesprächsmusik. Langweilige... kurzum: Langweilig und repetiv.

    Die Grafik ist in Ordung. Ja, bewusst in Ordung. Ähnlich wie bei Trails in the Sky wird hier bewusst die 16 Bit Optik angewandt. Für die heutigen Verhältnisse hätte diese aber durchaus "schärfer" umgesetzt werden können. Die CG Artworks wiederrum sind durchaus gelungen (vorallem bei den typischen "Mädchen zeigt viel Haut" Szenen :-))

    Alles in Allem gebe ich dennoch eine unverhältnismäßig gute Bewertung ab. Warum? Irgendwo schafft es dieses Spiel, obwohl es im Vergleich zu anderen JRPG Perlen nur durchschnittliches Futter bietet, einen auf einem gewissen Grad zu fesseln...
  3. Oct 14, 2011
    Well have you watched anime? Have you watched a lot, because if you have then you will recognize the story and characters for what they are,Well have you watched anime? Have you watched a lot, because if you have then you will recognize the story and characters for what they are, generic. As a primary story loving guy playing this game becomes difficult because everyone feels like a generic person from a generic anime you stop watching. Combat is what this game does best but it's also very hard. While I don't mind difficultly with the story bland as it is I don't feel like I'm getting anything out of it. The battles or more like animated chess than turned based beat the crap out of foes. But this is a long game and battles can get tiring when it's the only dynamic thing that happens. More so when having teams mates get killed rather often so you'll be spending money a lot which like in Tales Of The Abyss is really tight. Then we have the relationship faction every now and then you get a choice and it effects in ways that don't make a lot of sense. Such as: deciding to use your teammates ability to see the future so you know that walking into the forest won't get you killed, suddenly you feel less affectionate with someone. And during the times where you roam around towns you don't really learn much maybe you'll get a sentence or two. While I enjoy the battles it's all there really is, okay there is a second generation thing where you get child and he continues to save the world but once again the story being as dull and generic I just don't care. Music isn't all that good ether. The world map is also just a string of dots and anything that isn't a town is pretty much a chess battle. Even the quick battles can feel drawn out. It has it's moments but I feel it's a game that requires a lot of work for little payoff. Expand
  4. May 16, 2017
    I wanted to enjoy this game when I bought it at a Vintage Stock for like $20. It wasn't at my local GameStop and it was appealing to myI wanted to enjoy this game when I bought it at a Vintage Stock for like $20. It wasn't at my local GameStop and it was appealing to my hardcore weeb with its anime styling. It was a gift from my father for having good grades in college that semester. And my hope of it being good died when I saw the studios behind the game. I can't tell you how sad that made me.

    Agarest War Zero is a prequel sequel (Takes place before the first game but was made after it) and is one of a DOZEN CARBON COPY "strategy" games by the same developer. Now, you read that and think, "That can't be right. Only Assassin's Creed and CoD repeat themselves, and even they have minor changes" but you'd be wrong. There's a strange series of games that use this strategy turn based thing with the same title shop, weapon forging, useless item shop, and excessive grinding to be mediocre, just with different characters. When I saw the developer my face dropped from excitement to worry, and finally into despair as I got into the first town.

    The long made short is that this game boasts being strategical, battles take place on a grid and your job is to place all your units in formation to hit the enemy a whole bunch of times as hard as you can to kill them. Unfortunately, enemies will either be damage sponges or pushovers. The most common grinding technique in all of these games (including ones not called Agarest) is to use a turbo controller to mash X/A, with all the battle animations off, go to the hardest area you can fight in without dying, and let the game play itself on auto while you sleep. This is because the auto battle will most of the time pick decent attacks, heal itself, and turn 10-20 minute long fights against BASIC MOBS, into 10 minute auto battles you don't even have to look at.

    At the core of this problem are two things. Everything has to be crafted. Want better healing items? Grind out the low drop rate materials to make them. Want a new sword? Grind out the materials to make them. All they had to do was put new weapons and armor in the shop every chapter or so, nothing overpowered, just some new standards for the player to benchmark themself. Instead you'll often find yourself stomping a hole through everything until a boss suddenly knocks you flat in one turn and you realize that leather jerkin was from chapter 1, you're in chapter 5, and nothing has dropped the materials you need to make the iron armor so it's back to farming bats in a cave for six hours. It's pointless tedium designed, LITERALLY DESIGNED, to sell you on downloadable content that costs as much, or more, than the game itself which makes grinding faster or completely unnecessary.

    The second issue the game has is that 90% of the strategy is just setting your team up and leaving them where they are. The game has a link system where other units will join in attacking the same enemy as an ally if they're in a certain figure around that ally. This means you'll find a way to position most of everyone inside everyone else's union zone and fights become little more than animatics between cutscenes, until the previously mentioned difficulty hike boss shows up to make mince meat out of your party, and then a simple helping of three hours of grind to get materials and levels turns him into pudding.

    The greatest let down here is that I played a game EXACTLY like this on the PSP with a different story. Same combat, same everything, and it was equally as boring in the long run. There's nothing technically broken here, everything works as intended, it's just that working as intended the game is repetitive, uninspired (it's a clone from the company, there's literally dozens of games with the same gameplay across several generations of consoles), and ultimately not worth anyone's time. Even the story, which starts off with a good premise, falls horribly to the wayside for B anime tropes like harems, beach trips, swimsuits in a fantasy game, and dating sim elements that block your path to the true end. If you're interested in that portion of the game, just download a save, buy the game on PC, and watch the cutscenes. It's not worth "playing" the game to see them.
  5. Oct 14, 2013
    I wanted to go into this game right off the bat liking it, but sadly that was not the case. My PS3 had trouble playing this specific game atI wanted to go into this game right off the bat liking it, but sadly that was not the case. My PS3 had trouble playing this specific game at first. After getting it to work the game-play on the battles just felt bad. The only thing I truly liked about this game was the pictures and the Seiyuu's casted for almost all the characters. I don't fully suggest this game unless you can pick it up used for a good price. Just part of the collection. Expand
  6. May 5, 2012
    This game sucks, theres nothing good to say about it, the graphics are cell-shade and they are really bad, nothing really interesting orThis game sucks, theres nothing good to say about it, the graphics are cell-shade and they are really bad, nothing really interesting or innovative, battle system is a generic strategy RPG so it's incredibly slow. I'm sorry but I don't like Japanese voice actors because well I can't speak Japanese - sure English subtitles is great but it makes me feel like the developer is lazy. Story sucks I got through the first generation in 20 hours or so was nothing interesting. Over all this is just a really bad game. It's no where near as good as other strategy RPG's like Disgaea. Expand